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Complete Wellness Complete GreensComplete Wellness Complete Greens claims very few health benefits when using their product, but they do claim you will go to the grocery store less, saving hundreds of dollars in powders and pills.

We don’t doubt that you can save money by adding a greens supplement to your daily regimen because it can help you eliminate the need for taking a lot of other vitamins individually.

But what we are most interested in is seeing if the health benefits of using Complete Wellness Complete Greens are backed up by their ingredients.

So let’s dig in and see what’s behind the name.

Complete Wellness is the brand behind the Complete Greens product founded by Drew Manning, an author, successful businessman, and an Instagram Influencer.

Drew Manning is very heavy into the health and fitness world. He created a program called Fit2Fat2Fit and has helped over 300,000 people transform their bodies.

His followers consist mainly of people who follow a keto-type diet to achieve their health and fitness goals. He also has pictures of himself being fit, then fat, and then fit again. It’s how he markets his brand.

Some of his biggest sellers, according to his website, are the Keto Meal Replacement, MCT Oil Powder, and the BHB for Exogenous Ketones.

He created the Complete Greens to assist people with getting all their nutrients in. The Complete Greens includes 16 organic fruits & vegetables, plus it has an array of digestive enzymes.

The enzymes will help your body break down all the nutrients so that they can be absorbed and used accordingly.

When looking at the website of Complete Wellness, you will see a ton of information. In fact, it might be considered an information overload.

The company has designed a nice platform, but they just went overboard on all the details. However, the product page for Complete Wellness Complete Greens is chocked full of claims, and we are ready to see if this product delivers on all its promises.

Complete Wellness Complete Greens claims it will help you get in all your daily micronutrients without affecting or spiking your blood sugar.

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It also states Complete Greens will support your nutrient absorption and also support your digestive system. However, that’s pretty much all they are claiming about this product.

This is very unusual for a greens product that promotes getting all of your nutrients without claiming all the incredible benefits it would produce.

It does state that there are no fillers or additives in the Complete Wellness Complete Greens. We are very interested to see what ingredients are in this product.

Healthy veggies and green smoothie on table

As we mentioned above, it isn’t claiming many benefits, so we weren’t expecting an extensive list of ingredients. We notice it contains proprietary blends, something we frown against because of the mystery behind the dosages.

But, since it isn’t really claiming any strong benefits, the fact that you don’t know how much of what ingredient you are getting isn’t really that big of an issue unless you just want to know what you are consuming like we always do.

Here is a look at the ingredients found in Complete Wellness Complete Greens:

Organic Greens & Fruit Complex (5,500mg)

  • Organic Wheatgrass
  • Organic Kale
  • Organic Chlorella
  • Organic Spinach
  • Organic Spirulina
  • Organic Alfalfa
  • Organic Moringa
  • Organic Turmeric
  • Organic Acacia Fiber
  • Organic Pineapple
  • Organic Cranberries
  • Organic Pomegranate
  • Organic Acerola Cherry
  • Organic Goji Berry
  • Organic Coconut Water Powder

Digestive Enzymes Complex (500mg)

  • Protease
  • Bromelain
  • Amylase
  • Lipase

Other Ingredients

  • Stevia
  • Malic Acid
  • Cinnamon
  • Natural Flavor

We will give it kudos for all the organic ingredients; however, since all the ingredients are not organic, it can not be called an all-organic product.

Complete Wellness Complete Greens is sweetened with naturally flavored stevia extract and comes in two flavors. You choose between Apple Cinnamon or Peach Mango.

Some customers have said the formulas have a gritty taste due to not being able to mix them very well. If you like a sweet fruity taste to mask the taste of the greens in the formula, then you might enjoy this taste.

Any product that contains proprietary blends doesn’t allow anybody to know what they are consuming, which in turn means you will have no idea as to whether or not you are meeting your daily requirements for one or multiple ingredients.

Note: There is a strange allergen warning on the label for milk, not sure where this fits into these ingredients. But, we would have to assume that it is not dairy-free then.

As we mentioned earlier, this brand is popular among ketogenic customers and is promoted within the Fit2Fat2Fit program. On the website for Complete Wellness Complete Greens, it says there are 23 reviews. However, we only found five written reviews.

We couldn’t find Complete Wellness Complete Greens on Amazon or any other third-party site that has any reviews. So we will have to just show you what the five people had to say about Complete Wellness Complete Greens from its website.

Here’s what they are saying:

I love knowing I’m feeding my body the nutrients it needs daily and I’m a big fan of the Apple Cinnamon flavor.John L.

I start my morning every day with these Complete Wellness products! They are the best.Robert O.

Best greens I’ve ever had! I usually have a hard time drinking greens but this is by far the best tasting one. Totally worth the try!Ariela L.

Love my super greens 1st thing in the morning after a good workout.Derrick M.

I’ve been using these greens for nearly 3 years now. I love the flavor, the apple cinnamon separates them from all the rest!John L.

All five of these reviews gave it five stars, and two of the reviews look like they are from the same person. Other than that, we couldn’t find any other reviews to support or to give us an idea about how well the product works or tastes.

You can purchase one tub of Complete Wellness Complete Greens on its website for $44.95. This breaks down to approximately $1.50 per serving. There are 30 servings per container, and it should last about a month.

If you subscribe to its subscription, you will save 15% off your product and get each tub for $38.21. That is approximately $1.27 per serving. We suggest never subscribing to a product until after you’ve already tried it and you know it works for you.

You can score free shipping if you spend over $99 and you live within the United States. If not, then shipping is calculated at checkout based on where you live.

It appears they do ship Complete Wellness Complete Greens worldwide, but no mention of the shipping costs for international shipments.

The return policy and the money-back guarantee are a bit conflicting on its website. You will find a 100% satisfaction guarantee label on the product and both an ‘easy returns’ and a 365-day money-back guarantee sticker.

However, under its money-back guarantee and return policy, it states that you have 30 days to return your product and get your money back. Again, the page with all these details is a bit overwhelming and could have been simplified with just the facts.

Right from the start, Complete Wellness Complete Greens has made it very difficult to figure out what the real benefits are of taking this product, as well as some of its policies. Not at all what we had expected since Drew Manning is very popular in the fitness industry.

In all fairness, we really wanted to like Complete Wellness Complete Greens because when there is a hype around a product from the fitness industry, there are usually some types of benefits or results to support it.

We can’t recommend this product for a few reasons, but many because of the use of proprietary blends. We are a huge advocate of transparent brands that tell you everything you are consuming by the dosages.

We always want to know what we are consuming, and this especially true when it comes to our nutrition. There are a lot of fully transparent greens products on the market that you can choose from with loads of proven benefits.

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