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Paleo Greens PowderPaleo Pro is a US company based in California that produces a wide range of ‘real food’ products for people following paleo diets.

The brains behind the brand were frustrated by the lack of paleo-friendly supplements in the market and angry that all of the paleo products that they could find out there seemed to contain long lists of filler ingredients that weren’t from real food.

So, Paleo Pro was founded! The Paleo Greens Powder the brand produces is one of the best products across the entire site and has gained praise from even those that don’t follow paleo diets.

Paleo Greens is a potent greens powder containing a small number of powerful ingredients that provide the consumer with bountiful health benefits for both the body and the mind. Unfortunately, it seems that the brand doesn’t market any specific health benefits related to this formula and tends to speak more about the individual minerals and vitamins that the product contains.

Let’s take a look to see how Paleo Pro Greens Powder could benefit you in our review.

Obviously, the product is suitable for those that stick to a paleo diet, but it’s also vegetarian and vegan, soy-free, whey-free, and gluten-free, meaning it’s available to an array of people that may otherwise have problems trying to find supplements that fit with their dietary restrictions.

Apart from the fact the brand doesn’t claim any specific health benefits derive from consumption of the formula, everything looks pretty good so far. Let’s dive a little deeper and figure out if any specific health benefits do actually derive from this formula!

As mentioned above, Paleo Pro doesn’t really market any specific health benefits in association with this product. The only thing they say that hints to a certain health benefit are ‘protein and fiber to help regulate digestion and insulin’ which alludes to the fact that the proteins and fibers in the formula aid digestion.

The added part about insulin seems very strange and general and it feels like this should be a separate point describing what the protein and fiber content actually does to insulin. However, this is the only description of any specific health benefit.

The rest of the marketing of the product specifically talks about the vitamins and minerals that derive from each ingredient. For example, “alfalfa and kale add vitamins like A, B12, C & K’.

Firstly, this doesn’t help the consumer understand what these vitamins and minerals will do for their bodies and it also doesn’t go into any great length of detail about the number of minerals and vitamins in each separate ingredient.

All of the benefits seem very vague and general, almost expecting the consumer to guess how they will benefit from consuming this product.

The Paleo Greens powder contains only 6 ingredients, and it certainly seems like the brand has done an extensive research to find the most beneficial and potent superfood ingredients.

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However, there’s a problem with the ingredients list in the fact that each separate ingredient is listed, but the amount of each ingredient isn’t included. Instead, the brand has added the percentage of each vitamin and mineral that features in the formula.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it’s great to know which vitamins and minerals are present within the formula, but the fact that the amount of the ingredients is added is a huge problem because the consumer can’t figure out if they’re taking the recommended dose of each ingredient by consuming the formula.

Although this isn’t great and doesn’t show much transparency from the brand, let’s take a look at the ingredients that feature in the formula and see what benefits they do give the consumer (if consumed in the correct amount).

Organic Hemp Seed Protein

Hemp seeds are a great way for people following a paleo or vegan diet to get the protein they need, due to the fact that in every 30 grams of seeds there are 9.46g of protein (1). Hemp seeds provide the complete nine essential amino acids that the body needs to function properly. One of the main amino acids that hemp seeds contain is arginine, which helps to support the health of the heart (1).


Alfalfa is a grass rich in potent antioxidants which help protect the cells from radical change and damage, as well as push toxins from the body. It also lowers cholesterol, aids the body with forming collagen, protects DNA, and regulates calcium levels (2).

Organic Kale

Kale is packed with an array of vitamins and minerals but is especially rich in Vitamin C which protects the cells and tissue in the body from damage, and aids with the repair process of any damaged tissue. It also aids with weight loss and lowers cholesterol. Kale is also rich in antioxidants, meaning it protects the cells from radical damage and pushes toxins from the body (3).


Spirulina is an alga packed with proteins and amino acids that aid with overall body health, as well as iron and antioxidants that protect the cells from radical damage in the cells. It also reduces inflammation within the body and lowers cholesterol (4).

Monk Fruit Extract

Monk fruit is a natural sweeter and is said to have anti-inflammatory properties as well as aid with weight loss.

Natural Flavouring

The final ingredient is defined as ‘natural flavoring’ so we, unfortunately, can’t pass comment on this, as it’s not clear what the brand has used to naturally flavor this product as well as the monk fruit that’s been added.

The Paleo Greens Powder tastes surprisingly nice. Unlike other super greens powders, it doesn’t seem to have the grassy or overly natural taste that others have. It’s a light-tasting powder and has hints of matcha tea.

Most people prefer to drink this mixture with milk to make a kind of shake, but it’s also easily drinkable with water. The monk fruit extract and other natural flavoring added covers the sometimes-bitter super greens taste well.

Paleo Pro doesn’t offer a variety of different size tubs on their direct website, and no discount is given through bulk purchases – it’s one set price. There’s also no option to subscribe to the product and save money. In addition, there’s no money-back policy. However, on the brand’s Amazon site, the price is slightly cheaper and varies.

The pouches of Paleo Greens Powder are 266g (9.4oz) which is a substantial size in comparison to super greens powders produced by other brands. The brand recommends a serving size of 9g, which once again is a substantial serving size, ensuring the customer should get 30 servings from the pouch.

One pouch of Paleo Greens Powder on the Paleo Pro website is $29.99. If you use the recommended serving size, the cost per serving is $0.99 This is relatively cheap in comparison to other brand’s super greens powders.

One pouch of Paleo Greens Powder on Amazon is $24.99. If you use the recommended serving size, the cost per serving at this price is 0.83. This is once again, cheap in comparison to other superfood powders on the market.

This product only has a limited amount of third-party reviews online, with 48 reviews on Amazon at the time of writing this article. However, the majority of the reviews are extremely positive, with 73% of these ratings being 4 stars out of 5. Although, most of the positive reviews don’t mention the ingredients within the product, only how great the taste is.

Take a look at one of the positive reviews below (5):

I love this greens powder! I’ve tried several different brands in the past and they’ve either tasted too metallic or been too costly. There’s no way to know for sure about the quality and sourcing of the ingredients, but given the taste- I’m trusting you. Thx Paleopro!

However, there are also more critical reviews of this product, especially concerning the graininess of the product.

Take a look at one of the negative reviews below (5):

The product doesn’t mix well in water. It clumps up and tastes gross. Don’t buy!!

If you’re looking to purchase the Paleo Greens Powder by Paleo Pro, you can buy it directly on the brand’s website, on “>Amazon, or through other third-party supplement websites.

Although Paleo Greens Powder might be a great super greens product for those that lead a paleo diet or those that are on a lower cost budget, it seems disappointing. The product’s ingredients aren’t only limited, but the consumer doesn’t even know the amounts of the ingredients added.

It’s not our favorite super greens powder we’ve ever reviewed. There are better options around, even at this relatively low price point.


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