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Biosteel Sports GreensBiosteels sports greens (along with having one of the coolest names we’ve seen) is a super green blend that contains the nutrients of various fruits and vegetables from all corners of the earth in one supplementary powder. The supplement’s main punch comes from 20 whole vegetables as well as various other ingredients.

Biosteel Sports Greens and the company behind them, Biosteel, is designed for professional athletics. That’s how it got started, and we want to separate the fact from the fiction around this supplement. We’ll examine the company, the benefits that Biosteel promises you will get if you drink it, and the customer reviews from those that have used it.

Finally, we’ll share if this product is worth the money that it costs and our final verdict about Biosteel Sports Greens.

Biosteel started off as a sports brand with the infamous hashtag #DrinkThePink, and it was built to give athletes a clean formula that will help them get through their games. Rather than pushing through sugar and caffeine-filled formulas to hardworking athletics, they wanted to create a clean drink that would provide powerful benefits.

Once the product became a national sensation, it soon became commercialized and available for every household. No matter whether they go to the NFL or your home, the supplements are approved by the NSF.

The NSF is the organization that helps to certify foods and drinks for sport to make sure they are free of banned materials. They walk through every step of the process to make sure that your supplements are safe and free from anything that might cause harm to your body.

The page talks a lot about the story of Biosteel and how it went from serving the elite sports teams of our nation to the typical athlete. The commitment of Biosteel to quality and the removal of bad products really speaks to the level of professionalism that they have for their products and customers.

With them, even the drinks you buy for your own household use are good enough to be used in the NFL.

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The Biosteel Sports Green formula can help you achieve several benefits once you start taking it regularly. Some of these benefits include increased heart health from the antioxidants, improved digestion, muscle support, and performance recovery.

However, the product doesn’t say exactly how the items inside the supplement can lead to those benefits. It does draw some conclusions by saying exactly what causes the benefits. For example, under Antioxidants, the page lists some of the superfoods with high antioxidants, such as goji berry and green tea.

It also has several amino acids and probiotics, along with the greens and natural foods. While this is typical for most superfood powders, it would be nice to see the ingredient weight for the probiotics and acids, along with the weights for the natural foods, so we can compare.

Still, we’d like to see a bit more about how exactly the foods inside the supplement will lead to some real benefits for those who drink it. The page also states that it is vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and contains no gluten, soy, or dairy, making it perfect for those with restrictive diets or allergies.

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Most of the benefits are generic, and the specific ones tell us what causes the benefits, but not how they are caused in the body. We just have to take their word for it, although since the company works with the NSF for quality standards, they do have a bit more credibility to make up for the lack of information.

Biosteel Sports Greens comes with over 20 whole ingredients inside of it, and here are a few interesting ones:

  • Spirulina
  • Barley Grass
  • Broccoli
  • Goji
  • Blueberry
  • Quercetin
  • Turmeric
  • Inulin and Black Pepper

Additionally, the product comes with a minimal amount of caffeine from the green tea anf the matcha. The amount of caffeine is around 2 mg per scoop and isn’t strong enough to keep you awake or cause a sugar crash.

However, we do not have the ingredient weight for each item inside the powder despite having all these ingredients. This is a problem because while we know what is inside the supplement, we won’t know how much of each ingredient is inside.

Good supplements are only as good as the weights of each individual ingredient, and not knowing them can put a serious crimp in the product.

But what does redeem the product is the natural flavoring of the powder. Rather than tasting bland or tasteless and needing to be added to food, the powder comes with its own flavoring that can be quite good. There are three different types of flavors, and we know that customers will find something they will like!

You can easily add this power to any type of food, from yogurts to smoothies, but keep the product at room temperature for the best results. Then just add some to your water, and let the flavor come out to greet you.

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Almost every one of the 15 reviews on the store page is five stars, with only one being a four and a half star. Most people focus on the taste of the product in their reviews, which we have talked about above.

One review from verified buyer Chelsa B says:

I’ve never had a true greens supplement before, but I imagined it would be similar to the Fiber drink from Advocare. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the Acai Lemonade flavor. If I didn’t have a clear shaker bottle, I would have no idea it was a greens supplement. I will definitely be reordering more in the future!! Loved it!

Since she is apparently a first-time buyer of the product and still loved it and the taste, we can assume that the taste kept her using it as time goes by. Most of the other reviews talk about the same thing, and everyone does seem to enjoy it.

Since Biosteel is made for sports stars, you might think that the price tag reflects that. However, an 11 oz bottle contains only 25 calories and also costs around $40. Given the rigorous testing that this product goes through, 40 dollars is a good price. You’ll also be able to find the product in three flavors:

  • Acai Lemon
  • Pomegranate Berry
  • Pineapple Coconut

As shown by the reviewers, every flavor tastes good and will add some flavor to getting your greens. All the flavors are the same price and come in the same ten-ounce bottle, depending on which one you end up picking. The serving size isn’t displayed on the website, so we can’t break down the price per serving, but Biosteel does have a subscription service.

You can either buy bottles in sets of one to ten for 40 dollars each or sign up for a subscription service that saves you 15%. One bottle is 40 dollars on its own, but with the service, it is 34 dollars.

The subscription delivers the product on your schedule and on time. You can have five bottles delivered to your work every month or one bottle delivered in the middle of the month on a particular day. We don’t just love the savings aspect of this, but also the customizability of the schedule.

Plus, you can change the schedule at any time. No need for expensive fees or obligated subscriptions; instead, you can check-in and out of the service without any delay. That certainly makes it easier to test the product out and allows the customers much more peace of mind.

For 40 dollars a bottle, it can get expensive if you are buying in bulk, and since the website doesn’t say the serving size, you don’t know how much you are getting per bottle. However, the subscription modifies this somewhat, and knowing how much quality and care is going into the product does tip the scale.

It’s a bit expensive without subscribing, but it is still worth the price.

Biosteel was designed for athletes, but it certainly doesn’t leave out the common man on the street. For customers that take Biosteel, they can rest assured that one of the best third parties has monitored their bottles and has made sure it only contains good things.

There are a few missing pieces, such as the ingredient weight, how the different foods inside the sports green cause the benefits, and the serving size on the website. However, we would still recommend giving it a try.

Because Biosteel has been so highly endorsed and is being used by various sports teams, we can recommend a trial bottle. Try it out, and see what you think. Even if all you feel is some increased energy and drive, then it might be worth the price of a bottle or a subscription.

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