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New Greens reviewNew Greens is a California based health and wellbeing brand, focused on solely producing superfood powders. The team at New Greens consists of award-winning chef and plant-based cuisine connoisseur Mark Reinfeld, naturopathic medicine Dr. Chad Larson and original CEO, Dr. Devin Ryerson.

This trio has compiled their knowledge, their love of nutrition and health, and the influences of California and created New Greens.

New Greens only produce superfood powders, and they produce three different types – the classic superfood powder, the minted superfood powder, and the superberry superfood powder.

Each powder has the same amount in the tub and costs the same. Most of the powders share common ingredients, but specific ingredients are added to both the minted superfood powder and the superberry that support the names. For example, you will find mint and citrus fruits in the minted powder.

For this review, we are going to take a look at the New Greens superberry powder, as it is one of the most popular brands.

New Greens was created to not only aid those that live a physical lifestyle and need an extra boost of energy and nutrition but also for those that are lacking adequate nutrition in their diet.

All of the New Greens superfood powders are filled with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrition that the body needs to be able to function in the best possible state.

All New Greens products are fully organic, with the brand putting a huge focus on the ‘farms to formula’ process, they are non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian.

The majority of the produce used in New Greens powders comes from North American farms and all of the ingredients are freeze-dried to ensure all of the nutrition from the vegetables, fruits, and extracts can fully get through into the powder, making sure the consumer has the purest nutrition possible.

There are 54 active ingredients within the New Greens Berry formula, and the brand claims that each scoop of the powder has over 54 individual antioxidants, enzymes and key botanical ingredients in it.

With so many antioxidants within the formula, one of the main benefits is that it helps the body to remove toxins from the system and protects cells from radical change.

In addition to this, the adaptogenic herbs in the mix help to increase energy levels, stamina and strengthen the immune system.

The enzymes and different fibers within the mix also aid the digestive process and keep the gut healthy. Each ingredient within the formula has its own specific health benefits, but overall, the New Greens formula ensures the consumer has the correct amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and overall nutrition within their system to support the body’s functions at the best capacity possible.

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Various vegetables in the market

The New Greens Superberry formula has 54 ingredients that all have specific health benefits, as mentioned above. New Greens groups ingredients within the mix together and separate the ingredients into different blends.

There are 5 different blends, that we will take a look at in more detail later on. However, it is first important to state that each ingredient within the blends doesn’t have its own measurement amount.

This means that the New Greens blend is a proprietary blend. Although this isn’t a huge problem, and the ingredients are still really beneficial, as a consumer you are putting absolute faith in the brand that they will be supplying you with the correct amount of each ingredient.

It is much more beneficial for a brand to fully release the amount of each ingredient added so that the consumer can see how much of which ingredients they are consuming.

A proprietary blend of ingredients makes a brand seem less trustworthy, which can be concerning for the consumer when deciding whether to purchase or not.

Let’s take a look at the different blends within the mix, and highlight a selection of ingredients within each blend to take a look at their proven health benefits.

  • Divine Berry Blend – The Divine Berry blend features 20 fruits. The main ingredients highlighted in this blend are acai, acerola berry, pomegranate, papaya, and red raspberry. Although all of these fruits might have varying health benefits, they are all packed with powerful antioxidants that help to prevent radical change in cells and help the body to remove toxins. They also lower cholesterol, have anti-inflammatory properties and provide vital vitamins like vitamin C.
  • Power Veggie Blend – The Power Veggie blend contains 13 different vegetables. The main ingredients highlighted in this are carrot, spinach, beet root, and celery. With such a variety of vegetables, including a vast amount of super greens, this blend provides several health benefits. Health benefits from the Power Veggie blend ingredients include strengthening of the immune system, help with the digestive process, lower cholesterol and blood pressure and the provisions of essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Energizing Herbal Blend – The Energizing Herbal blend has 9 ingredients including ginkgo, green tea extract, ginseng, and Biloba extract. All of the ingredients within this blend help to increase brain function and clarity, enhance physical performance, stamina and energy levels.
  • Healing Enzyme Blend – The Healing Enzyme blend includes several enzymes like Lipase and Protease, that aid the digestive process, ensure the microflora of the gut is healthy and help the body to breakdown and absorb nutrition properly.
  • Gentle Fiber Blend – The Gentle Fiber blend features 6 ingredients that all help with the digestive process, reduce inflammation, reduce constipation, boost metabolism and aids with managing weight.

Each New Greens superfood powder tastes different. The classic superfood powder tastes very natural and ‘grassy’ and the minted superfood powder has a refreshing and tangy mint taste.

The New Greens berry flavor is probably the best tasting that the brand produces, especially for those that don’t like the natural taste that normally accompanies superfood mixes. The New Greens berry flavoring is strong and sweet, almost like drinking fruit juice.

You can’t even really taste the vegetables in it. New Greens uses natural strawberry flavor, natural raspberry flavor, natural cherry flavor, stevia extract, and citric acid to ensure the formula tastes sweet and fruity.

New Greens don’t offer a lot of options when it comes to the price of its products. Unlike a lot of other health supplement brands, New Greens doesn’t offer a bulk order that’s cheaper.

New Greens does offer a monthly subscription service, but rather than the cost per serving becoming lower by choosing this option, you just receive free shipping and 5 travel packs of the formula. New Greens tubs are 300g (10.58oz) which is a substantially larger tub than other competitive health brand’s superfood formulas.

New Greens suggest a serving size of 10g (0.35oz). This is a relatively large serving size, which shows that the brand is being realistic and transparent with the number of servings you can get from one tub.

If you used the recommended serving size, you would have exactly 30 servings from one tub of New Greens superfood powder, if you use one scoop a day. Of course, you might use less than the recommended serving size, and then you will be pleasantly surprised at how long one tub might last you.

One tub of New Greens superfood powder costs $59.95. This means that if you are following the recommended serving size of 10g, the cost per serving is $2.00.

In comparison to other superfood brands and competitors, this cost per serving is quite high. For a cost per serving price like this, the ingredients list should be fully transparent and there shouldn’t be any proprietary blends within the formula.

It is a shame that there isn’t any discount offered for multiple tub purchases, as it doesn’t give the consumer an incentive to buy more than one superfood powder at a time.

New Greens is a superfood brand that has been around for a long time and therefore has a long list of returning customers, as well as new ones. Therefore, there isn’t a shortage of reviews about the New Greens superfood powders, in particular, the berry flavored formula.

The New Greens SuperBerry product page on the New Greens website has a small selection of customer reviews, but we always ensure we look on third party websites for reviews, to make sure we are looking at honest, unbiased feedback from real customers.

If we were to just look at what is written on the brand’s website, it could be biased towards the product because the brand has control over it, and therefore it could be misleading. The majority of reviews about the New Greens superfood powders are positive.

Take a look below to see a couple of the positive reviews:

The excellent product dissolves better than other products that I have used in the past. I mix it with water and Kombucha for a great energy drink. I also like the fact that its a source from organic products. May be a bit on the sweet side for some people.

This green supplement powder is definitely superior to all the others I have tried. There are no added artificial flavors or sweeteners that some of the other products have. This product is freeze-dried which retains more of the nutrients, tastes great, delays hunger, and boosts energy. I choose to stir it into some lemonade for an even better flavor that I love.

However, there are also several negative reviews about the product. However, all of the negative reviews are concerning the taste or the texture of the mixture, and therefore it could be said that this is down to personal preference, and these reviews don’t need to be taken too seriously.

Take a look below at the negative reviews:

I cannot imagine drinking this in just plain water. I mix this with almond milk, applesauce, greek yogurt, and black berries every morning. It is a quick way to get ten servings of fruits and vegetables in. If the taste was better, I would have rated it better.

Waste of money. It was disgusting!

At the time of writing this article, New Greens products could only be purchased online through either the New Greens website directly, Pure Prescriptions or Amazon.

The superfood powders are not available in any health shops on the high street, or on any other third-party websites online.

The New Greens website has a useful area on the website named ‘Where To Buy’ which makes it easy to figure out where you should purchase the brand’s products from, just in case you are worried about getting counterfeit products.

We always recommend purchasing supplements and superfood powders from the brand’s direct website, to ensure you are dealing with the brand itself if you encounter any problems.

New Greens is a trusted brand with three very successful professionals behind the brand.

The superfood powders that the brand produces are of high quality, and the ‘Farm to Formula’ ethos is an excellent aspect of the company, as it ensures the consumer is getting only the most organic produce in the formula they purchase. In addition to this, the fact that the brand is USDA certified organic, vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO means that the product is suitable for a variety of people, even with strict diets, allergies or intolerances.

However, it feels a shame that although the brand has gone to lots of effort with some aspects of the product, the formula still features proprietary blends, meaning the consumer doesn’t know how much of each ingredient they are consuming.

The formula is also more expensive than other, competitor brand’s products, even though they contain very similar ingredients.

Overall, New Greens is a trustworthy brand that creates tasty superfood powders that are beneficial to consumer health. The only downside is that the powders are expensive, proprietary blends and sometimes reviewed negatively.

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