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Natures Way Super GreensWhenever you are too busy to get a full serving of fruits or vegetables or simply don’t have enough in your diet, then you will need to use Super Greens to get the servings that you are being denied.

You’ll have all the benefits of the 81 ingredients that have been pressed into Nature’s Way Super Greens and a great taste too.

We will take a look at the super greens, the company Nature’s Way that makes them, and all the benefits that come with it. Then we’ll analyze the ingredients that make up the blend and what all the customers have to say about the product. Finally, we’ll take a look at the cost of the bottle and whether it is worth your time.

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Nature’s Way doesn’t have an ‘About Me’ page; rather it just has a homepage and a story page. You’ll be able to live better by giving yourself the best vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other nutrients. They offer a wide variety of benefits from immune support, increased vitamins, and using probiotics.

They do talk about their story, where they say that Nature should be the foundation that would help them become their healthiest selves. By using the bounty of nature alongside the traditional doctor’s wisdom, they want to connect all aspects of medication. The Nature’s Way was founded in 1968 when the founder turned to plant health and Native American lore to help his sick wife.

Traditional medicine did not help her, so he began to treat her with herbal supplements. Once he did so, his wife’s health began to improve, and Nature’s Way was founded.

Now it is one of the best herbal medicine companies in the world, using the power of nature to continue to heal people.

They focus on the science behind the plant and herbal effectiveness and want to promote safety and a balance between both modern medicine and the traditional wellness practices of ages past. This is great for anyone who feels torn between the two medical camps; now you can get both types of supplements from the exact same company.

Finally, the page ends by talking about the values of the company and the quality testing that goes into every product. The company’s story is a great one, and it’s nice to know that they have feet in both camps when it comes to using herbal medicine and medicinal medicine.

Nature’s Way Super Greens are first and foremost designed for speed. If you are too busy to eat all your fruits and vegetables, then this supplement is perfect for you. You’ll get the nutritional benefits of over eighty one ingredients in only two teaspoons a day.

The ease of use is another benefit. All you need to do is put two teaspoons into water or another drink, and enjoy. According to most people, it does taste quite good. If you end up not liking the taste, you can simply put it in a more potent tasting drink.

The product is also peanut-free and non-GMO, which can also give a bit of an advantage if those things matter to you in your supplement. It does contain soy and milk, though, and a pregnant or breastfeeding mother shouldn’t be taking it.

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Surprisingly, they don’t talk a lot about the benefits you get whenever you take the product. Mostly the page focuses on your overall health and how good you will feel when you take it.

We would like to see a list of concrete benefits that you can have whenever you take the powder because it would give us something tangible to hold onto.

Right now, all we can do is take the company’s word for it, and that’s not enough.

Do greens powders expire

The Nature’s Way Super Greens powder contains 81 different vegetables, fruits, vitamins, and minerals. That’s certainly more than we have ever seen in any other super green before, and we love that they have listed out some of the ingredients that they have used in an easy to read form.

Here are some of those eighty one ingredients:

  • Vitamin B5 (Calcium Pantothenate)
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride)
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine Hydrochloride)
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

And of course, there are many more where that came from. But here’s the best part, because, in addition to those eighty one ingredients, they also list the ingredient weights for every single one.

This is something that not a lot of companies do with super greens, and we see it rarely. But the fact that Nature’s Way Super Greens shares the ingredient weight for everything in their formula, it’s mindblowing, and we love it. Here are the weights for the ingredients listed above:

  • Vitamin B5 (Calcium Pantothenate) 3.7 mg
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) 3.4 mg
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine Hydrochloride) 2.9 mg
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 2.1 mg
  • ACAI EXTRACT 21 mg
  • KALE EXTRACT 21 mg

Having all the weights means two things. First, we can compare the listed weights to recommended diet plans to make sure that you are getting enough of each substance, and second, you will know what’s going in your body. This is a large boost in credibility for the company, and we love it.

We couldn’t find any reviews on the website page, but Nature’s Green doesn’t seem to have a review box or section, so we will not hold it against them. On Amazon, we found 87 reviews, with the majority of them 5-star reviews. Most reviewers are praising the taste and the boost of energy.

Mark, in his five-star review, says:

I’ve only been taking the Super Greens Plus for just under a week, but so far, I’m starting to feel the difference. It definitely gives you a boost, but most of all–for me, anyway–gets rid of that lethargic feeling. I’ve got plenty of energy to get through the day without any unpleasant side effects (hunger pains, headaches). And by the way, it is surprisingly delicious! Was originally going to try Organifi, but it’s just way too expensive! For now, I’ll stick with this product. Very satisfied!

An increase in energy without the side effects of caffeine or other stimulants, who wouldn’t want that?

You do need to go to a 3rd party health site to purchase the product, at least at the time of the review, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. You can buy one 300 gram bottle for about 50 dollars on the website, and since the serving size is 10 grams, you’ll have a month’s supply.

You’ll pay about .16 cents per serving, but that can be a bit expensive with the upfront cost. There’s also no subscription-based service that can lower the price down, so 50 dollars a bottle is what you are stuck with.

If you don’t want a 300-gram bottle, Nature’s way does have other products that can help you and might also be a bit smaller and cheaper. Such as a 100g bottle that costs only 20 dollars but only gives you ten servings. If you want a month’s supply, buying the 300g might be the way to go.

Still, buy one bottle and try it out. You might see the effect that more vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial ingredients have on you.

We love that they are sharing the ingredient weight of every single ingredient on their webpage for everyone to access. Seeing the weights is enough to boost their credibility for us, and we don’t see that often in supplement companies.

However, they really don’t talk much about the benefits of taking their product. They focus on the different things you are putting into your body, but then they leave it up to us to figure out the extra protein, vitamins, and antioxidants.

We’d love to see a section where they explain the benefits because although everyone knows that more vitamins are good, it’d still be nice to know what we are getting. Additionally, having to go to a third-party website for reviews is a bit concerning, but since Nature’s way doesn’t seem to have a review section, we will let it slide.

We are still leaning towards recommending this product, though, especially if you want to work with a company that uses a mix of both traditional science and non-traditional herbal supplements.

At least buy one container and have enough powder for a month, then you can at least try it out and see what benefits you feel. If you like it, then that’s great, and you can keep going. So get that trial started!

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