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Pharmafreak Greens Freak PowderPharmafreak is a Canadian health, wellbeing and fitness brand that supplies its products around the globe, with the aim of bettering the performance of athletes and people that are active. Although, the brand recently branched out and started marketing its Greens Freak Powder to a new, entirely different audience.

Although Pharmafreak products are typically aimed towards those that live active lives, the team behind the brand realized how many people don’t receive the correct amount of nutrition in their daily lives because they don’t have the time to cook properly, or perhaps they aren’t even educated about the nutrients their body needs. So, the brand decided to do what it could to help and created the Greens Freak Powder.

The Greens Freak Powder is a formula packed full of a variety of superfoods, enzymes, and probiotics that are scientifically proven to improve the health of the body and mind. The brand doesn’t tell the consumer which diets it is suitable for or what allergens it might include. t’s definitely not vegan as the mix contains bee pollen, but none of the ingredients would suggest that it isn’t suitable for vegetarians.

The list of ingredients within the Greens Freak Powder is vast, with over 40 ingredients that all provide their own, specific health benefits to the consumer that we will take a look at more closely later in the review. However, with all of these potent superfood ingredients, enzymes, and probiotics combined into one powder, the formula provides the consumer with a selection of impressive, powerful health benefits.

Overall, the formula not only ensures the consumer receives the daily amount of vitamins and minerals needed for optimal health, but it also contains strong antioxidants that protect the cells from radical damage, as well as pushing toxins from the system. In addition, the formula supports the immune system, increases energy levels, performance, and stamina increases the speed at which muscles recover, supports the digestive system, and has an alkalizing effect.

The ingredients within the formula also benefit the mind, as well as the body, and it provides mental clarity, boosts brain function, lowers anxiety, and reduces levels of oxidative stress.

The Greens Freak Powder comes in two different flavors, Vanilla Chai or Sweet Apple. Both versions contain the same ingredients apart from the natural flavors added. The formula contains over 40 ingredients that are separated into different blends depending on the health benefits derived from them.

There’s only a selection of ingredients that have the exact amount of the ingredient shown and these are the main 7 superfoods highlighted within the mix, including Spirulina, Alfalfa, and Wheatgrass. The rest of the ingredients can be founded within proprietary blends, and only the amount of the blend within the formula as a whole is shown.

Although the brand is transparent with the ingredients that can be found within the formula, proprietary blends aren’t great within any superfoods powder, because the consumer has to have confidence within the brand that the correct amount of each ingredient has been added. In addition, the consumer won’t be able to work out how much of an exact ingredient they have consumed.

It seems strange that the brand has shown the exact amount of certain ingredients but not others. That in itself doesn’t inspire confidence into the consumer, as it seems the brand is showing you what they want you to see.

Let’s take a look at the 7 main superfood ingredients that the brand has highlighted and the health benefits that derive from them.

Hawaiian Spirulina

Spirulina is an alga that has strong anti-inflammatory and detoxing properties. It reduces inflammation within the body, protects the cells from radical change and damage, pushes toxins from the body, lowers cholesterol, and improves exercise performance (1).


Chlorella is an alga packed with antioxidants that protect the cells from radical change and push toxins from the system, it binds to heavy metals and aids the detox process of the system. It also boosts the metabolism, aids weight loss, supports the immune system, and increases the antibody count in the body (2).

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Chlorella in super greens


Alfalfa grass is rich in antioxidants and therefore detoxes the body, as well as protecting the cells from radical damage. It also regulates blood calcium levels, lowers cholesterol, helps the body to form collagen and protects DNA (3).

Barley grass contains essential vitamins and minerals that support the immune system, reduce inflammation, boost the metabolism, aid the digestive process, and keep the gut healthy (4).

Wheat Grass

Wheatgrass is full of antioxidants, aiding the body with detoxing, and protect the cells from radical damage. It also increases energy levels, boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure, and supports the digestive system (5).

Apple Pectin

Apple pectin promotes weight loss, supports the health of the gut and the digestive system, helps to regulate blood sugar levels, and improves the health of the heart (6).

Apple fiber supports the digestive system, regulates blood sugar levels, reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, increases the health of the heart, and lowers the risk of heart disease (7).

As mentioned above, there are two different flavors of the formula, either Vanilla Chai or Sweet Apple. The Vanilla Chai does have a more natural, earthy taste, whereas the Sweet Apple flavor is incredibly sweet. Both of the flavors have overpowering tastes though, and it seems a shame that there isn’t a natural tasting option that might be more easily covered over.

Unlike competitor supplement brands, Pharmafreak doesn’t offer any discount, no matter how many tubs you purchase, and the brand doesn’t have a subscription option. However, on the Pharmafreak website and social media channels, the brand offers discount codes or puts on impressive sales, so if you are looking to purchase the Greens Freak Powder, take a look to see if there are any discount codes you can use first.

Greens Freak Powder is available in a 262g (9.24oz) tub which is a substantial size tub. The brand recommends a serving size of 8.7g (0.3oz) which is also a sufficient serving size, which makes the brand seem more transparent. Therefore, one tub of Greens Freak Powder would provide you with 30 servings if you were using the recommended serving size. The brand is very adamant about the fact that this should be the maximum serving size, and nothing over this amount should be consumed.

Although there are two different flavors, the formula costs the same regardless of which you choose to purchase.

One tub of Greens Freak Powder from the Pharmafreak website costs $49.99. If you were to use the recommended serving size of 8.7g, the cost per serving is $1.66.

The cost of this formula is actually quite expensive in comparison to other superfood powders, especially when the brand isn’t completely transparent about who can consume the powder and it doesn’t seem to contain any organic ingredients. If you are interested in purchasing the formula, as mentioned above, try to keep your eye on discount codes and sales that the brand is having. For example, at the time of writing this review, the Pharmafreak website had a 50% discount on the Greens Freak Powder.

Although there are no reviews of the Greens Freak Powder on the Pharmafreak website, there’s a substantial selection of reviews on third-party websites from customers. We always take a look at third-party websites anyway, to ensure the reviews we are looking at unbiased reviews.

Most of the reviews of the product are positive. Take a look at one of the positive reviews below (8):

Amazing product! I feel amazing after drink this in the A.M when I add it to my protein. The flavor may not be favorited to some but mix it into your favorite protein or a smoothie and you’re good to go!

There are also some negative reviews that are mainly critical about the taste of the product. Take a look at one of the negative reviews below (8):

I know this is great for you and all but it’s disgusting, I gag every time I tried to drink it, I even tried to mix it in with smoothies, and I just can’t stomach it.

You can buy Greens Freak Powder on the Pharmafreak website as well as third party health and wellbeing supplement websites and Amazon. At the time of writing this review, Pharmafreak does not stock any of its products in high street stores.

The Pharmafreak Greens Freak Powder is a formula packed with a vast amount of potent ingredients that have impressive health benefits. However, the brand doesn’t let the consumer know who the product is suitable for and it poses a lot of questions about whether the formula is suitable for vegans, people that are allergic to gluten, or even if it contains GMO ingredients.

In addition, the brand uses proprietary blends and the price of the product isn’t very cheap, although it seems to have all of these downsides.


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