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Future Kind Super GreensFuture Kind Super greens are a proprietary blend of dehydrated and ground fruits and vegetables. The general idea is that you’ll be able to absorb the nutrients from all of the ingredients in a single drink, instead of eating the dozens of different fruits and vegetables that would normally need to be eaten every day to reap the same benefits.

We love super greens, so we decided to try out Future Kind Super Greens. They are vegan and GMO-free, so we thought they were worth a try.

Future Kind Super Greens promises to deliver a blend of natural vitamins, enzymes, phytonutrients, and intestinal flora to create a drink that will deliver boosted energy, improved immunity, and support digestive health.

Before diving into the product, let’s take a look at the people who make it. This isn’t just interesting background information; it actually helps evaluate a product to see what they say about themselves.

Future Kind was created by two brothers from Australia. The business is made up of people from all around the world working remotely. They are careful to say that all of their products are made in the United States.

Both brothers are certified nutritionists, and they say they’re on a mission to become the world’s most sustainable supplement brand. When it comes to packaging, manufacturing, and ingredients, they take into account the impact on the environment of each of these legs of their business.

They have created home compostable pouches, use recycled padded mailers and recycled boxes, and all of their filler is 100% recycled materials. They even point out that since they’re all remote, they don’t have a large office or headquarters being a drain on the environment.

In essence, the company isn’t just trying to make a quick buck off of super greens. They are providing what they believe to be healthy products to their customers while minimizing the impact of those products on the environment.

Every super greens company provides a list of benefits to go along with their super greens drink. Here’s what Future Kind reports:

  • Boosts energy – Future Kind believes that including Chlorella and Spirulina provides a foundation for solid energy. On top of that, their choice ingredient of Nettle Leaf is used to play a specific role in energy production.
  • Improves immunity – Future Kind has packed more than 50 superfoods into their super greens blend. They believe that this blend will deliver many of the essential micronutrients that help people stay healthy.
  • Aids in digestive health – Bromelain is used in its blend to encourage a healthy gut, which supports digestion and decreases bloating. They also say that they have prebiotics and other plant enzymes that provide this same benefit.
  • Promotes longevity – This is quite the claim, and definitely, a hard one to prove. Future Kind claims that by including ingredients like Turmeric Root and Organic Cinnamon powder, they have aided in increasing the lifespan of people who use the product.
  • Increased libido – Several studies, according to Future Kind, have shown that Maca extract can increase libido.

Does Future Kind Super Greens deliver on these benefits? It’s hard to say, since some of the benefits, such as ‘boosts energy’ are hard to measure and report. Other benefits, such as ‘promotes longevity’ are almost impossible to track and report.

It’s always a good idea to be critical of reported health benefits in super greens blends. While we believe super greens are an excellent way to get your nutrients, not every super greens blend is created the same.

Let’s take a look at what goes into Future Kind Super Greens.

Future Kind Super Greens says that they formulate for maximum impact, which requires an intense focus on using superfoods in their supplement.

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It’s worth noting before we discuss the ingredients that they do not disclose the ingredient weights of these ingredients. They mention they are in the blend, but that’s all they say. We bring this up because if the blend is not weighted properly, then the health benefit of the ingredients is minimized or altogether negated.

This is something that we see with many super greens blends. They keep their blend proprietary for business reasons, but that leaves us wondering if their blend will truly be effective.

All that being said, here’s what is in Future Kind Super Greens:

  • Chlorella – This is a green algae that is a great source of B12 and Iron.
  • Moringa – Often called the Tree of Life, this plant is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.
  • Spirulina – We love spirulina for being a great source of vegan protein along with providing several immunity benefits.
  • Dulse – This raw seaweed is a great source of iodine. Many reports discuss anti-inflammatory properties as well.
  • Organic beets – We love beets because they are high in nitrates, which can improve physical performance.
  • Maca root – This root vegetable has been suggested to have the ability to enhance libido in both men and women.
  • Milk thistle – This flowering herb has been used in Europe to support a health liver for thousands of years.
  • Turmeric – Future Kind states that over five thousand articles have been published in medical literature about the multiple benefits that this spice has on our health.
  • Prebiotics – This type of dietary fiber comes from a number of sources and is believed to aid in digestion.
  • Plant enzymes – The right enzymes help our body break down food so that it can be easily absorbed.

There are more fruits, vegetables, and herbs in their blend, but these are the ingredients they’ve chosen to highlight on their site. Again, they don’t discuss the weights, so we don’t know if they’re using enough of the ingredient to provide a meaningful health effect.

We’d like to mention here that Future Kind Super Greens carries out third party testing on every single batch to make sure that the blends they ship are safe for human consumption.

Supergreens powder

Something that we find questionable is that there are only seven reviews posted on their website. They have six 5-star reviews and one 2-star review.

The 2-star review comes from Jo, who said:

This product probably gives all the Benefits of “super greens” but the flavor is lacking. It has a peachy hint but I wouldn’t say it was really good. Wondering if there is a recipe this could be baked into rather than drinking which would taste a bit better.

If that’s the only negative feedback from a verified purchaser, then that’s a good sign! Super greens are not known for their taste, so it’s no surprise that Future Kind would receive a negative review based on taste.

The 5-star reviews praise the nutritional benefits of the blend:

So happy on our order of Super Greens! We add a scoop to our morning smoothies every day & feel good knowing we’re getting quality veggies and fruits that we might not normally get on an average day.

Something that jumps out about that review is that they don’t know if they’re actually receiving any benefit from the blend. They just assume they are.

At the time of this writing, a pouch of Future Kind Super Greens costs $39.99 (with a 10% saving if you subscribe to regular deliveries). Since each pouch contains 30 servings, you’re looking at a cost per serving of $1.33. If you decide to subscribe, the price comes down to $1.17 per serving.

When purchased on the Future Kind website, any order over $60 will qualify for shipping within the United States. Otherwise, you’re looking at $4.95 for shipping (within the United States). International shipping costs vary.

If you don’t subscribe for regular deliveries and you don’t make any other purchases to get free shipping, then you’re looking at $44.94 for delivery in the United States. If we factor shipping into the price per serving, you’re looking at $1.49.

So, is that worth it?

The difficulty here is that they do not disclose the ingredient weights on their nutrition label. This means that we have no idea if they put enough of each ingredient to provide a benefit. That means this could be an amazing deal, or it could be a powder that costs a bit too much.

We love that Future Kind is a vegan company that focuses on various aspects of nutrition. As a company, they are absolutely legitimate and we are a fan of what they’ve created.

That being said, we wish they disclosed ingredient weights. It’s hard to thoroughly evaluate the validity of their benefits claims without knowing the weights. It might take 2 grams per day of a certain ingredient to gain the effect that studies have shown, yet the blend only has 1 gram. That’s the struggle of giving them a rigorous evaluation, let alone a firm recommendation.

However, it is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and GMO-free. They offer free returns within 60 days of purchase. That means you can buy a pouch, try it out, and see what you think.

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