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Ladder Superfood GreensLadder Superfoods is a blend of natural nutrients and vegetables that can give you the nutrients that your body needs while also making the intake super easy. Rather than having you eat lots of vegetables and take several different supplements, you can take the one supplement and then be able to head on with your life.

We are going to take a look at the company Ladder, the Ladder Superfood Greens, and the benefits that they provide you. We’ll review the different ingredients that make up the powder, how you can go about purchasing it, and then see what customers are saying about the product.

Then, we’ll look at the price and if it is worth it before showing off our final verdict and if the Ladder Superfood Greens is something you should add to your daily lifestyle.

Ladder is first and foremost designed for sports nutrition and the athletes who use them. Everything that comes out of the company has been NSF certified for athletes to use. The NSF is the premier third party that checks everything that various athletes put in their bodies, so if they approve of the supplement, we know they are of the highest quality.

Now the supplements are ready to be used daily by common athletes, and you can take heart knowing that an impartial 3rd party approved them. Additionally, these supplements were created by LeBron James, his trainer Mike Mancias, and Arnold Schwarzenegger when LeBron had trouble with muscle cramps.

The three combined their knowledge of nutrition and the sports world to create a supplement that would enhance the human body and improve your natural health and energy. While also being free from sugars and artificial sweeteners and flavors.

After four years of creating supplements that have been built up to focus on taste and quality, they released it to the public for everyone to enjoy. The origin of the company is pretty interesting to read about, and it also adds to the credibility of the supplement.

Since well-known names in sports helped to create it, and they focus on giving every product the NSF seal of approval, we feel pretty good about the standards of Ladder.

The NSF is the premier quality checker in the sports world, and everything that an athlete puts into their bodies both during practice and during games goes through them. They look for quality in the products, as well as ensuring that every single product is free from negatives. Such as artificial flavors, colors, and sugars.

Athletic dudes

Rather than stating that you will be given a lot of energy or have certain aspects of your body strengthened, Ladder superfood greens are all about boosting your health. They do this by giving your body the needed ingredients that you might not get in a regular diet.

Instead of giving you a generic multivitamin that does many things for your body and has a lot of effects, Superfood greens is designed to act like a multivitamin that will aid your own natural health. It will enhance what is already inside of you, so it does help to be in good health, to begin with.

Additionally, unlike some other superfood packets, Ladder understands the effect of heavy stress on your body. Rampant and unchecked stress can cause problems for your health, and Ladder wants to help you defend your body from it. That’s why it includes Rhodiola root, to help you adapt to stress.

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So you might not be getting increased strength and better energy from the superfood green, but you will be getting improved health and less stress by taking the powder. Finally, the magnesium inside the super green can also help calm you down and get you ready for sleep.

Ladder Superfood Greens doesn’t have too many ingredients, unlike other super green brands, and it only contains these four ingredients:

  • Spirulina
  • Matcha
  • Vitamin D
  • Magnesium
  • Rhodiola Root for stress

Also, the company shows off the ingredient weights for each ingredient in the powder, which not a lot of companies do. The biggest advantage of seeing the ingredient weights is that we can see exactly how much of each ingredient is inside the powder. This gives a massive advantage over other companies that keep their ingredient weights hidden.

The ingredient weights are:

  • Spirulina- 2000mg
  • Matcha- 1000mg
  • Vitamin D-3000IU
  • Magnesium-400mg

This only helps to further improve the claim that Ladder wants to be transparent and upfront with what is in the product. And by extension, what goes inside of your bodies as well. The powder is also vegan and free from gluten, soy, and GMO’s.

Plus, since no artificial sweeteners are used to enhance the flavor of the powder, the taste is very good. They have a 100% guarantee that you will taste the difference, and that’s a big step to take to promise and prove a tasty product!


The website has over 200 five star reviews, and the customers tend to focus on the health benefits and the taste of the powder. Verified buyer Matthew B says:

This product is easy to use, with huge nutritional value: Easily blends into my normal shakes, and also shakes up in a bottle nicely if I only want that at the time. Good mix of greens and nutrient-dense, just what I need to supplement my workouts and high activity lifestyle. Would recommend!

So if you are living a very active lifestyle and need some extra energy or a large boost to supplement your life, this can be perfect. Plus, it’s pretty easy to drink and receive all the nutrients.

You just need to place one packet inside an 8-12 ounce glass of water or other beverage, and then drink up!

But with all the connections to big names and the sports superstars of the world, does the product come at a pretty penny?

Well, you do have some options whenever it comes to buying this product. The superfood greens come in easy packets that are designed to be pre-poured into your choice of beverage, and you can buy a collection of them.

You can either get 15, 30, or 45 packets or a simple larger bag that holds 30 servings which each one at a different price.

The prices are as follows for each packet:

  • 15: $40.00
  • 30: $76.95
  • 45: $105.95
  • The Serving bag: $69.95

Each packet is one serving, so spending about 73 dollars on one month’s supply is a bit pricy; even if you take into account the cost of serving, it is about three dollars per packet. Even the 15 bag is about 40 dollars. So it is quite expensive, even with the 5% off with the subscription.

The prices for the subscriptions are:

  • 15: $38.95
  • 30: $72.95
  • 45: $99.95
  • The Serving bag: $65.95

However, with the subscription, you do get free shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is still a bit pricy as things go, but the price guarantees are the NSF quality and the extra satisfaction of never running out of your Superfood Greens.

We love how it comes both made by some of the world’s best athletes and has every single bag verified by the NSF. The top athletes in their fields used these superfood greens, and they focus on helping your body heal.

They also don’t make any qualms about what is inside their powders. Every ingredient is labeled, and they also offer up the ingredient weight for each ingredient right on the website, so you can be sure that this product is the right one for you.

Additionally, Superfood greens doesn’t just support your physical health, but also your stress level by adding Rhodiola root to bring down your stress level each time you take it.

However, the product’s biggest draw is the price. A month’s supply is 73 dollars minimum, and that can add up quickly if you find yourself benefiting from the super greens. Additionally, the product focuses more on enhancing your natural health, unlike other products that tend to focus on boosting energy or mood.

If you have the money, you should go for it. The level of transparency that Ladder shows isn’t something we see too often in the super greens business, and you’ll know that the NSF verifies every single product. If it is good enough for the top athletes, then it is good enough for you.

We recommend buying a 15 count pack to start out. Take it for two weeks, and then see if all the benefits come into your life. If you like it, then you can upgrade and buy more. If you don’t, you are only out 40 bucks, which is about the cost of dinner and a movie anyway.

Give it a try, and who knows, it might be just what you need to change your life.

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