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Zupa Protein GREENZZupa Protein Greenz is a superfood that wants to improve your health and give your body the substances it needs in five minutes a day. With a supergreen powder, your entire body will be exposed to and also absorb the nutrients of several vegetables and fruits with one dosage.

Zupa Protein Greenz also talks about the benefits that the superfood will have to your muscles as well, which separates it from the other brands. We’re going to take a close look at Zupa Protein Greenz and the company Xtend-Life to see what they are made of and how they got started.

Additionally, we’ll do a deep dive into the product and see its ingredients and benefits, what the customers have to say about the product, and whether or not it is worth your money. After that, we’ll make our final verdict and then through the ball into your court to see what you think.

The About Us page focuses on the story of the founder Warren Matthews. When he lost everything in a business deal gone south, he began researching the effects of aging, wanting to create a supplement that would slow the aging process down. Working with a bio-scientist, the pair managed to create a bio supplement that would do just that.

Their supplement provided all the nutrients that the human body needs as it grows older, and the first Total Balance Supplement was produced and sold in the year 2000. Now Xtend-Life focuses on all manner of products designed to delay the effects of aging and to help clients look their best.

From skin care to supplements, Xtend-Life is researching and working on cutting edge breakthroughs to help support their clients and make them both look and feel their best.

The ‘About Us’ page does a good job of explaining how the company got started while also giving us some information about the founder of the company. Still, it doesn’t tell us too much about who works at the company or the current events that the company is doing.

We’d like to see a bit more current information and maybe some information about how they make their products, not just their past.

Several of the health benefits of Zupa Protein Greenz are different from the health benefits of your standard protein powder. A world-renowned bio-scientist helped to make the mixture, and every ratio and ingredient is precisely calculated so your body can better absorb it.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved PH levels and Alkalinity
  • Weight management
  • Bone health
  • Support for detoxing in your body
  • Better digestion
  • Muscle growth

But why does Zupa Protein Greenz have all these benefits that most other supergreens don’t? Well, one of the main ingredients in the Zupa Protein Greenz is, in fact, protein. The company uses local New Zealand Whey Protein that is all-natural.

However, some protein powders are very acidic, and if protein powders aren’t kept in check, they can cause problems for your body and its PH level. Even if you don’t take protein powders, a diet high in meat, dairy, and other processed foods can also raise the level of acid in the blood.

However, the Zupa Protein Greenz mix also has alkalizing greens that can help to balance things out. If your body doesn’t get enough alkaline, then it starts to take some from your bones and muscles, weakening them and damaging them.

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But with the benefits of the alkalizing superfoods blend of greens, you can get a more balanced internal system. Then your bones and muscles are protected, and you won’t have to worry about acid damage in your body.

We all need protein in our lives, but sometimes what we eat either doesn’t have enough, or we aren’t consuming enough to replace the protein that we have lost. If we don’t have enough protein, then we don’t have enough energy.

We love that Zupa Protein Greenz spells this out on their website and shares why exactly the protein in their powder is so important. We often don’t see protein in the same sentence as supergreen, so it’s nice to know why the added protein is so important.

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Zupa Protein Greenz has several ingredients, and the store page tells us exactly why all the ingredients are in the blend. Some of the ingredients include:

  • Red Algae
  • Whey Protein
  • Apple Fiber Powder
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract
  • Wheat Grass
  • Grapes

For some of the ingredients (especially for the whey protein), they connect those ingredients to the benefits that you receive. For example, with the algae, they say:

Healthy bones. Contains Aquamin TG marine calcium, sustainably sourced from algae. Each serving contains 84mg of bio-available calcium, which has the equivalent benefits of eating half a cup of raw spinach a day.

For nearly every benefit they list out, they have some type of information block like that that connects the benefit to one of the ingredients.

Additionally, they talk about the New Zealand Whey Protein that makes up the majority of their dish. Because the protein is all-natural and produced in New Zealand, you can trust that they do everything they can to make sure the protein is of the highest quality.

They use only the finest and most well-treated cows and manufacture the protein, so the proteins don’t desaturate during the process where they are made into whey. They promise 18 essential amino acids inside their final product.

Because of the focus on proteins, they classify it more as a protein shake than a super green blend, but you will receive some of the major benefits.

We don’t have a lot to go on when it comes to customer reviews, as there are only two reviews on the website. Plus, the reviews are from four years ago, but they are both five stars. Buyer Kushla reports that she feels great in her review!

This protein powder is full of ingredients that are good for you and actually work. I would recommend using it after working out because it is helping me, and I feel great.

There aren’t a ton of reviews, but with all the quality and ingredients that are put into Zupa Protein Greenz, it’s possible that the Xtend-Life website just isn’t doing enough to encourage their customers to leave a review.

If you are the type of person who likes to buy things based on reviews, then this might not be the best place for you to look. However, if you can see the entire picture and take the reviews as one part of a larger whole, then you see that the lack of reviews is nothing to worry about.

Zupa Protein Greenz comes in an 8-ounce bottle, and one scoop is about half an ounce (0.5). So you’ve got about 15 servings in a bottle. If you are taking the supplement once a day, 15 is about half a month’s supply.

The one bottle is about 30 dollars, and for 15 servings, the cost per serving comes out to about 2 dollars. That can be pricy, especially considering that you need to buy two bottles (60 dollars) to get you to a month’s supply.

There also isn’t a subscription service, so you are going to be paying 60 dollars a month to get a month’s supply. For an 8 ounce jar, this can be a bit much, depending on your financial situation.

Additionally, the bottle only comes in a banana flavor, which might be off-putting if you don’t like the flavor of banana.

The Zupa Protein Greenz is more like a protein shake than an actual superfood veggie powder like the ones that we usually review. However, it does give your body several benefits that traditional supergreen powders overlook. From the extra whey protein to the support of your bones and muscles, this powder stands out above the rest.

Also, it was made by a professional biochemist, and every single bottle is created to be the perfect ratio to make sure that your body absorbs as much of the nutrients as possible. If you are looking for a powder that is meant to be effective, then this is the one.

We would like to see the ingredient weights for the different ingredients inside of the blend and a bigger bottle to account for the serving size and the price. But other than that, we wholeheartedly recommend this product.

If you are looking for a suitable type of powder that won’t just engage your body’s health and energy but also to promote healthy muscle and bone health too, you’ll really love this powder. Give it a try, and at worst, you will lose about 30 dollars for half a month of your time. That’s a pretty good tradeoff considering the benefits you will walk away with.

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