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Greens on the go blend reviewIt Works is an American owned brand, with headquarters in Florida, South Korea, and Ireland. Specializing in creating health, wellbeing, and beauty supplements, the brand has really shot to fame over the last few years.

One of the best-sellers across the entire brand is the Greens on the Go powder. This is a super greens powder packed with a multitude of potent ingredients, including different types of vegetables and algae.

The brand created the formula as a quick and easy way for consumers to get a dose of essential nutrients, whilst also benefiting from an array of more specific health benefits, such as increased energy levels, boosted metabolism and better digestion.

The formula has been created with an array of diets in mind and therefore is vegetarian, keto-friendly, soy-free, and non-GMO. It also contains no artificial colorings or flavors.

Another important thing to mention about the brand is it’s a commitment to helping others. It Works created its own Give Back Foundation in 2014 and has been donating money to an array of organizations ever since, donating over $600,000 so far.

This is a really beautiful thing to incorporate into the ethos of a brand, and it makes consumers feel good about purchasing products because they know that they are helping to make a difference in the world, as well as receiving a product for themselves to enjoy.

The formula is packed with over 30 ingredients that all provide the consumer with specific health benefits that we will take a look at in closer detail later. However, overall, the It Works Greens on the Go formula is marketed as a potent greens powder that will ‘Alkalize, Balance, and Detoxify’ the body.

The ingredients and the vitamins and minerals that derive from the fresh ingredients support the body’s immune system, aid the digestive system, push toxins from the body, protect the cells from radical change, and aids with pushing the pH of the body to an alkaline state.

There is scientific research to show that if the pH of your body is more alkaline than acidic, it reduces the risk of illness and disease, improves painful symptoms of existing conditions, and promotes weight loss. However, there’s also research that claims the body will always regulate its pH value, and nothing you consume can change that.

On the It Works website, it says that the formula contains 40 individual ingredients (including flavoring), although it looks like the formula’s ingredients have been altered very recently, as older reviews comment on the product containing over 50 superfood ingredients.

The formula does contain coral calcium which provides the formula with 74 trace minerals, but apart from that, it seems strange that more than a dozen ingredients from the old ingredients list don’t seem to exist.

Nevertheless, we will go with what it says on the brand’s website at the time of writing this article and take a look at these ingredients more closely.

The ingredients in the Greens on the Go, taken from the It Works website are:

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It Works! Vegetable Blend – Green pea hull fiber, Celery stalk, Barley Grass leaf, Parsley leaf, Alfalfa sprout (aerial), Quinoa seed sprout, Garbanzo bean sprout, Lentil seed sprout, Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) fruit bodies, Shitake (Lentinula edodes) fruit bodies, Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) fruit bodies, Cordyceps sinensis fruit bodies, Alfalfa grass (aerial), Apple fruit fiber, Soluble tapioca fiber, Jerusalem artichoke root inulin, Spinach (aerial), Kale (aerial), Broccolli (crown), Green cabbage leaf, Lettuce leaf, Watercress (aerial), Moringa leaf, Dandelion root, Rose hips, Asparagus extract (aerial), Rosemary leaf.

It Works! Aquatic Plant Blend – Blue-green algae (spirulina), coral calcium including 74 trace minerals, Aquamin mineralized seaweed extract (Lithothamnion sp.), Chlorella algae, Dulse leaf, Kombu seaweed (Laminaria japonica), Nori seaweed (Porphyra yezoensis), Wakame seaweed (Undaria pinnatifida).

Flavorings – Guar gum, Citric acid, natural flavor, silica, organic rebaudioside A.

As you can see, all of the main ingredients are split into two separate proprietary blends –the It Works! Vegetable Blend and the It Works! Aquatic Plant Blend. It’s really disappointing that the brand uses proprietary blends within the formula, as it makes it impossible for the consumer to know how much of any specific ingredient they are consuming.

Out of all of the ingredients, the brand markets 6 in particular, so let’s take a look at these in more detail.

Barley Grass

Barley grass has anti-inflammatory properties, promotes weight loss, and supports the digestive system. It also has powerful alkalizing abilities (1).

Alfalfa Sprouts

Alfalfa also has strong alkalizing properties, aiding the body into a more alkaline state. In addition, it protects the cells from radical damage, protects DNA, and encourages collagen production (2).


Chlorella is an alga with powerful anti-inflammatory properties and is also packed with antioxidants. It, therefore, protects the cells from radical damage, pushes toxins from the body, boosts the immune system, and helps to alkalize the body (3).

Fossilized Coral Calcium

Coral calcium is simply calcium carbonate, and although some brands market it as being more effective than other types of calcium, there’s no evidence to prove this. Nonetheless, calcium carbonate helps to treat illnesses like multiple sclerosis, cancer, and heart disease (4).

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushrooms help to boost the immune system, increase energy levels, and regulate blood sugar levels. In addition, there’s evidence that this type of mushroom may prevent and help to treat certain cancers (5).


Spirulina is an alga packed with antioxidants that protect the cells from radical change and damage, as well as push the toxins from the body. In addition, it also aids with alkalizing the body, lowers cholesterol, and regulates blood pressure (6).


There are two different flavors available for this product – Chocolate and Berry. Both flavors are sweet, and the traditional green flavor doesn’t break through the taste. However, although it doesn’t contain stevia extract, the formula does have a hint of stevia.

If you like sweet products, this will probably taste great to you. But unfortunately, it just doesn’t taste like it’s actually doing a lot of good – it just tastes too artificial.

If you do purchase this formula, it’s probably a good idea to add it to a shake or smoothie that already contains other fresh ingredients, to take away the sweetness of the taste. In addition, the formula can be a little gritty only when mixed with water.

Greens on the Go formula comes packed in single-serve sachets in a big pouch, and although this makes it easier for the brand to ensure you are taking the recommended serving size and can make it easier to actually take supplements on the go with you, it’s also not great for the environment having so much packaging.

One sachet contains 6g of the formula, and you can purchase Greens on the Go in 30 servings, 60 servings, or 90 servings pouch.

There is a discount offered if you are a ‘loyal customer’ to the brand. You can become a loyal customer by either making a three consecutive month minimum commitment to a monthly auto-shipment order or paying $50 and purchasing your first product (7).

This seems completely insane that the brand wants you to pay a membership fee. In addition, the brand also has a brand ambassador scheme and gives discounted products to those that sell.

However, let’s take a look at the pricing options.

  • For a 30-day serving, the price is $65.00. This works out at a cost per serving of $2.16. If you are a loyal customer, the price is $39.00. This works out at a much more reasonable cost per serving of $1.30.
  • For a 60-day serving, the price is $109.00. This works out at a cost per serving of $1.82. If you are a loyal customer, the price is $65.00. This once again works out at a much more reasonable cost per serving of $1.09.
  • For a 90-day serving, the price is $150.00. This works out at a cost per serving of $1.66. If you are a loyal customer, the price is $90.00. This works out at a very reasonable cost per serving of $1.00.

Obviously, the brand is really trying to coerce people into becoming a loyal member because they are offering such big discounts, and this just doesn’t seem transparent or trustworthy.

There’s an array of online reviews about this product, with 67% of Amazon reviews being 5-star. Let’s take a look at one of these positive reviews below (8):

I love this product. It gives me the type of energy that doesn’t make you hyper but gives you that lift that you need midday.

However, 22% of the reviews on Amazon are with 3-stars or less. Take a look at one of the more critical reviews below (8):

It did not do anything for me – a waste of hope and money. Just a surgery powder. My B12 from Costco gives me more energy than this stuff.

You can purchase on the It Works website directly or through the brand’s Amazon store.

Obviously some people are brand ambassadors, so if you do want to purchase this product, it might be worth finding a brand ambassador on social media to see if you can get a discount code.

Overall, the ingredients in this formula are impressive, and there’s an array of ingredients that can really improve people’s health.

However, the brand uses proprietary blends, and therefore you might not even be consuming the right amount of each ingredient for health benefits to be apparent. In addition, the ‘loyal customer’ scheme the brand has going on seems strange and pushy – the product should speak for itself.

There are much more impressive green powders with potent ingredients, from trusted brands, out there at a much cheaper price than this.


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