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Brickhouse Nutritions Field of GreensField of Greens is a super greens blend created by BrickHouse nutrition, a company that creates a number of other nutrition products.

Super greens blends are a type of supplement that is composed of powdered fruits, vegetables, and herbs. They are believed to allow you to absorb more helpful nutrients than if you tried to eat mountains of fruits and vegetables every day.

In this review of Field of Greens, the cleverly named super greens blend by BrickHouse, we’ll take a brief look at the company, examine the benefits, take a look at what’s in it, and ultimately give our verdict on their product.

BrickHouse was founded in 2016 by two brothers who have a background in sports nutrition. They saw the shortcomings of the industry during their careers, so they had the idea to build a high-quality line of nutrition products that were not being made by the big players.

These two brothers worked with some of the best names in the industry to develop their first product, which they called Foundation. This product became popular in some sports and helped launch BrickHouse.

Now, the company employs doctors and scientists to help them create a full line of nutrition products. It’s a great origin story. However, we’d love to hear more about their mission, philosophy, and greater goals.

We were pretty surprised to see the reported benefits of Field of Greens. They don’t really provide any follow-up information to back up their claims of health benefits. The Field of Greens product page reports a number of benefits, such as:

  • Boost immunity
  • Completely organic
  • Natural source of vitamins and minerals
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Support healthy metabolism

However, they don’t say anything else. We’d love to see them dive into each of those benefits and let us know how their specific blend provides these benefits.

We could insert our own benefits that we think would fit, but that’d be dishonest. We want to know the benefits that they claim that their blend has within it.

Brickhouse Nutritions Field of Greens powder

The most important part of any super greens blend is the ingredients. We want to know what’s in there, and how much of it there is. Unfortunately, BrickHouse does not disclose the exact ingredient weights involved in their blend. Instead, they give us the ingredient list (they have to), but we don’t know how much of each ingredient there is.

There are several categories of ingredients in Field of Greens:

  • Organic greens blend – There are 12 different vegetables, fruits, and herbs in the Field of Greens. Among them are kale, broccoli, and spinach. Each of these is rich in phytonutrients that have been shown to be beneficial to one’s health, including reducing the risk of various diseases. On top of the common greens, they also have other superfoods: chlorella and spirulina. These algae help reduce cholesterol and improve endurance.
  • Organic metabolic blend – Having a healthy, stable metabolism is required for sustained health. BrickHouse included ginger, licorice, green tea, and turmeric all with your metabolism in mind. Ginger helps increase the absorption of nutrients. Licorice protects against ulcers. Turmeric is great for overall liver health. Green tea increases your metabolic rate. Combined, they make a dream team for your metabolic health.
  • Organic reds blend – This blend contains phytonutrients from red fruits and vegetables that are strong in tannins, carotenoids, and anthocyanins. The goal of this blend is to decrease muscle soreness and improve vascular health.
  • Organic pre and probiotics – Gut bacteria are vital to human health. Field of Greens has prebiotic fiber, which reduces bloating, boosts protein absorption, and improves immunity.

While we can’t argue with the benefits that they’re claiming for each individual ingredient, having those ingredients doesn’t mean that you’re going to reap those benefits. This is for one simple reason: they do not disclose their ingredient weights.

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For example, if one ingredient requires 2 grams in your daily diet to provide the benefit found in a study, and this blend only gives you 1 gram, then you won’t reap that benefit.

For that simple reason, we are always highly skeptical of the claims made by super greens manufacturers. The ingredients on their own are valid. However, since they don’t tell us how many grams of each ingredient is in their blend, we can’t check their science and make sure that we’re getting the right amount.

Field of Greens has received an impressive 2,803 reviews, with 94% of them being a full five stars. That’s quite impressive. However, there is still a handful of three star and below reviews. Let’s take a look at two of the of two-star reviews:

The taste is overpowering, not particularly bad. I use strawberries, blueberries, bananas and chocolate in my morning smoothie. One tiny little scoop of this overpowers everything else.” – Greg

The product had an artificial sweetener aftertaste. It has Stevia in. I did not give one star because Brick House Nutrition’s customer service was phenomenal and offered me a full refund but I did not like the product.” – Michael

They’re both about taste, which is not surprising to us. Many people are caught off guard by the taste of any super greens blend. Frankly, if the worst reviews we can find are about taste, that’s a great sign. We also noticed a few positive reviews praising the taste.

By the way, we double-checked, there’s no artificial sweetener listed in the ingredients label, Michael wasn’t right.

Now, let’s finish this section off by looking at two five-star reviews:

This is the best product out there along with all the other Brickhouse products. I travel for work and it’s not easy to get my daily fruits/veggies. I mix this in my protein shake for a quick in-between meal supplement.” – Cameron

Looking through other five-star reviews shows that many other people have echoed similar sentiments as Cameron.

On to the product. I was initially apprehensive of this product due to the stigma green powdery drinks have, so it came as a delightful surprise that it’s like nothing I had tried before. The drink is easy to make and tastes great! I would best describe the taste as strongly banana flavored with hints of berries that are slightly offset by the “greenery” in the mix. I’ve been taking it for a week and have noticed an increase in energy. I would recommend to others without hesitation.” – Jesse

That’s a pretty glowing review. Both Jesse and Cameron posted their reviews quite recently, whereas the two-star reviews were a bit older. Perhaps the taste has improved since the initial two-star reviews.

Before buying anything, you should always ask if it’s worth the price. When it comes to super greens blends, we tend to evaluate price in price per serving. At present, Field of Greens is on sale. We’ll run both the sales price and the reported standard price.

  • Sales Price:
    • Price: $58.95
    • Servings: 30
    • Price per serving: $1.96
  • Regular Price:
    • Price: $74.95
    • Servings: 30
    • Price per serving: $2.49

BrickHouse doesn’t give any data about the sale being run. If it’s an endless sale, then $1.96 per serving is a slightly above-average rate. If the sale ends tomorrow, then $2.49 per serving is on the higher end of the spectrum. They do not charge for shipping, so we don’t need to factor that cost into these numbers.

Whether or not this price is worth it is hard to say. They do not disclose their ingredient weights, which means that we don’t know if you’ll be adding value to your day with this blend, or simply drinking some blend that won’t do anything for you.

We are not impressed by BrickHouse. They don’t give enough information about what’s in the blend to really sway us into giving them a solid recommendation. The most impressive thing about their offering is that they have a ton of five-star reviews on their website.

Now, it’s standard for super greens blends manufacturers to not disclose the ingredient weights. It’s part of their proprietary secret sauce. However, when it comes to thoroughly evaluate a super greens product offering, we would have to see that the ingredients are properly dosed. It’s entirely possible that BrickHouse is unintentionally underdosing their ingredients so that they do not provide a medical benefit to the customer.

We cannot give a full recommendation to BrickHouse Field of Greens. Instead, we’d say that you should try it for yourself. Buy a bottle, try it for 30 days, and see how you feel. If you think it’s improving your health, stick with it. If not, move on.

There are plenty of other super greens blends that you can explore until you find one that’s right for you.

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