How Are Greens Powders Made?

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Green powders provide a multitude of impressive health benefits to the consumer, all of which derive from the potent, real food ingredients within the formulas.

A lot of people are quick to consume green powders and enjoy the benefits of them, which is still great, but for those that want to further understand how green powders are produced, this article is for you!

We’re going to take a look at the process that brands go through to produce greens powders, so you know exactly how all of that nutrition from fresh produce ends up in your powdered drink every day.

Obviously, the first thing brands do before producing a green powder is come up with the formula. The brand will typically contact a nutritionist to help them, or the founders of the brand will already have nutritional knowledge and experience in the industry.

The majority of super green powders contain the same ‘super green’ ingredients, such as spirulina, chlorella, kale, and spinach. However, at this stage, the brand also needs to decide whether it will include probiotics, enzymes, different types of fiber, and fruits.

At this stage, the brand will also typically decide whether they will be using proprietary blends, or whether they will list each ingredient and the amount of each ingredient. It’s always much more beneficial to the consumer if the brand stays away from using proprietary blends, so they know how much of each ingredient they are consuming.


The next step the brand needs to take is to source the ingredients. This is where the brand will decide whether or not to purchase organic ingredients and use non-GMO.

Most brands will use one purchasing company to source their ingredients from other suppliers, but some will source each individual ingredient from separate suppliers.

Each ingredient that’s sourced is then turned into powder. Firstly, the process for each ingredient is different and depends on how best the nutrients can be extracted. For example, some will be pressed and juiced whilst others will be ground.

After this, all of the ingredients are dried. A lot of brands also choose to freeze-dry the ingredients to ensure the maximum amount of nutrients are kept.

Finally, after being dried, each ingredient is weighed out into the formula’s desired amount, and all ingredients are mixed. This mixture is then ground down into a fine powder that’s the final formula.

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Once the formula is complete, it’s very important that nothing comes into contact with it that could contaminate it, so the packaging of the formula is done by machine. The perfect amount of formula goes into each labeled tub and is then ready for consumption.

Hopefully, after reading this article you have a better understanding of how those fresh foods turn into the powder that you scoop your greens drink from every morning.

Just remember, stay away from proprietary blends and always look for transparent brands!

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