Balance of Nature Review: Is it a Health Hoax?

Balance of Nature ReviewConcerned about the increasing rates of diseases spreading, Dr. Douglas Howard, created a health supplement to introduce the concept of personal accountability in one’s personal healthcare. The chiro-practitioner, who also studies medicine and nutrition, hence founded Balance of Nature, his health supplement company,

One of his products is the Balance of Nature Fruit & Veggies which is a package of two separate bottles of supplements — one of fruit and one of vegetables aimed at meeting our nutritional needs.

However, Balance of Nature has a rather negative reputation, with people questioning its poor customer services, whether its products are just hoaxes and the severe lack of product information available on both the nutrition label and the website.

So, does Balance of Nature really deserve the bad reputation it has? Let’s take a closer look.

Upon first look at the nutrition label, what’s jarring is the sheer lack of information regarding the ingredients included in the product. What’s included are only the main fruit and vegetables in each bottle. However, there are no details on any vitamin and mineral, carbohydrates, amino acids, antioxidants content and the like listed. Nonetheless, let’s dive into the main ingredients of each bottle.


Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Apple, Banana, Blueberry, Cherry, Cranberry, Grapefruit, Lemon, Mango, Orange, Papaya, Pineapple, Raspberry, Strawberry, Tomato

Many of these fruits are highly nutritious. Here are the benefits of some of the more potent additions.

Grapefruit could promote weight loss. It is rich in fiber which reduces the rate of digestion and absorption of food. Thus, you feel fuller more quickly during meals and are more inclined to eat less during the day. Grapefruit also helps to prevent insulin resistance and consequently, diabetes.

Blueberries are often marketed as a superfood. Rich in fiber and antioxidants, blueberries are excellent for regulating blood sugar levels and strengthening the heart and brain function. Another helpful benefit is the reduction of oxidative damage to one’s DNA. DNA damage is part and parcel of growing older, increasing the likelihood of cancers and diseases developing. By providing a high concentration of antioxidants, blueberries can neutralize the free radicals that damage our DNA.

Pineapples are rich in vitamin C which is essential for building and maintaining a strong immune system. Vitamin C is also crucial in growth, development, and boosting the absorption of iron from food. Manganese helps to regulate one’s metabolism and has strong antioxidant properties.

Additionally, pineapples contain a group of enzymes known as bromelain. These enzymes aid with digestion by breaking down protein molecules into amino acids. This is beneficial for people who suffer from pancreatic insufficiency where the production of digestive enzymes is lower than what’s healthy.

aloe vera

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Aloe Vera creates an alkaline balance to the acidic environment our internal system develops as a result of all the processed food we eat every day. The chances of falling ill are significantly lowered. You also get a good liver detox because aloe vera is hydrating and rich in phytonutrients, thus flushing out all the toxins in the body. For skincare enthusiasts, you may already be familiar with the benefits that aloe vera provides to the skin. Some compounds in aloe vera are also able to counter the effects of UV radiation, preventing wrinkles and skin damage.


Ingredients: Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrot, Cauliflower, Cayenne Pepper, Celery Stalk, Garlic, Kale, Onion, Shiitake Mushroom, Soybean, Spinach, Wheatgrass, Yam, Zucchini

Shiitake mushrooms aid in strengthening the heart. Being rich in eritadenine, sterol, and beta-glucans, our cholesterol level is significantly lowered and regulated. We also experience a decrease in blood pressure. It’s also rich in vitamin D, an essential component to building bone strength.

Wheatgrass is rich in chlorophyll, a pigment with strong anti-inflammatory properties. In a test conducted on 23 people, wheatgrass was found to be able to alleviate ulcerative colitis, an inflammation in the large intestine. Wheatgrass also aids in weight loss. This is because of the thylakoids it contains that causes us to feel fuller during meals by slowing down the digestion and absorption of food.


Kale is one of the most nutritious vegetables you can eat. According to Healthline, a single cup of raw kale contains 684% of the daily value (DV) of vitamin K, 206% of the DV of vitamin A, and 134% of the DV of vitamin C. This is an incredible amount of nutrients packed into one vegetable and is a fast way to boost your nutrient intake. Kale also contains antioxidants quercetin and kaempferol which have anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, and anti-cancer effects.

Garlic is known for being able to boost our immune system. If you’re susceptible to the common cold, garlic might be able to help you here. It also contains antioxidants that, coupled with its other cholesterol- and blood-pressure-reducing effects, collectively reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Additionally, garlic has also been found to eliminate heavy metals from the body. According to healthline, a four-week study of employees working in a car battery plant (high exposure to lead) revealed that garlic had reduced lead levels by 19%. It also alleviated several symptoms of toxicity, such as headaches and high blood pressure.

I’d like to draw your attention to soybean—an addition that has raised a lot of issues. Soybean is an estrogenic ingredient with several health issues. For instance, a high intake of soybean may hinder thyroid function and eventually cause hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism also comes with a slew of symptoms such as discomfort, constipation, and thyroid enlargement. It also contains harmful substances like allergy-causing phytic acid.

There is one issue—the ingredients on the nutrition label are listed according to alphabetical order. Normally, they are listed according to the weight which indicates its quantity in the product. By listing the ingredients alphabetically, it’s impossible to know how much of each ingredient is added in the mix.

Furthermore, the specific quantities of ingredients are not stated anywhere on the label. It’s hard not to be skeptical about this product and it’s easy to wonder if the ingredients are listed alphabetically so that the brand can get away with only including a minimum amount of more expensive ingredients.

There are also no details on the vitamins and minerals included in the product anywhere on the nutrition label or their website. With many other supplements providing detailed and thorough nutritional labels, Balance of Nature has only reduced its credibility by failing to do the same.

It’s difficult to determine exactly the benefits you get from this product. The website itself doesn’t say much about what the product aims to do besides the generic meet your daily nutritional needs in a convenient manner that is easily incorporated into your daily life. Most of Balance of Nature’s competitors go in-depth into the different areas of health their products aim to target, but Balance of Nature itself does not.

Furthermore, there is a limited amount of product information regarding the ingredients and its quantity on both the nutrition label and website. Not even the carbohydrate, fat, sugar, protein, mineral and vitamin content is listed. There’s very little to go off on.

There are only a small number of reviews of the product found online as well. Most of the reviews are found on the Balance of Nature website, and that doesn’t do much for the brand’s credibility. It certainly doesn’t help that many of these reviews are negative, and the only positive reviews are found on the brand’s website.

If you’re considering purchasing this product and are looking for its health benefits, you’d literally have to google the ingredients individually and look at the benefits each ingredient offers. But that’s about the most you can do. We don’t even know how much of each ingredient is used in the mix, so our conclusions can only remain as assumptions.

There’s nothing significant to note about the taste here. The fruit capsules are chewable and it seems like people do chew it because it’s palatable.

The vegetable capsules, according to the brand, can be swallowed or opened up and spread over a salad or a meal.

However, this begets the question: why capsules? If the product does taste good, wouldn’t producing it in the form of powder be a better alternative? We know that capsules are limited in the nutritional value they can offer as compared to powders.

So if the product does taste good, why not produce it in powder form instead? They would be saving costs on encapsulation and packaging and they’d even be able to lower the price for customers. Just some food for thought.

The product is available for purchase through ordering on their website. For USD 90, you may purchase a bottle of Fruit and Veggies each as a retail customer. Each bottle comes with 90 capsules. One serving consists of three capsules, so you’ll be getting 30 servings a month for USD 90. That’s about USD 3 per serving.

There’s also the option to purchase as a preferred customer. What this entails is, for a one-time fee of USD 25, you get to purchase the product in a monthly subscription service at USD 70. This also gets you free personal health coaching.

On the surface, it seems like a good deal. However, there have been many customer complaints online that talk about the difficulties they faced canceling their subscriptions. Also, I’m not too sure about the legitimacy of this health coaching they speak of. Again, there is barely any substantial information regarding this on their website. There are no profiles of the health coaches working in Balance of Nature, no outline of the coaching process, no details on how long you can be coached for, whether it is a one-time coaching session or an ongoing one, nothing.

A section of the health coaching page speaks of getting results and collecting success stories from customers. Yet, there is none of this displayed anywhere on their website. No testimonials, no stories, nothing. It is infuriating to read the empty words that Balance of Nature puts on their website as if words without evidence are all customers need to be convinced.

I’d like to compare this to the superior Texas Superfood which comes with a much, much broader range of fruit, vegetables, and nutrients. For USD 67 a bottle, you get 30 servings as well, a serving costing about USD 2.30.

Even better still are greens supplements like Supergreen TONIK that fully reveal the ingredients inside and ensure you get effective dosages.

Competition aside, I’d say that the company’s poor credibility should be a deterrent itself against paying such a high fee.

It is important to note that Balance of Nature has been the subject of controversy with concerns about their products being a hoax or scam. There have also been numerous complaints about the poor customer service the brand offers, with customers not being able to cancel their monthly subscription or customers receiving monthly orders despite having made a one-time purchase.

Nonetheless, except for the soybean, the Fruit & Veggies supplements seem pretty nutritious on the surface. However, you’d really be going off on nothing more than trust in the brand since there’s so little information available about the product from its development to the formulation and yet so much controversy surrounding it.

Seeing as how this product was created by a phytonutrient expert, it’s rather disappointing and much of a let down to see how little effort was put into making product information readily available and accessible. Seeing as how one of Dr. Douglas’ philosophies towards health is personal accountability, isn’t it ironic how he doesn’t seem to take any accountability for the products he puts out?

Additionally, the Balance of Nature website is severely underwhelming and lacking in information and detail. What little information provided is too generic and seems perfunctory, achieving nothing more than filling up the spaces in the website. It neither reassures customers nor informs them of anything objectively helpful.

While the supplements do look healthy, they don’t seem to be able to justify the high cost they come with, especially when you look at the competition they’re up against. Texas Superfood, for one, is a great alternative, and we highly recommend giving that a shot instead.

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15 thoughts on “Balance of Nature Review: Is it a Health Hoax?

  1. The radio ads for Balance of Nature are filled with customers making claims of elimination of sickness, cured diseases, additional energy, hair growth, better sleep, skin improvement and similar claims. Isn’t there federal regulation making it illegal for a non-FDA approved product to make such claims?

    1. I only have 1/8th-of-a-brain, but even I can smell the FRAUD behind their hokey AM RADIO ADS ‘testimonials’. BETTER IDEA: to wit, simply GRAZE on the GRASS in your backyard for a few minutes per day, & you’ll get the identical “nutritional” BOOST of “Balance of Nature”. And a BONUS too! I.e., you won’t have to MOW your damn lawn as much anymore. HA!!

      1. Hi ,Now Brian Kilmeade is “hawking” Balance of Nature. Isn’t he supposed to be a man of integrity?How can you sell something you’ve never researched?

  2. The company does an extreme amount of advertising and marketing on hi profile radio shows (often times using show hosts to push the product) but the claims they make are very hard to believe, if not misleading. The company may be getting around the various laws by having users make the claims and testimonials instead of themselves, (are the users being reimbursed somehow?), but this in itself would be a violation if they haven’t been verified.
    I would like to know what actions, if any, the FDA has taken to investigate this company and its claims so the public can have some knowledge in the fact that they are not getting ripped off and not being victims of false advertising. If an investigation proves the company to be doing everything right, then that would be a valuable advertising and marketing piece to promote.

    1. Why should it be made illegal for a person to express their opinion on a product they tried, liked, and had success with? If someone has tried something that has helped them, I would sure want to know about it, so that if I have a similar issue, and I choose to, I can try it. You need big brother to take care of you? We have enough of that dontcha think??

  3. The company sells a good product for those that don’t want to purchase daily fruits and Veggies. They are simple to take and make you feel great. Customers calling in are REAL customers that have used the product and have strong success stories. They have a money back so what’s the big issue with selling a great product that makes you feel great. If a customer doesn’t have success they can return it with NO RISK.
    I love companies like this that are true and honest and selling a good product for all to enjoy.

  4. how much is a months worth of your product? on t.v i saw a special 20.00 for a month? with free shipping? the commercial i saw was with sebation gorka?

  5. Ordered Product , did the coach call good experience , Got shippment after 1st order on 26th april .2020 on saturday 2nd may 2 more bottles of same thing B/N VEG,Fruite now over stocked . calling on monday to get handle on this . If a problem exsist will totally cancel forever.WC Epperson AZ .

  6. The fact that these “testimonials” are put out there by the users is of concern to me. They come across like people who can be talked into anything. I’ve never heard of anyone with a degrees in nutrition and an organic chemist come out and discuss the product. I’ve seen people who were given placebos and told those would not get sick and their eyesight would get better or their skin would improve and they believed it because of the power of suggestion. I told my grandparents to be very skeptical.

  7. Calling calling calling still calling still waiting to cancel subscription. Willing to give it a try. Spent over $100 & still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. If the products are half way successful I will be the first to endorse & sell their products. But still waiting…

  8. i think what is also interesting to note, is this does not seem to be an unbiased website giving strickly a review. You are clearly getting affiliate compensation for recommending the competitor. Now I dont believe either company. Great.

    1. Thanks, Dan for your comment.
      We pride ourselves on giving unbiased reviews for all the products we take a look at. The affiliate commission is somewhat irrelevant for two reasons. 1) we need to monetize the content on our site from the amount of time we put into it, 2) 99% of products have some sort of affiliate program, which means we can select the best products accordingly.
      Any errors or omissions in this review or any others please do not hesitate to let us know.
      Thanks again, Sandra

  9. I sell filtered bull manure at half the cost. You take only one pill a dill and you feel like a raging bull afterwards. Once you purchase my product I will send you some snake oil that helps to keep the mother in law off your couch.

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