Nutrachamps Super Greens Review

Nutrachamps Super Greens ReviewNutrachamps is an American brand with a mission to create the highest quality supplements with natural ingredients.

Unlike a lot of other supplement brands, Nutrachamps doesn’t market towards athletes and people living active lifestyles, instead, it’s aimed towards everyone and anyone.

The globally known, well-trusted brand produces an array of impressive health and wellbeing supplements, from weight loss powders and biotin gummies to coconut oil and stress relief tablets. The Super Greens mix is one of the most popular products the brand produces and for a good reason.

The Super Greens formula was created to make sure everyone can get their daily nutrition intake in an easy way, with the team behind the brand understanding that not everyone has the time and energy to keep track of their nutritional intake through their food consumption, nevermind prepare the correct foods in the first place.

As the name suggests, the Super Greens formula is packed full of super greens, with most of the ingredients being organic. The mix is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, doesn’t contain any added sugars, dairy and is non-GMO. Although the ingredients list doesn’t seem to have anything that would contain gluten, the product isn’t marketed as being gluten-free.

The Nutrachamps Super Greens formula contains over 40 ingredients that all have their own, individual health benefits to the consumer which we will take a look at later in the review. With all of these potent ingredients combined together, the mix provides the consumer with a long list of health benefits.

As mentioned above, the formula has been created with the utmost precision and scientific research to ensure the consumer will be receiving the correct dose of daily nutrition to keep their body at an optimum state of health and support all bodily functions.

In addition to this, the formula also provides the consumer with a long-lasting energy boost, cleanses toxins from the body and protects the cells from radical damage, boosts the immune system, supports the digestive system and has an alkalizing effect.

The Nutrachamps Super Greens formula contains 4 ingredients in total that are separated into 4 proprietary blends. Nutrachamps is transparent with the ingredients that are found in the formula, and all of the super food ingredients are organic and sourced in the USA.

However, it’s disappointing that the brand has created the formula using proprietary blends. Proprietary blends aren’t as beneficial as having the exact measurement of each ingredient in the formula, because the consumer can’t work out how much of each ingredient they are consuming. Although, as a trusted brand, the amount of each ingredient within the mix is most likely going to be correct and therefore benefits will be received from consuming the mix.

Let’s take a look at the 4 different proprietary blends in the formula, the highlighted ingredients in them and the health benefits that are provided by them.

Organic Greens Blend

The Organic Greens blend features 13 ingredients, with the main ingredients highlighted being Alfalfa, Spinach, Wheatgrass, Spirulina, and Chlorella. These five ingredients, including the rest within the blend, are rich in antioxidants that protect the cells from radical damage and change, as well as push the toxins from the body. They also contain high levels of fiber and therefore support the digestive system. They also increase energy levels, boost brain function and have a strong alkalizing effect on the body.

Antioxidant Blend

The Antioxidant blend only contains 14 ingredients, including organic vegetables and fruits such as beetroot, carrot, raspberry, and blueberry. All of the ingredients within the blend have incredibly high levels of antioxidants within them that prevent illness by protecting the cells from radical change and damage. They also reduce levels of oxidative stress, boost brain function, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and support the immune system.

Probiotic 10 Billion CFU Blend

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The Probiotic 10 Billion CFU blend is an incredibly strong probiotic blend of 10 probiotics. This blend supports the bacteria within the gut and ensures it’s healthy, aids the digestive process and boosts the immune system to reduce the risk of illness.

Digestive Enzyme Blend

The Digestive Enzyme blend is made up of 6 essential enzymes that all help the body to absorb vital nutrients, ensuring the body can function properly. The blend also supports the digestive system and the health of the gut, as well as regulates bowel movements.

Nutrachamps understands that the earthy taste of super greens powders can overpower people’s taste buds and put them off drinking them, therefore they have modified the taste over the years and ensured it tastes the best it can, without using artificial flavoring.

The mix is flavored by a natural berry flavoring, stevia, and citric acid. The flavor of the product is very pleasant and it can simply be added to water and still taste great.

The stevia within the mix slightly takes over the taste, making it taste a little too sweet, but overall, the taste of the formula is really pleasant. It doesn’t taste grassy or earthy like other super greens powders sometimes do, but it doesn’t taste too sweet either.

Nutrachamps exclusively sells its products, including the Super Greens formula on Amazon. The brand doesn’t sell different size tubs or provide a subscription like many competitor brands do. However, the brand does offer some discount if multiple tubs are ordered.

A tub of Nutrachamps Super Greens is 255g (9oz) which is a much larger quantity in comparison to other super greens powders on the market. The brand recommends a serving size of 8.5g (0.3oz) which is once again, a substantial and generous size in comparison to competitor super greens powders. The brand isn’t trying to trick the customer into buying a product that will run out before expected so they have to buy more, which makes it more trusted. One tub of the Super Greens formula would contain 30 servings, if you used the recommended serving size.

The Nutrachamps Super Greens is sold on the Nutrachamps page on Amazon at a price of $28.99. If you were to use the recommended serving size, this would mean that the cost per serving is $0.96.

However, the price often changes on Amazon, and therefore you may find that sometimes the product is discounted or even made more expensive.

The brand does provide the customer with special discount codes for multiple orders of any Nutrachamps product on Amazon. Therefore, if you were interested in another of the brand’s products, you could order it all together and receive a discount.

  • You will save 10% when you buy 2 or more Nutrachamps products, using the code NUTRATEN
  • You will save 15% when you buy 3 or more Nutrachamps products, using the code NUTRA015
  • You will save 20% when you buy 5 or more Nutrachamps products, using the code NUTRA020

The price of the formula is cheap in comparison to other similar products on the market. Although it’s a shame that you the brand doesn’t have a subscription option or sell the tubs in different quantities, the fact that the brand offer discount, if you buy multiple products, is a bonus and works out even more cost-effective.

As the brand sells on Amazon, there’s an array of real customer reviews on the website that are unbiased and honest. Once again, this shows the brand is transparent and confident in the product.

Most of the reviews of the formula are positive. Take a look at one of the positive reviews below:

These Super Greens are terrific. Very powerful. I mix one scoop each morning in a glass of water (well, I use a jar and shake it vigorously to mix it) then drink it down. Very pleasant taste and a great effect on the body and mind.

However, some of the reviews are more critical and most of them say that the product is hard to dissolve.

Take a look at one of the negative reviews below:

Garbage. I swear you can’t trust reviews these days… DOES NOT DISSOLVE. I don’t want to have to use a protein shaker to get it to dissolve.

Nutrachamps exclusively sell all of its products, including the Super Greens formula on Amazon. Although the brand does have a website, it links you to Amazon to purchase the product. At the time of writing this review, the product wasn’t sold anywhere else online or on the high street.

Overall, Nutrachamps Super Greens is an impressive product packed with an array of organic, potent super foods at a very affordable price. The majority of the third party reviews on the product are positive and the brand is incredibly honest with both reviews and ingredients within the formula.

The only thing that lets down this product slightly is that the formula is made from proprietary blends. Apart from this, the formula is exceptional, especially for the price.

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