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Abundant greens reviewWith superfoods gaining popularity in recent years, more and more health products boasting of using superfood ingredients are lining the shelves, including Abundant Greens. However, what sets Abundant Greens apart from the rest is their focus.

Being a family-owned company, Abundant Naturals have dedicated themselves to concocting the perfect recipe to nourish consumers with the essential nutrients that are lacking in foods these days. Whilst many boasts of their copious ingredients list, Abundant Greens focuses on a concentration of seven key ingredients, thus promising one of the highest quality superfood supplements on the market.

We will dive deeper into Abundant Greens ingredients list below. But before we do that, read on to find out about the health benefits that this consumer-friendly product can give you.

To build on the fact that Abundant Greens was created by families for families, the products contain no filler ingredients unlike most of the other products, so you can rest assured that artificial chemicals are kept to a minimum during the production process. Moreover, they cater to almost every diet and palate as it is a certified vegan product. It contains no soy, dairy, gluten or GMO. So, for our vegan friends out there, you need not worry and can consume this product guilt-free!

Other than being vegan certified, the product is nutrient-dense and organically-sourced; thus ensuring a good detox session when you ingest it. Additionally, the product eliminates all contaminants and byproducts before it is absorbed into your bloodstream, leaving your skin and hair glowing. Aside from refining your appearance, there is good news for active gym-goers and diet-conscious folks as well!

While prepping you to kickstart your day, the product increases your metabolism so that you’ll be at your peak performance throughout the day. With the boosted metabolism, and healthier skin and hair, you are guaranteed to feel and stay younger.

Now, these benefits all sound great but with only seven ingredients, one might wonder how they achieve this. Here’s a closer look at their ingredients list below.

While it seems that more ingredients would equate to more benefits, Abundant Greens emphasizes something entirely different with their “less is more” tagline. With only seven ingredients, they definitely amp up the concentration of each ingredient. The ingredients are:

Organic Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is one of the best sources of chlorophyll. Its function is to filter out toxins from the body. It also contains one of the highest providers of vitamin E and protein. Vitamin E is known to be an active ingredient in skincare products, and it thus has properties that work against skin aging. Protein also plays its part in repairing tissues and is good for the skin and hair. Furthermore, they are known to have a special enzyme that reduces skin aging as well!


Organic Alfalfa Leaf

Don’t let its plain appearance fool you, Alfalfa leaves stand beside wheatgrass in being one of the richer sources of protein and highly digestible fiber. These are nutrients that are believed to help lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, ensuring a healthier diet and a healthier body!

Organic Chlorella

While its name may sound off-putting, Chlorella is actually freshwater green algae that are another potent source of protein, fiber, chlorophyll, fatty acids, and peptide. Don’t fret about the fatty acids as this falls into the healthy category, and these kinds of healthy fatty acids help to improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals and also help nourish the hair and skin. Peptides have anti-inflammatory properties as well so this means that it will aid in the maintenance of the overall fitness of the body!

Organic Moringa Leaf

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You have seen it as an ingredient in multitudes of health products, and it is because it has been dubbed the most nutritious component of the Himalayan “miracle tree”. Why this is so is because this single moringa leaf contains more iron, protein, potassium and calcium than most foods that contain them. Potassium is good for increasing the metabolism and iron is known to eliminate fatigue, thus boosting energy. Moringa leaves also possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are extremely useful in combating oxidative damage and keeps aging at bay; keeping you young both inside and out!

Moringa plant

Organic Spirulina

One of the most highly utilized ingredients in supplements is none other than Spirulina. It is a nutrient-dense blue-green alga that is full of iron as well as vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. All these vitamins work together to promote cell growth and repair tissues in the body.

Organic Stevia Leaf

Most of us would know this as an artificial sweetener, but what we don’t know are the benefits that it brings. Other than adding flavor, it also helps in reducing blood sugar levels and insulin levels, thus ensuring an overall healthier body!

Organic Barley Grass

Last but not least, we have barley grass. Not only is it tasty as a beverage and a snack, but it is also a robust supply of protein, fiber and vitamin B. Its main roles are to help with glucose regulation and the moderation of cholesterol levels so as to ensure that these are kept as low as possible.

With these seven ingredients, Abundant Greens is chocked full of vitamin-rich and nutrient-dense ingredients. Next, let’s find out how these ingredients blend together to create the unique flavor of Abundant Greens.

If you enjoy a light and refreshing taste, Abundant Greens is the right product for you as every sip tastes naturally good. One thing that Abundant Greens have that is unlike other brands is that they add organic stevia leaf. So, you can expect a hint of subtle sweetness that is not overbearing. More so, it would go well as a beverage on its own, or mixed with any other beverage that you might have in mind. It can even be enjoyed as a smoothie bowl!

However, does this additional enhancement to the product come at extra costs? Well, let’s just say that there is good news for those who are cost-conscious.

Abundant Greens only comes in one size, and that is an 8oz packet which is approximately 38 servings. For this 8oz packet, it comes at a cost of USD34.98. So, on average, each serving will cost USD0.92. This places Abundant Greens among one of the most affordable superfood products on the shelves. Not only do you get to enjoy a more concentrated superfood, but you’ll also get to enjoy it at a cost that will not put a hole in your wallet!

Furthermore, there are still ways to gain additional savings because this product is available exclusively on Amazon.com. Read on to find out how to grab a hold of these savings!

Shopping for fruits and greens

If you visit the Abundant Natural’s website, you would realize that the only platform that you can purchase Abundant Greens is through Amazon.com. You can opt for a one-time purchase which is priced at USD34.98. However, if you opt for the subscribe and save option, you’ll get to enjoy 5% off this amount, bringing it to a lower price of USD33.23.

Not only will you get to enjoy lower prices, but you also don’t have to fuss over keying in your order again every single month. Amazon will do it for you and deliver it right to your doorstep.

In fact, if you have five or more products that you want to be delivered to the same address, enjoy another 5% off, making it a total of 10% off your products. This brings the price for Abundant Greens even lower to USD31.48.

Furthermore, this does not mean that you will be binding yourself to a contract as you can skip or cancel any time when the delivery notification is sent to you. You’ll also get to choose how frequently you want your delivery to be, ranging from a monthly basis to once every six months. So, if you are confident that Abundant Greens is the superfood for you, we highly recommend a subscription as it will make your dollars worth!

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Abundant greens drinkAfter the analysis of Abundant Greens, it surely is a tempting product to purchase. With it being one of the cheaper ones on the market and certainly one of the more delectable ones with its tinge of sweetness; and its condensed formula, it’s understandable why they can thrive on this one product alone.

To further entice you to purchase this product, it is health certified given its origins of being made by families for families, and there is also their attractive “less for more” ingredients list.

Furthermore, Abundant Greens caters to a wide variety of consumers with it being certified vegan so that our vegan friends can reap the benefits of this product as well. However, there is never a one size fits all supplement.

We recommend that you try Abundant Greens out to ensure that it is suitable for you. Although the general feedbacks have been good, the experiences of consumers may differ from individual to individual. Hence, do explore other market options before deciding that Abundant Greens is the one for you.

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