Smashin’ Greens Superfood Blend Review

Smashin Greens reviewSmashin’ Greens Superfood Blend is a super greens blend created by a company called MASF. A super greens blend is created to allow the consumer to absorb more fruits or vegetables than they could conceivably eat in a given day. Many companies also add herbs and algae into their blend for extra nutrients and vitamins.

We’re about to take an in-depth look at Smashin’ Greens Superfood Blend and see how it stacks up in the world of super greens.

We’ll begin by looking at the company that produces it, then take a look at the benefits they claim it’ll provide. Then, we’ll take a thorough look at customer reviews and see what they think of it. After that, we’ll answer the big question – is it worth it?

MASF was founded by Mitch Aguiar, who was a Navy SEAL for 10 years. He is also an entrepreneur, speaker, painter and MMA fighter. Mitch left the Navy in 2018 in pursuit of becoming a world champion MMA fighter. He currently holds a 15-1 record. His core philosophy is ‘mindset is everything’.

Other than that, there’s not much more information available on the company that manufactures Smashin’ Greens Superfood Blend. We know a bit about the founder, but not how he started it, how they source ingredients or anything else about the company behind the product.

We’ve reviewed quite a few super greens blend manufacturers and it’s rare to see a company that only shares information about its owner without sharing a look inside the company. For the purposes of this review, this is off to a bad start.

We were surprised to discover that MASF has a pretty short product page. They don’t give much information about the benefits of using their product, or the ingredients, or anything other than a few buy now buttons. They say that their product will:

  • Curb hunger
  • Maximize energy
  • Clear skin
  • Burn fat

That’s all they give us. This is surprisingly few benefits for buying a rather pricey product. They don’t even elaborate on how their product accomplishes all of these tasks. What did they put in it that curbs hunger? Curbing hunger is not usually reported as a benefit of super greens, they’re usually considered more a supplemental and not meal replacements. Of course, this blend could be different, but they should explain how it’s different.

Having a product page that simply lists product benefits without discussing any of the reasoning behind the benefits is not a good sign. It makes it look as though they just want to say certain phrases to get people to buy, without justifying how the product will burn fat, for example.

Smashin Greens MASF Supplement

Smashin’ Greens Superfood Blend claims to be a nutrient-dense blend of organic superfoods with no filler. They say that it can be taken as a daily supplement or a complete meal replacement. According to their site, all of the ingredients were specifically chosen to maximize micro-nutrients.

Much to our surprise, they don’t talk about any specific ingredients. They don’t even provide us with a nutrition label. All that they have to say is:

  • All ingredients are now USDA certified organic
  • They upgraded to name brand prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes
  • Added natural vanilla and monk fruit extract
  • There is no caffeine in the product

Surprisingly, they don’t even provide an image of their nutritional label. While not a requirement, providing such an image is standard practice for selling any sort of nutritional product online.

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We typically like to point out that most super greens blends manufacturers disclose their ingredient list, but not the ingredient weight. However, in this case, they aren’t even disclosing their ingredient list. How are we supposed to know that this product can live up to their claims without seeing a single ingredient that’s in it?

Customer reviews are the strongest part of Smashin’ Greens Superfood Blend. Frankly, these reviews are the only thing the product has going for it. There are 67 reviews, which they say is averaged out to 5 stars. That is clearly incorrect, as a cursory glance shows stars that are under 5 stars.

Let’s take a look at some of these reviews. Here’s a four-star review:

After some research I went with this Greens supplement based on the quality ingredients and all of the reviews saying that it didn’t taste horrible. Many said that the old version tasted bad but that this one really tasted good… if the other one was worse, I don’t know how people drank it. This new and improved formula is really hard to drink. I mean I expected a greenie taste but… I’ll finish this but I can’t see myself ordering it ever again.” – Steve

This gives us some insight into the taste of the blend. However, it’s worth noting that most of the super greens blends that we see have bad reviews about the taste. Most often, people are not prepared for the taste of a super greens blend.

Let’s take a look at one of the many five-star reviews:

With my work schedule I wasn’t able to do the 10 days but I did 7 days. I lost 10lbs. Everybody told me I would immediately gain it back. It’s been 2 months and I didn’t gain it back. I’m doing another 7 day and half way through it, I’m down 5lbs in 4 days.
It may not seem like a lot to some people but I haven’t really changed my lifestyle. This fast basically helped shrink my appetite so I intake smaller portions. That being said, if I was a little more active, I could probably lose even more lbs. But I’m pretty happy with the results.

This review directly echoes what’s in many of the other reviews. Some of them talk about the product, but most of them seem to talk about a cleanse or a fast that they’re doing. It took some digging, but we discovered that MASF was doing a juice cleanse challenge on their Instagram profile. This led to customer reviews that were positive, even if the product itself might be less than five-star worthy.

We were surprised by the number of reviews left on this product. That’s what led us to look into how they’re driving traffic to the page, which is likely mainly done through Instagram. They aren’t growing through word of mouth, they aren’t growing through marketing a good product – they’re growing through a juice cleanse challenge on Instagram.

MASF charges $95 for a bottle of Smashin’ Greens Superfood Blend, which contains 30 servings. They charge a flat rate shipping fee of $5.00 for the United States, so that’s worth factoring into our equation:

  • Price: $95 + $5 shipping
  • Servings: 30
  • Price per serving: $3.33

That’s an extremely high price per serving for a super greens blend. We typically see them come in between the $1.20-$2.50 range.

Is this product worth such a high price per serving? We have to say that it’s probably not worth it. While they do have some good reviews, that’s really all we have to go on. Many of the reviews are quite suspicious, too.

We’re pretty sure that they’re genuine people leaving them, but most of the reviews talk about a specific juice cleanse challenge and don’t talk about the product. A few write about the taste, some say they feel better, but most are about a specific challenge that was probably hosted on Instagram.

So, we would say that a high price per serving is not worth it. While you may gain some nutritional benefit from it, without disclosing any of their ingredients, we simply cannot recommend it. Of course, you can always try it for yourself and see what you think.

We do not recommend this product. Not only is it more expensive than other super greens blends, but they don’t give us any reason to justify the increased price. They don’t disclose any of the ingredients, let alone the ingredient weights so that we can determine if it’s a worthwhile price.

This product is a lesson in why it’s worth thoroughly investigating a product before hitting that tempting ‘add to cart’ button. The company that’s selling it gives no information about themselves, other than the backstory of the founder, and the product page itself does not give any meaningful details about the product.

It seems as though MASF is a somewhat popular Instagram page that has an online store as part of their online presence. In addition to selling various workout products, they also sell merchandise featuring their logo. We mention this because it seems like MASF is more of a brand and less of a nutrition company.

If you’re looking for a solid super greens blend, please check out our other reviews to find a product that’s worth your time.

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