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pHresh GreenspHresh Greens are the newest supplement to hit the market from the pHresh Products brands of items. This supergreens blend is designed to help increase your body in every way, and help to improve nearly every aspect of your life. With a good supergreens combination, your body will be able to absorb more nutrients than normal with just one tablespoon of powder.

So we’ll take a look at pHresh greens and the company Phresh Products that makes them, as well as the benefits that the greens provide you and what exactly goes into the powder. Then we’ll take a look at what the customers who use the product have to say about it, and if it is worth your money.

Then we will give it our final verdict, so let’s get things started by taking a look at the company.

The mission and vision page is about the main reason that the company exists, which is to focus on pH balance in the body. They want to put the entire earth into harmony with its pH and how you should “Maintain health and not sickness.”

They want to make people happy, spread their knowledge of the benefits of pH balance, and partner with companies that want to help change the world. While their benefits and mission are really amazing, we don’t see too much about how the company got started or what they do for their products.

We would love to see some more information about the company, how it was founded, and the people that work there. Still, the about us page is pretty good for sharing the first thing that anyone needs to know about Phresh Greens, which is all about the pH level.

The biggest benefit of the pHresh greens is all about balancing your pH level. With a balanced pH level, you can start to see the following benefits:

  • A supercharged Immune System
  • A Boost in natural energy
  • Less acidity in your body
  • Less gas, bloating, and acidity in your stomach.

The pHresh Greens are all made without GMO’s, are completely raw and vegan, gluten-free, and also made without any herbicides, additives, or preservatives. So you can eat them no matter what.

The extra greens can also easily complement a Standard American Diet (also called the SAD diet), which is typically made from processed foods, sugars, and unhealthy fats. Otherwise known as too much gluten, dairy, and meat.

This causes a lot of acidity in your body, which can then lead to gas, bloating, and other digestive problems. The high pH level is not at all good for your body to maintain optimal productivity, but how do you knock the pH back down to where it should be? Well, the alkaline benefits of pHresh Greens can help with that.

If you are dealing with fatigue, bloating, loss of muscle and bone tone, and loss of energy from an acidic diet, you will need to use pHresh Greens. This is one of the fastest ways to give alkaline to your body, where you can put one pH level into your favorite drink, and then you can receive around 3 to 4 cups of raw vegetables with one drink!

Then your body balances itself out, and it will not be stealing alkaline from the bones and muscles in your body. Even if you don’t want to change your diet, the supergreens will not only give you some extra veggies but can help get your body back on track.


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This is where we have a small problem because they don’t list the ingredients on the website. Rather than writing them down and displaying them, the only way to see the ingredients inside the supplement mix is on the photo on the back of the bottle.

It’s a bit hard to see, but we can see these ingredients on the label:

  • Parsely powder
  • Wheat Grass Whole Leaf
  • Spinach
  • Alfalfa grass whole leaf
  • Organic Kale powder

Unlike several other supergreen powders, the pHresh Greens have the ingredient weight for every ingredient on the label. The ingredient weights are the proper dosages, and they tell us how much of each ingredient is inside the supplement blend. It really does help give the supergreen blend a real boost.

The ingredient weights for the different ingredients are as follows:

  • Parsely powder- 712 mg
  • Wheat Grass Whole Leaf- 415 mg
  • Spinach- 298 mg
  • Alfalfa grass whole leaf- 178 mg
  • Organic Kale powder- 134 mg

All of these ingredient weights help us see how much of each fruit and vegetable powder is inside, and it really boosts our credibility with this product. However, we would like to see the ingredients and their weights placed somewhere on the website where they can be visited easier.

Not everyone looks to look at the label, but before they buy, the health-conscious buyers should have the chance to examine the ingredients and their weights. They should be promoting the fact that they show off the weights because that’s not something that every company does.

All of the 104 reviews look to be five star reviews. Most of these reviews talk about the benefits that people feel with the product, and the taste of the product.

Reviewer Angelica talks about how she’s used it across two countries in her 5 star review:

I have actually used this product before… found it on a trip to the US. So was very please to find it again on Amazon. I use it in my morning smoothie as part of a 80/20 Alkaline eating style. I am recovering from a stomach infection and fond the full tsp a bit much so I cut it back to half and found that worked for me. My smoothies are full of vegetables so adding pHresh Greens is just to give my digestive system a boost.

To use it once on a trip to the United States, and then have to find it again whenever she returned home… that’s a dedication to the brand on her part! There are over 100 five star reviews that all talk about the good taste and how the benefits are instantly noticed after a few days.

Some of the reviews talk about how the greens are somewhat expensive to keep buying month after month, but the greens’ taste and benefits are often worth the hefty price tag every month. We’ll get to talking about the price in a few paragraphs.

There are a lot of five star reviews that can further reinforce how much the customers love the product, and if you want to base your purchase on what people say about it, then you’ll have some good reviews to read!

There are a few different options that you have whenever you want to purchase pHresh Greens. You can simply buy 15 pre-prepared packets and just pour one into a bottle without having to measure. You pay 40 dollars for the packets and are spending about three dollars per packet.

The price is the exact same for a one month supply that comes to about five ounces. There are about 30 servings per container, and you just need to use one teaspoon for a serving size. A two month supply is seventy dollars for 60 servings.

It can be a bit pricy, especially since there is no subscription plan or other method to get a discount. However, if you are suffering from the effects of very bad acid, then this can be a good thing to grab.

You are paying about one dollar per serving for a one month supply and two dollars for the two month supply. So it’s not too expensive per serving, upfront, then it can get pricy. But no matter what you do with your one or two month supply, you are paying thirty dollars a month.

We are blown away by the fact that pHresh Greens is sharing its ingredient weights, and we really don’t see this on most supergreen websites. We can connect the amount of the ingredient to the recommended daily amount and other studies to make sure that pHresh Greens is giving you enough to be healthy.

We also like all the benefits and how the supergreens are specifically prepared to reduce the acid in your body. Having a high pH level can really cause problems for your body if they are left unchecked, and the alkaline properties of the greens can really help.

The product is fairly priced at thirty dollars for one month’s supply and sixty dollars for two months’ supply. Give it a try for thirty dollars, and if you don’t end up seeing any benefits, then you are only out thirty bucks, which is the price of a good meal. We urge you to give it a try and see if you can reap the benefits.

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