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Organic Organigreens reviewOrganixx is committed to providing the highest quality, most effective supplements on the market. The brand was created due to the demand for high-quality supplements still at affordable prices. So, this is exactly what Organixx produces. The brand has a strong focus on using USDA certified organic ingredients wherever possible, and all of the products they create are non-GMO and toxin-free.

Organixx claims that they choose to put only a small mark-up on the products it produces because the brand aims to bring better standards of health to people in the world. There’s a wide range of different health and wellbeing products available for purchase on the Organixx site, but one of the biggest selling products created by the brand is the Organixx Organigreens (1).

Organixx Organigreens is a Super Greens blend, made from the highest quality selection of organic fruit, vegetables, herbs, and spices. The Organixx Organigreens powder is not only for those who are athletes and people that go to the gym frequently, but it is for those who are too busy to find the time to keep track of their daily nutrition consumption.

The team behind Organixx is aware that the modern world puts pressure on many people to live extremely busy lives, so Organixx Organigreens was created as an easy way for people to receive their daily dose of vitamins, minerals, fruit, and vegetables. The mix also has a variety of specific health benefits, so it can be beneficial to those who are trying to lose weight, manage blood sugar levels or trying to overcome illness.

The Organixx Organigreens mix is not only made from organic ingredients, but it’s also suitable for a variety of people with different dietary requirements.

Organigreens is soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and suitable for those on both a paleo diet and a keto diet. The ingredients in the Organigreens mix doesn’t seem to contain anything that wouldn’t be classed as not vegetarian or vegan. However, Organixx doesn’t market the Organigreens mix as vegan or vegetarian.

The Organixx Organigreens mix is full of an extensive range of ingredients, a large proportion of which are superfoods that have incredible health benefits. The Organigreens mix is full of the necessary daily dose of various vitamins and minerals, ensuring the consumer is receiving the correct amount of daily nutrition to be in and keep an optimum state of health.

Organixx claims that Organigreens is 33 times more powerful than if you were to juice ingredients by yourself, due to the fermentation of many of the ingredients and the sheer amount of ingredients. The Organixx organigreens blend has six main benefits.

The first is to give a long-lasting boost of energy, the second is to give the skin, hair, and nails a youthful look and delay signs of aging, the third is to boost the immune system, the fourth is to encourage a healthy blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels, the fifth is to promote deep, restful sleep and the final benefit is to neutralize excess acids within the cells (2).

Pumpkin and other vegetables

In addition to these six main benefits, each ingredient provides a variety of individual health benefits, especially when it comes to SuperGreens. Other health benefits of taking a SuperGreens mix like Organixx Organigreens is help with weight loss, digestive aid, boosted brain function and a detox of the body.

The Organixx Organigreens powder not only provides all of these specific benefits, but it also makes sure that the consumer is receiving the correct daily dose of vitamins, minerals, and nutrition quickly and easily.

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The Organixx Organigreens powder contains 71 ingredients in total. The brand is transparent with the ingredient list and the amount of the ingredients used in the mix. The ingredients list can be found on the Organixx website, in the Organigreens product description, and also on the back of the tub.

Organixx has arranged the Organigreens ingredients into particular categories – Organic Greens, Veggie and Fruit blend, Organic Fermented Botanical blend, Probiotic, Enzyme, and Acid blend.

Out of the 71 ingredients, the brand doesn’t showcase any particular. However, we have taken a look at the most beneficial ingredients within the blend. These 12 ingredients will have the most impact on the consumer’s health and wellbeing.

  • Alfalfa Grass – Alfalfa grass is packed with vitamin K, vitamin C, folate and copper. Vitamin K helps regulates blood calcium levels, vitamin C protects cells from damage, folate helps to create DNA and copper aids the formation of collagen (3).
  • Kale – Kale has detox properties due to the antioxidants within it, it’s a great source of vitamin C – this helps to protect cells, it lowers cholesterol and aids with weight loss and regulation of the metabolic rate (4).
  • Spinach – Spinach helps to lessen the effects of oxidative stress on the body, aids the growth of hair and nails, helps to keep the skin in good condition, improves eye health, lowers and regulates blood pressure (5).
  • Kiwi – Kiwi aids the digestive process, boosts the immune system, lowers the risk of illness on the body, reduces blood clotting, protects the health of the eyes, manages and regulates blood pressure (6).
  • Reishi Mushroom – Reishi mushrooms originate from Asia and has been used in Eastern medicines for centuries. Reishi mushrooms boost the immune system, fight depression, lower levels of fatigue, control blood sugar levels and may prevent and treat cancers (7).
  • Shiitake Mushroom – Shitake mushrooms originate from East Asia and have the same amount of amino acids in them as the amount found in meat. They aid the health of the heart, boost the immune system, may prevent and treat cancers and strengthen bones (8).
  • Flax Seed – Flax seeds are excellent sources of the fatty-acid Omega 3, they aid the digestive process, may prevent against types of cancer, lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels, and blood pressure, aid with weight loss and are a good source of protein (9).
  • Chia Seed – Despite the small size of chia seeds, they are full of fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. They are also full of antioxidants, aid with weight loss and lower the risk of heart disease (10).
  • Hemp Seed – Hemp seeds, help skin disorders to get improve, may reduce the risk of heart disease aid the digestive process, reduce against PMS and menopause symptoms (11).
  • Ginseng – Ginseng has been used in Eastern medicine for centuries. It is filled with antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties, boosts the immune system, improves brain function and improves fatigue (12).
  • Enzyme Blend – There are 13 different enzymes within this enzyme blend – cellulase, beta-glucanase, amylase, xylanase, and protease make an appearance within this list. These enzymes provide various health benefits. Overall, they ensure protein can be broken down properly, aid digestion, decrease inflammation, promote faster healing from illness and reduces muscle soreness (13).
  • Bacillus subtilis – Bacillus subtilis is a probiotic that helps to support the immune system, aids liver function, helps the digestive system to maintain good microflora in the gut, improves skin conditions and improves dental health (14).

Organixx has ensured there’s a choice for people that aren’t keen on the fresh, natural taste that normally accompanies SuperGreens powders. Therefore, Organixx has two flavors of the Organigreens mix – pure and naturally sweetened.

The pure Organigreens tastes very natural, and you get that vegetable taste coming through heavily. It tastes slightly bitter. The naturally sweetened version is sweetened by Pineapple and Stevia extract. Although the flavoring is natural, it sweetens the taste a lot and makes it taste almost too sweet.

However, if you like the flavoring that Stevia gives to powders and you can’t stomach the pure Super Greens flavor, this is a good choice.

Organixx Organigreens powder can either be bought as a one-off purchase, you can choose to subscribe, or the price will decrease if you buy more tubs. The tubs of the Organixx Organigreens powder are 10ozs (285g) and the brand recommends that one tub will give you 30 servings.

The brand recommends an approximate serving size of 9.5g – you might use more than this in one serving, and therefore one tub might not last you an entire month. Or, if you less than this, obviously the tub will last you longer.

One tub, on a one-time purchase, from the Organixx website will cost you $69.95. This means that this cost per serving would be $2.33.

  • If you choose a monthly subscription, this will cost you $62.96. This means that this cost per serving would be $2.10.
  • Another option is to order more than one tub. The more you order, the cheaper it is.
  • If you choose to order three tubs, the price per tub is $59.95. This cost per serving is $2.00.
  • If you choose to order six tubs per month, the price per tub is $49.95. This cost per serving is $1.67.

It’s fair to say that the Organixx Organigreens powder is very expensive, especially in comparison to other SuperGreens brands. If you really wanted to purchase this product, it’s a good idea to either subscribe or order multiple tubs to make it more cost-effective.

The Organixx Organigreens brand has an array of reviews online, from verified customers. Although the Organixx website does have reviews about the product under the product page, we always look at third-party websites to ensure we are looking at honest feedback. The majority of reviews are positive. Take a look at some of the positive reviews below (15):

I have been using OrganiGreens for about 2 years and have found it has the most varied organic ingredients and does not taste like you are drinking lawn clippings. I have tried others but cannot find anything that compares. I just tried another Green Drink and decided to go back to OrganiGreens.

This green drink is amazing! I’ve tried many over the years and the Organixx Organi-Greens are by far the best I have had! This is our family’s, “super juice”. Knowing I’m putting quality ingredients into my body is so important. Thank you for providing this must-have quality green drink! I like mine daily with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a half a juiced lemon. (And it doesn’t taste like grass at all like most green juice drinks!)

We could only find one negative review of this product and it really isn’t that critical. Take a look at some of the review below (15):

I take this most mornings mixed with a few other things. I can just stir in water really well or put it in my nutribullet with some avocado and berries. I am disappointed in the taste. I thought I used to get this and it had pineapple in it. This tastes like a fresh-mowed lawn smells. So I need to chug it. I will find the other one I liked much better that was organic that tasted really good without sugar. In the meantime, I will finish this canister knowing I am getting good green nutrition with this.

You can buy Organixx Organigreens from the Organixx website directly, or on Amazon. We would recommend purchasing directly from the Organixx website as sometimes there are deals and reductions in price.

At the time of writing this review, you can’t purchase Organixx Organigreens in any high street stores.

Organixx is a trusted brand, and the Organixx Organigreens powder has great feedback, even on third party sites. The powder contains a vast amount of high-quality ingredients and is packed with Superfoods.

The only thing that seems to be negative with this product is that the price is a lot higher than other SuperGreens brands, and the fact that they say they don’t add a huge mark-up on the product has to be a bit of a false statement.

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