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Bone Broth Protein Greens tubDr Axe is a globally known doctor of natural medicines, as well as a certified physician and nutritionist. He is personally committed to ensuring people are in the best state of health, and therefore felt compelled to create a company that creates products that benefit people’s wellbeing – Ancient Nutrition.

Ancient Nutrition is also co-founded by Jordan Rubin, a New York Times bestselling author and previous CEO of a wholefood brand.

The brand produces a vast array of products to support the health and wellbeing of men, women, and children, whilst ensuring that they are all created with the most natural ingredients possible. Heavily inspired and influenced by traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, the brand stays as natural as possible where it can.

Although the brand mainly produces supplements and super food powders marketed towards a wide audience, the Bone Broth Protein Greens is a protein supplement that’s mainly aimed at those that are either physically active or those that simply don’t consume enough protein.

Bone Broth Protein Greens is made from chicken bone broth mainly, which comes from sustainably sourced chickens from American farms. The formula contains an array of powerful nutrients and minerals that the body needs to work in a state of optimum health.

Although the mix is clearly not suitable for vegetarians and vegans, it is gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and suitable for people on a paleo diet.

The Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein formula has an array of health benefits, although it has a very small selection of ingredients within the blend. The formula fills in any gaps in the diet where protein is lacking and ensures a sufficient amount of protein is consumed for the body to function properly.

The brand is fully aware that not everyone has the time to make sure they are receiving the correct amount of protein within their diet, never-mind cooking up and creating their own bone broth.

Within the chicken bone broth used in the formula, there are high amounts of type 2 collagen, which supports the repair of the joints, ligaments, and tendons, but as well as slowing down the aging process in these areas. It supports the digestive process and ensures the gut stays healthy, as well as increasing the elasticity of the skin and lowering the appearance of aging.

There are four different flavors of the Bone Broth Protein formula – Pure, Vanilla, Chocolate and Turmeric. All of the main ingredients are the same within all of the versions, however, the vanilla flavor has vanilla flavorings, the chocolate has chocolate flavorings and the turmeric flavor even includes organic turmeric root. The Pure mix contains only chicken bone broth and nothing else.

Chicken bone broth is the main ingredient within the formula and is made from sustainably sourced chicken’s bones. The bone broth is simmered from up to 48 hours to produce gelatin, type 2 collagen, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, and 19 essential amino acids.

Therefore, the concentrated chicken bone broth supports the digestive system and a healthy gut, improves the repair and functions of muscles, joints, and ligaments, enhances the appearance of the skin and slows down the appearance of aging.

Apart from the Pure flavored Bone Broth Protein, all of the other flavors also contain Stevia Leaf extract. This ingredient not only works with other specific ingredients to produce the desired flavor, it’s also a sugar-free sweetener and ensures the formula doesn’t taste grassy.

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Obviously, the taste of the formula depends on the flavor you decide to purchase, but overall the taste of the mix is pleasant. The natural flavorings added to the mix come through, and the classic taste of chicken broth doesn’t come through. Therefore, you can add this formula to a glass of water, or in a shake, and it won’t taste like a savory formula unless of course, you choose to order the Pure flavor.

Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein can be purchased as a one-off, or you can choose to subscribe and receive the product every month, every two months or every three months. You can also choose to order multiple tubs.

Tubs of Bone Broth Protein are 493g (17.4oz), which an incredibly large quantity in comparison to protein from other brands. Ancient Nutrition recommends using a serving size of 25g, which once again is a much bigger serving size than that recommended by other brands, which shows the brand is transparent and trustworthy. If you used the serving size, one tub of the product would last you 20 days. In addition, if you use less than the recommended serving size, this product will last you longer than expected.

There are discounts for ordering multiple tubs or signing up for a subscription, so let’s take a look at the different cost options that Ancient Nutrition presents to the customer.

If you ordered on a one-time purchase:

  • One tub from the Dr Axe website will cost you $44.95. If you used the recommended serving size, the cost per serving would be $2.25.
  • Three tubs from the Dr Axe website will cost you $40.46 per unit. If you used the recommended serving size, the cost per serving would be $2.02.
  • Six tubs from the Dr Axe website will cost you $38.21 per unit. If you used the recommended serving size, the cost per serving would be $1.91.

If you order and sign up to a subscription:

  • One tub from the Dr Axe website will cost you $38.21. If you used the recommended serving size, the cost per serving would be $1.91.
  • Three tubs from the Dr Axe website will cost you $34.39. per unit. If you used the recommended serving size, the cost per serving would be $1.71.
  • Six tubs from the Dr Axe website will cost you $32.48 per unit. If you used the recommended serving size, the cost per serving would be $1.62.

The price of this protein powder, when bought as a one-off purchase, is slightly more expensive than other competitor brands. However, if you purchase the product on a subscription, the cost is significantly lower and more cost-effective.

There are vast amounts of third party customer reviews of the Bone Broth Protein formula. We always choose to look at third-party websites, to ensure we are looking at unbiased reviews from real customers.

Most of the reviews about the product are exceptionally positive. Take a look at one of the positive reviews below:

I have purchased this particular brand and flavor for months, I use it in my bulletproof coffee recipe in the morning and it is awesome. I do use a countertop or immersion blender and it mixes just fine. The flavor is mild vanilla with no ‘beefy’ or ‘meaty’ aftertaste as I have had with a few other proteins. Will buy this product again and again. Love it!

However, there are also more critical reviews out there. Take a look at one of the negative reviews below:

I have mixed feelings. The powder smells great, almost like cake batter. HOWEVER after u mix with water or even almond milk…smells horrible, almost like dog food. I tried it cold…. the powder if not mixed well it clumps and caramelizes. I decided the next day to try it warm….figured bone broth originates from being boiled. I did like it better. It still has a smell but not as bad as it was cold. Doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth but I would suggest not breathing through your nose as you drink it 😉

You can purchase Bone Broth Protein on the Ancient Nutrition website, third party supplement websites and Amazon. We always recommend purchasing supplements from the brand’s direct website, to ensure they have a log of your purchase and you can deal with them directly if something isn’t right.

Ancient Nutrition products, including the Bone Broth Protein, can also be purchased from a variety of high street retailers in the USA and is regularly stocked in Wholefoods shops. Take a look at the Ancient Nutrition website to see a full list of retailers if you do want to purchase from a store.

Overall, Bone Broth Protein is an incredibly potent product with proven health benefits, that’s created from a minimal list of ingredients that have been sustainably sourced. The brand, lead by Dr Axe and Jordan Rubin is incredibly well trusted and the majority of the reviews of the product are positive.

The only thing people seem to be concerned about is the slightly expensive price of the product. However, that is a very personal matter and you would need to decide for yourself if you want to spend that amount of money on the formula.

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