When is Best to Drink Super Greens?

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The super greens market has boomed over the last few years and is predicted to keep growing exponentially in years to come. Nearly every health and wellbeing brand you look at will produce a type of super greens formula, and there’s a tonne of variety when it comes to personal preference.

If you’re thinking about incorporating a super greens into your everyday diet, you probably have a few questions, and that’s exactly why this article is here – to help you understand not only when the best time to drink super greens is, but also how often you should consume a super greens formula, what the health benefits are and how you can mix the formula.

Let’s jump straight in and get all of your questions answered so you can start taking your daily dose of super greens!

The benefits of each super greens formula obviously depend on the ingredients within each specific formula. However, most super greens formulas contain similar ingredients, including the likes of Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheatgrass, Barley Grass, and Alfalfa.

These super greens ingredients, in particular, are extremely potent, hence the reason they are found in the majority of super greens powders. In addition, a lot of super greens powders also include digestive enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics.

Overall, people drink super greens because they are a quick and easy way to consume the right amount of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed for optimal daily health. As well as this, super greens boost the immune system, protect cells from radical damage, push toxins from the body, provide a long-lasting energy boost, and support the digestive system.

Of course, it goes without saying that super greens powders should be taken as a supplement, and not in replacement of a healthy, balanced diet.

Super greens can be consumed at any time during the day and they will still be as potent – this never changes. However, in the morning is probably the best time to consume super greens, purely because you will then have a boost of energy from all of the ingredients.

If you find that your days get especially busy and you could forget about taking your super greens to drink, the morning is probably the best time for you to consume it and you should get into a habit of taking it then.

In addition, if the super greens formula you use contains caffeine from a green tea extract, you will probably want to consume it in the morning, as a replacement for coffee.

However, if you need a mid-afternoon energy boost or you prefer to consume your super greens in the evening, that’s still fine – it’s completely up to you. One of the main benefits of super greens powders is that they’re quick and easy to consume, therefore make the consumption of your super greens work for you and fit into your schedule.

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You should consume super greens every day, ensuring you are receiving the number of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients needed for optimal daily health. Each super greens formula has a different serving size, so you’ll need to take a look at the back of the formula tub for instructions on the recommended serving size. Make sure you are consuming the serving size daily.

However, if you’re feeling particularly under the weather or you are going to have a busy day with very little food, you can increase the dosage of super greens and either add one or two more scoops of the formula to your drink, or you can have two separate drinks throughout the day.

Unless the brand specifically advises against exceeding the recommended serving size of the formula, there’s no harm in consuming more than one super green drink per day, for a few days (but speak to your doctor if your on medication or have a pre-existing health condition).

There are so many ways that you can add a super greens formula into your everyday diet, and some of them might even surprise you – you can get super creative with super greens formulas.

Mix with water or milk

Obviously, this isn’t the most creative way to add super greens into your diet, but it is one of the easiest, especially if you’re under time constraints and lead a busy life. You can simply mix the recommended daily dose of super greens with water or your favorite type of milk (mixing with almond milk is particularly popular!).

Blend in a smoothie

If you find the taste of super greens a little overpowering or grassy but still want to consume it in a drink form, you can add a dose into your favorite smoothie mix. The other ingredients within the smoothie will most likely overpower the grassy taste, making it easier for you to consume.

Bake with it

If you’d rather incorporate super greens into your diet through foods, this is also an option! Most super greens formulas are suitable to bake with, and some are even marketed as the perfect baking ingredient! You can bake anything from muffins to energy balls with super greens formula!

Cook with it

If you have less of a sweet tooth but you’d still like to incorporate super greens into your diet through food, you can cook with most formulas. You can do pretty much anything from sprinkling a dose of super greens formula into your morning omelet to making hummus with it!

Super greens can be added into your diet so easily and provide so many health benefits to the consumer that it’s really a no-brainer if you’re thinking about consuming them.

Super greens formulas are incredibly versatile and they are created for the ease of the consumer – they make it easy and quick to consume the right dosage of micronutrients, you can take them any time of the day and you can consume them in an array of ways depending on personal preference.

Enjoy your journey with super greens, it’ll be worth it!

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  1. I am 89 year,s young. Take your Multi Collagen twice a day, and Organic Super Green’s first thing en the morning. Thank you they are a BIG HELP.

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