Emerald Balance Total Nutrition Drink Mix Review

Emerald Balance Greens reviewThe Emerald Balance Total Nutrition Drink Mix by Spirit Garden Nutrition is a super greens formula that has been around for over a decade. The formula is packed with a variety of super greens, fruits, herbs and extracts that will benefit both the body and the mind in many ways.

The team behind Spirit Garden created the Emerald Balance formula with everyone in mind, from those that need an extra natural boost of energy because they spend a lot of their time being physically active, to those that are lacking crucial vitamins and minerals within their diet and want to grab a dose of super greens quickly and efficiently.

The Emerald Balance mix is a total nutrition drink, meaning that the necessary daily nutritional intake is provided in just one glass of Emerald Balance.

The Emerald Balance formula is marketed at being 100% vegetarian, gluten-free, it contains no wheat, no eggs, no dairy, no added sugar, and no preservatives. Although the mix doesn’t appear to contain any ingredients that wouldn’t be vegan, the formula is not marketed as being vegan-friendly.

In the fast-paced, modern world that we all live in it’s very easy for people to pick up bad habits when it comes to eating, drinking, and exercise. A large proportion of people currently live a stressful and sedentary lifestyle that doesn’t allow any time to be dedicated to health and wellbeing.

For those that find it difficult to find time to cook nutritious meals, this is a great solution for receiving vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fibers. In addition, those that consume Emerald Balance will also receive specific health benefits from the ingredients within.

The Spirit Garden Emerald Balance formula contains over 40 ingredients, and each ingredient provides its own health benefits.

The formula is also specially divided up into different propriety blends with specific health benefits. However, overall, the Emerald Balance formula provides a boost of natural energy, boosts the immune system, prevents the radical change of cells, has anti-aging properties, reduces inflammation, keeps the skin, hair and nails looking younger for longer and balances the pH within the body.

In addition, Emerald Balance is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, herbs, proteins, and fibers that the body needs to maintain a good standard of health daily. Spirit Garden claims that Emerald Balance “contains the antioxidant power of 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables” (1).

Emerald Balance ingredients labelThe Emerald Balance formula has 40 ingredients and is separated into 6 different proprietary blends.

Proprietary blends don’t show the exact amount of each ingredient, and there the consumer has to have confidence that the brand is putting in the correct amount of each ingredient for health benefits to be apparent.

Although proprietary blends aren’t a great thing, at least the brand is transparent with the total list of ingredients within the formula.

Let’s take a look at the 6 different proprietary blends in the formula, the highlighted ingredients within them and the health benefits that come from the ingredients and blend as a whole.

  • Superfoods Proprietary Blend – The Superfoods Proprietary blend features 7 superfood ingredients. The main ingredients highlighted in this blend are Spirulina, Barley Grass and Chlorella. These three ingredients, including the others in the blend, are full of antioxidants, which prevent cells in the body from being susceptible to radical change. The superfoods in this blend also help to boost energy levels, improve metabolism, boost the immune system and help balance the pH levels.
  • Antioxidant Proprietary Blend – The Antioxidant Proprietary blend features 12 ingredients that are packed with powerful antioxidants that protect the cells from the radical change as well as pushing the toxins from the body. The main ingredients highlighted in this blend are raspberry, acerola, aloe vera and blueberries. These ingredients, including the others in the blend not only provide the body with essential antioxidants, but they also reduce inflammation, help with weight management and benefit the skin’s appearance.
  • Cellular Support Proprietary Blend – The Cellular Support Proprietary blend is made up of 7 powerful ingredients. The main ingredients highlighted in this blend are bamboo stem, horsetail stem, ginkgo, and stevia. These ingredients and others in the blend help support the growth and strength of hair, nails and connective tissues within the body. They protect ligaments, joints, and muscles.
  • Fiber Proprietary Blend – The Fiber Proprietary includes 4 ingredients – apple fiber, apple pectin, flaxseed, and rice bran. All of these ingredients support the digestive process, reduce constipation, regulate bowel movements, reduce inflammation, boost metabolism and help with managing weight.
  • Immune Support Proprietary Blend – The Immune Support Proprietary blend features 11 ingredients. This blend has a mixture of seeds, leaves, roots, and enzymes. All of the ingredients in this blend have extremely powerful health benefits in terms of boosting the immune system. They reduce the symptoms from illnesses and help the body to combat illnesses faster. The enzymes in this blend also help the digestive process.
  • Probiotic Proprietary Blend – The Probiotic Proprietary blend includes 6 types of powerful probiotics. These probiotics increase the healthy bacteria in the gut which aids the digestive process, boosts the immune system, increases heart health and brain function.

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The Emerald Balance formula doesn’t contain any artificial flavorings or additives, but the mix does have natural flavorings from the ingredients within the mix. The stevia extract, in particular, adds a strong minty taste to the formula.

The taste is pleasant and feels clean. The formula is easily drinkable, even when just mixed with water. However, for some people, the taste could be too strong.

The Emerald Balance formula is packaged in two different ways – either in a large tub or in a small box with several packets inside. The formula is only sold on third-party websites (Walmarts, iHerb etc) and therefore there isn’t a discounted subscription option like there typically is with other super greens powders.

There is an Amazon store selling Emerald Balance too, click here for the page.

A tub of Emerald Balance contains 285g (10oz), which is a substantial size in comparison to other super greens brands. When it comes to the packets of Emerald Balance, each packet of Emerald Balance contains 9.4g (0.3oz) of the formula, and a box contains 14 packets.

In total, a box of Emerald Balance contains 131.6g (4.6oz) of the formula. In comparison to other super greens brand’s tubs, Emerald Balance packets are significantly smaller.

Emerald Balance suggests a serving size of 9.4g (0.3) which is a large serving size, and you probably wouldn’t use a larger serving size. If you purchased a box of 14 Emerald Balance packets, this would last you 14 days if used once a day. If you purchased a tub of Emerald Balance, this would last 30 days if used once a day.

  • The cost of a 131.6g tub of Emerald Balance is $34.95. If you were to use the recommended serving size of 9.4g, this is a cost per serving of $1.17. This is a fairly standard price in comparison to other brand’s super greens powders.
  • The cost of a 14-day packet box of Emerald Balance is $13.82. If you were to use the recommended serving size of 9.4g, this is a cost per serving of $0.98. This is a cheap price in comparison to other super greens powders, but obviously, there’s only 14 days’ worth of product within the box, so you will have to buy more than 2 packets a month.

There isn’t a multitude of online reviews about the Emerald Balance super greens powder, which seems slightly concerning for a product that has been around for so long and is stocked at major high street stores – on Amazon, there are only 71 reviews.

Spirit Garden Nutrition, the brand that produces Emerald Balance, doesn’t have a website, and although we always look at third-party reviews, this is the only option for this product. The majority of reviews are positive.

Take a look at a couple of the positive consumer reviews below: (1)

This is my first experience with a green drink, so I can’t compare it to any other green drinks. I think the flavor is a little too minty tasting for me if I make it the way the directions say, but so relieved that it doesn’t taste like liquid grass, which I’ve heard a lot of green drinks can. After experimenting with it a little, I found that adding more water, around 20 oz, gives it a lighter taste, plus, I add a squirt or two of the Skinny Girl White Cherry water enhancer to add a little more sweetness since I use more water than called for. I mix it in a blender bottle that has a metal mixer ball in it, and add a lot of ice, to get it super cold. It seems to mix very well that way, but, it does settle, and you have to give it a little shake every so often to redistribute the mix. It doesn’t have a gritty texture to it though. I don’t eat many veggies so I’m hoping this drink will help fill in the nutritional gaps.

I love this stuff. I actually feel better when I take and it’s NOT in my head. I’m in tune with my body as I’m an active athletic guy and I pay attention to the way various foods affect me. The blend actually has a cleansing effect on the body and you will notice the clean energy when taking it. It is also the best tasting in its class!

However, not all reviews on the product are quite so complimentary. The majority of negative reviews about the product are either concerning the taste of the formula or the fact the product has a warning toxicity label. With regards to the critical reviews based on taste, they don’t need to be taken too seriously, as taste is a very personal preference. However, the fact the product has a warning label is concerning.

Take a look at a couple of the negative consumer reviews below (1):

Though I like this product, I just noticed on the label that says, ‘This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wow. Really? And it’s okay for consumption? And why only in California that’s another interesting note. There’s a prop 65 warning somewhere for toxicity, which is another concern. I’m kind of worried now.

I am in the process of trying a few varieties of “green drinks”. This one is pre-sweetened with stevia and sort of reminds me of matcha green tea powder flavor. I added it to juice the first time and it was SO sweet I could barely drink it, so I watered it down. When it’s just in water the sweetness is just right but it’s not a great flavor.

The company that produces Emerald Balance, Spirit Garden Nutrition, doesn’t have a website and this is slightly concerning as a consumer.

The formula can only be purchased on third-party websites like Amazon, eBay, and The Vitamin Shoppe. However, it is also stocked at highs street stores in the US, including Walmart. Unfortunately, a lot of the online shops are out of stock and therefore it might be difficult to get your hands on this product.

Although the ingredients in the Emerald Balance formula have high nutritional values, it’s cost-effective and there are positive reviews about the product, the lack of Spirit Garden Nutrition’s presence online is concerning as a consumer.

We always recommend purchasing a super greens powder from the brand’s direct website, but in this case, a website doesn’t exist. It’s difficult to find a lot of information about the brand anywhere online, which doesn’t inspire confidence as a consumer.

In addition, it’s worrying that there is a toxicity warning on the product and that a lot of online shops that sell the product are out of stock.

Overall, unless you have your heart set on consuming Emerald Balance, there are better super greens powders out there from more trusted brands.

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