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Nested Naturals Super GreensNested Naturals Super Greens Natural Vegetable Powder is a nutrient supplement that helps you get all the maximum benefit of eating superfoods without having to source, buy and eat them directly. They take all the guesswork out of getting your nutritional needs.

If you’re new to the world of super green powders, they are a mix of nutrient fruits and vegetables that have been dried and then ground into a powder. The general premise is that you’ll be able to take in more nutrients than if you were to rely solely on eating whole foods.

It’s worth noting here that super greens cannot be compared to a specific serving size of vegetables. So, you can’t say “one scoop is like three servings,” or anything to that effect. That’s due to the varying nutrient levels across all vegetables that could be included in a serving.

We took an in-depth look at Nested Natural’s Vegetable Powder and we were impressed by what we saw. It’s time to reveal our results so that you can make an educated decision about whether or not you want to purchase this nutrition supplement.

Nested Natural’s Super Greens promises to leave you healthier and with more energy than before you tried it.

Now, it’s worth mentioning at this point that you won’t experience all of these benefits after one glass. You’ll need to give the drink time to work its magic, just like with any other supplement or dietary change.

  • Boost Your Energy: Energy is one of the most sought-after things in the world today. Our modern world leaves us stressed out and fatigued.

    Fortunately, Super Greens is loaded with phytonutrients that aid your body in reaching healthy energy levels, helping you to get through your busy day. What’s even better is that you won’t have the energy crash that comes with other forms of energy, like caffeine or sugar.

  • Improve Your Nutrition: Helping your overall health is perhaps one of the best reasons to even consider a super green supplement. Nested Natural’s Super Greens is a proprietary blend of fruits and vegetables that are ground into a fine powder that your body can easily digest.

    Regularly taking in all these fruits and vegetables in a well-balanced diet is essential for boosting your overall health.

  • Boost Your Brain Power: Super Greens promises to have a mix of ingredients that will fuel your brain, leaving you with more focus, clearer thought processes and a better attitude. These claims are certainly achievable, as they are possible through eating fruits and vegetables by themselves.
  • Support Your Immune Health: Super Greens by Nested Natural is an excellent source of Vitamin C (we’ll discuss this more later) and it even includes herbs that promote healthy detoxification. They’ve crafted their blend to be perfect for immune function.
  • Improve Your Digestive Health: Regular intake of dairy-free probiotic cultures has been shown to boost your digestive health. This is because they give you the necessary enzymes that you need to extract the maximum nutrients from what you eat, including this supplement. They even included prebiotic inulin which helps feed the healthy bacteria in your digestive tract.

Will you reap all of these benefits with Nested Natural’s Super Greens Vegetable Powder? Based on looking at what’s in it, it’s absolutely possible.

All it takes is one scoop and you’ll be getting all your favorite superfood greens. It contains everything you need to get the right probiotics, fiber, and enzymes to fill you with lasting health.

This supplement was created by health-conscious people who sought to boost their energy, immune system, and digestion health all with one daily scoop. All signs indicate that they achieved their goal.

Why did they make this supplement instead of just eating more veggies? Well, it’s pretty hard to heap loads of chlorella and spirulina onto your plate!

Instead of going through all the effort of living their entire day around finding and eating the right superfoods, they developed this formula to create a one-scoop option for the rest of us who can’t hunt down ingredients all day.

Comprehensive. When the creators set out to make this blend, they wanted it to be the absolute most comprehensive blend on the market. Before they made this, it seemed like they were always having to mix other green mixes together just to get the right nutrients.

So, they set out to make this supplement. They wanted everything you need in one scoop mixed with water. Something that anyone could easily mix into their morning routine. We would say they achieved that goal.

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Organic, Non-GMO, and Vegan. The stated mission of the creators of this blend was to craft something full of high-quality ingredients, with nothing extra and is easy for the body to absorb. They also wanted to achieve this in the most ethical way possible. So, they made sure every ingredient they use is non-GMO, certified organic, and vegan.

Tested. Every batch of Nested Natural’s Super Greens is tested by a third party and certified before it ships out, making sure that every customer receives the best bang for their buck. We’ll discuss their testing process more later.

Helps Absorption. If your body isn’t absorbing what you’re eating, then it doesn’t matter how nutrient-rich it is. It just won’t have an effect on your health. That’s why Nested Natural added enzymes to their blend that specifically aid in absorption so that your body makes the most of what you give it.

As for the actual ingredients, there are too many to list. They have a comprehensive blend of fruits and veggies, and we don’t think you’d want to read a seemingly endless list of various plants.

Various vegetables in the market

Unfortunately, ALL the ingredients are within proprietary blends, which means you don’t get to see the exact ingredient weights in their super greens formula.

However, we will tell you the highlights from their ingredient label.

Nested Natural’s Super Greens features:

  • 30 calories
  • 5 g of total carbohydrates
  • 2 g of protein
  • 2 mg of iron (11%)
  • 28 mcg of vitamin C (42%)
  • 15 mcg of vitamin K (19%)
  • 1.9 mcg of vitamin B12 (32%)
  • 73 mcg of iodine (50%)

It’s worth highlighting that that isn’t the full list of what you’ll get out of this blend, those are just the important ones that you get a ton of with this blend.

The ingredient label is separated into several categories based on blend: alkalizing blend, fiber blend, antioxidant blend, probiotic blend, and enzyme blend. Each blend is filled with specific ingredients that have been handcrafted to boost your health.

The manufacturer is also quite proud of the taste of this supplement. They like to say that it tastes green! They recommend drinking it with water or adding it to a smoothie or juice for an extra punch.

Nested Natural boasts a comprehensive testing process. They must be proud of it because they tell us about their testing process directly:

  • Herb Identification: Every herb that makes its way into the blend goes through a test based on chromatographic fingerprinting to make sure that the herb is what it claims to be. This keeps any mystery herbs out of their blend.
  • Microbial Counts: Both the ingredients themselves and the resulting supplement blend are fully tested for any pathogens that may be concerning.
  • Heavy Metals: The final blend and raw ingredients are both tested for the presence of any lead, mercury, cadmium, or arsenic. This step is necessary and we’re glad to see it in place.
  • Potency: A supplement isn’t worth using if it’s not potent. Nested natural works with a third-party lab to test the supplement for active ingredients, minerals, and vitamins to make sure every batch is working exactly as promised.

While every supplement manufacturer has a testing process in place, it seems as though Nested Natural’s Super Greens Vegetable Powder supplement has gone above and beyond in ensuring that their product is always being shipped in its best condition.

It’s always good to get a cross-section of feedback from customers, here are a couple from the Amazon review section.

I have used this product for the last 3 months and I have noticed a marked improvement in my digestion. I would give this product 5 stars if not for the taste. 5 stars

I found this product to be sickeningly sweet. Couldn’t believe it is 80% monk fruit. I much prefer an “earthy” taste to this. Would like to return it for a refund if that is possible.1 star

Super greens are not known for their great taste and unfortunately, this is the same for Nested Naturals. There is a distinct grassy taste when sipping these greens.

The manufacturer recommends drinking it with water or adding it to a smoothie or juice for an extra punch.

This is a very budget-friendly super greens costing just $27 for one-tub (one-months supply). You can also get 10% off this super low price by subscribing to their monthly plan.

After a thorough examination of their product, we’ve come to the conclusion that Nested Natural’s Super Greens is not a bad choice for a super greens supplement.

They’ve done a great job at creating a top-quality supplement that delivers on its promises.

The downside is not knowing having the ingredients fully listed on the label. So, there is the chance that some, or many, ingredients are not dosed in the correct amounts to have the benefits listed by Nested Naturals.

We believe that if you take this supplement every day, you’ll start feeling healthier and having more energy. It’s also worth mentioning that you’ll reap other benefits that you won’t necessarily feel, but will still be there.

It’s worth noting here that Super Greens has a two-year expiration date from when it was manufactured, and this date can be found on the top of the bottle. They do say it should be refrigerated after being opened.

Grab yourself a bottle of Nested Natural’s Super Greens today and get started! With lifetime money-back guarantee promised on their website, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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