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Naturelo Raw Greens reviewNaturelo is a health and wellbeing brand that produces a selection of supplements and powders for men, women, and children.

When they started to look for multivitamins to boost their nutritional intake, they noticed how many supplements were synthetic. The couple dreamed of creating fully natural supplements that benefitted all the family.

The Naturelo Raw Greens formula is packed with an array of varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and extracts. Each ingredient has its specific health benefits but combined, the Raw Greens formula is incredibly beneficial to the consumer’s health.

We will take a look at both the overall benefits of the powder below, and some of the specific benefits from highlighted ingredients within the mix.

The couple behind Naturelo founded it after realizing that although they both had particularly healthy diets, they were still lacking vital vitamins and minerals that the body needed to maintain the best state of health possible.

The couple did just that, and Naturelo was born. One of the most popular products that the brand produces is the Naturelo Raw Greens formula. This formula was created to bridge the gap in nutritional intake that the majority of people have.

Like all Naturelo products, the ingredients are all-natural, and all fruit and vegetables in the mix are organic. The formula is also completely plant-based, meaning it is vegan and vegetarian. It is non-GMO, soy-free, contains no added sugar and no yeast.

The Naturelo Raw Greens includes over 40 ingredients with most of them being organic fruit and vegetables, although enzymes and probiotics are included too. The formula is split into specific blends and each blend has its own health benefits that contribute to the overall benefits of the formula.

As a whole, the Naturelo Raw Greens formula supports and boosts the immune system, helps to provide clarity and increases brain function, boosts energy levels, helps to lower stress levels, removes toxins, improves the appearance of the skin and aids the digestive process.

In addition to all of these remarkable health benefits, the Naturelo Raw Greens provides the consumer with the essential amount of vitamins, minerals, fibers, and proteins needed for prime health and wellbeing.

The Naturelo Raw Greens formula, as mentioned above, has over 40 ingredients and is split into 8 separate blends within the mix. The blends within the mix are proprietary blends, which means that the measurement amount of each ingredient is not shown.

This means that the consumer has to put all of their faith into the brand to ensure they are receiving the correct amount of each ingredient for benefits to take place.

Naturelo greens ingredients label

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Apart from this, Naturelo is very transparent about the ingredients within the blend, and a full ingredients list can be found on the Raw Greens product page on the Naturelo website, the Amazon product page and the back of the tub. Let’s take a look at the 8 different blends in the mix, the highlighted ingredients within them and the health benefits that derive from these ingredients.

  • Greens Blend – The Greens blend features 10 super greens ingredients. The main ingredients highlighted in this blend are Spirulina, Wheatgrass, and Chlorella. All three of these ingredients, as well as the rest in this blend, are packed with antioxidants that prevent cells in the body from being susceptible to radical change that causes illness, as well as push toxins from the body. These ingredients also help to lower cholesterol, improve metabolism, boost the immune system and aid with alkalizing the body.
  • Fiber Blend – The Fiber blend features 5 ingredients. The main ingredients highlighted in this blend are Organic Apple and Rice Bran. Both of these types of fiber and the others in this blend promote healthy digestion and regulate bowel movements, reduce inflammation, boost metabolism and help with managing weight.
  • Anti-Aging Blend – The Anti-Aging blend features 10 ingredients. The main ingredients highlighted in this blend are Acai, Goji berries and Ginkgo extract. These three highlighted ingredients, along with the other 7 in the blend, are packed with antioxidants which push the toxins from the body and help protect the cells, as well as making skin, hair, and nails appear more radiant and blemish-free.
  • Immunity Blend – The Immunity blend features 4 ingredients. The main ingredients highlighted in this blend are Echinacea and Ginger. The four herbs within this blend, including Echinacea and Ginger, promote a healthy immune system and reduce the symptoms from illnesses, especially mild illnesses like colds or the flu.
  • Anti-Stress Blend – The Anti-Stress blend features 4 herbal ingredients. The main ingredients highlighted in this blend are Ashwagandha and Reishi mushroom. These herbs, including the other two in the blend help the body to deal with both internal and external stress, reduce levels of anxiety and regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Energy Blend – The Energy blend features 4 herbal ingredients. The main ingredients highlighted in this blend are Maca and Ginseng. All of the ingredients within this blend increase energy levels, stamina and exercise performance.
  • Probiotic Blend – The Probiotic blend contains 6 different types of probiotics that help to boost the immune system, aid the digestive process and increase the health of the heart.
  • Digestive Enzyme Blend – The Digestive Enzyme Blend contains 8 different types of probiotics that aid digestive processes, help the body to absorb nutrients properly and increase the healthy microflora in the gut.

Naturelo Raw Greens tastes like the name suggests – raw and green. As an unsweetened super greens powder, it is not surprising that the taste of this formula is not particularly pleasant. It tastes very grassy and slightly chalky.

However, when added to other juices or smoothies, the taste is covered up easily. Naturelo has clearly listened to customer feedback though, and they have released a new Raw Greens formula, but with natural berry flavorings.

There’s an array of price options on the Naturelo website when it comes to purchasing the Raw Greens formula. Like many other supplement brands, you will save money if you subscribe to a monthly delivery, or if you order multiple tubs of formula.

The tubs of Naturelo Raw Greens are 8.5oz (240g) which is quite a small tub in comparison to other brands that produce super greens powders. Naturelo suggests a serving size of 0.28oz (8g) which again is a much smaller serving size than other super greens brands.

If you were to use the recommended serving size by Naturelo, one tub would hold 30 servings. However, you might use a larger serving size, and therefore it would run out much faster.

  • One tub of Raw Greens on a one-time purchase, from the Naturelo website, costs $27.95. If you were to use the recommended serving size of 8g, then the cost per serving would be $0.93. .
  • One tub of Raw Greens on a monthly subscription from the Naturelo website costs $25.15. If you were to use the recommended serving size of 8g, then the cost per serving would be $0.84. .
  • Two tubs of Raw Greens on a one-time purchase from the Naturelo website costs $49.95. If you were to use the recommended serving size of 8g, then the cost per serving would be $0.83. .
  • Two tubs of Raw Greens on a monthly subscription from the Naturelo website costs $44.95. If you were to use the recommended serving size of 8g, then the cost per serving would be $0.75. .

Even without the discount from signing up to a monthly subscription or ordering multiple tubs, the Naturelo Raw Greens cost per serving is very low. Although the tub is slightly smaller than other brands, the low price of the formula makes it cost-effective.

Another option is purchasing Naturelo Raw Greens from Amazon from the link here.

Naturelo is a very successful and well-known brand and because the Raw Greens formula is one of the most popular products that the brand produces, there’s an array of reviews from customers online.

We always make sure we look at third-party websites for reviews, to make sure we are looking at honest, unbiased feedback from real customers.

Although the Naturelo brand seems incredibly transparent, they will probably still post biased reviews about their own product. The majority of reviews about the Naturelo Raw Greens are positive.

Take a look below to see a couple of the positive reviews (1):

I love this product! I have tried many other greens drinks which made my stomach upset and it tasted awful. This tastes great and is a smooth fine powder that mixes well into any liquid and does not upset my stomach. Love this product after several years on the hunt for a good greens drink. I have already started reordering. It makes you feel great and it balances your system with the nutrients that we don’t eat ourselves every day.

Love love love… Already losing weight (with the exercise of course) and I’m usually lazy and wake up late, after having this in the morning for 3 days I have so much energy that I can’t stop moving I even scrubbed my car twice and can’t stop cleaning the house. Thought the taste was gonna be disgusting but I actually love it, I mix with pineapple banana and milk. Also, it has more good ingredients than other greens brands. But you MUST use a blender or it won’t dissolve completely. Try and see for yourself!

However, not everyone loves the product and there are some more critical reviews online. Take a look at a couple of the negative reviews about the product below (1):

I cannot understand all the 5-star reviews. This stuff smells and tastes bad. I ordered 2 cans based on all the good reviews but I am very disappointed. I cannot stomach the smell or taste of this powder plus nothing green about the way it looks. My girlfriend hates it. We have ordered many different green powders in the past, most have one problem. They are all way too sweet but we are able to use them but not this stuff. Too much trouble to return them so they are going to be fertilizer for the garden. Hope my plants survive.

Taste kind of powdery. Maybe I’m not mixing it long enough, but I’m mixing it for a full minute and a half. There’s no sugar in this which is good but the taste is kind of gross… I really have to work to get it down.

At the time of writing this review, you can purchase Naturelo Raw Greens in high street stores like Hannaford and Hy-vee across the North and East of the USA. You can also purchase the formula on the Naturelo website directly, or through Amazon.

We always recommend purchasing super greens formulas in-store or on the brand’s direct website, just in case you have any problems with your purchase.

The Raw Greens formula by Naturelo is a nutrient-rich super greens powder from a trusted brand that is incredibly cost-effective and has excellent, complimentary third-party reviews.

The formula is suitable for a variety of people on strict diets or with allergens, which is clearly shown. The use of organic fruits and vegetables in the mix is also a huge positive.

The only two downsides to the product are that it is a mixture of proprietary blends and therefore the consumer can’t work out how much of any specific ingredients they are consuming, and the fact that the taste is not pleasant.

However, the taste of a product is a very personal matter, and therefore this shouldn’t be taken too seriously. If you want a super greens powder that tastes like it is healthy for you, then you will enjoy it.

Overall, this is an excellent choice of super greens powder, especially if you want a cost-effective product that is going to provide you with definite health benefits. Also, if you don’t like the taste of the powder, the Naturelo website shows you several ways you can incorporate the powder into your drinks, smoothies and juices that might suit you.

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