Marine Greens Immunity Powder Review

Marine Greens Immunity PowderMarine Greens Immunity Powder is a super greens supplement that helps your body get the greens and nutrients that it needs, all in one drink of powder. The Marine Greens, of course, is loaded with ingredients from the sea to help boost your energy and your immunity. With only three ingredients, this powder gives you the most bang for your buck.

We are going to take a look at both Marine Greens Immunity Powder, and BareOrganics, the company that makes them. We’ll analyze each of the three ingredients inside of the super greens and then focus on the benefits that they give. Then we’ll see what the customers have to say, and finally, take a look at the price.

Once we do all of that, we will give you our final review of the product, and then it will be up to you to decide. Let’s dive in!

Bare Organics has two pages that are worth looking at when talking about their company. The ‘About Us’ page talks about its mission to give real and natural nutrition to natural people. They talk about the benefits of superfoods and why you should eat them, as well as the benefits of the superfoods.

The ‘Our Values’ page talks about the company’s values, and how they focus on nutrition when it comes to packing superfoods into their products. They want you to benefit from all of the nutrients that raw superfoods can provide, and they also want to keep things simple without adding in extra things like fillers or sugars.

The page also talks about how they want their products to be natural and accessible to everyone regardless of dietary restrictions. As well as how they strive for ease of use and sustainability. They want their products to be compatible with as many dietary restrictions and lifestyle choices as possible, and it shows.

These two pages are great, but they don’t tell us a lot of information about the company, who founded it, or why it was founded in the first place. If we could have that information, in addition to the company values and what they put into their products, then we’d be even more inclined to keep reading.

Surprisingly, they don’t give a lot of benefits about the product. They talk about how the super greens give better vitality, boost your immunity, and taste unique because they all come from the sea.

The page also states that the product delivers naturally occurring iron, and is friendly towards the keto and paleo diets. But that’s about it.

If you are environmentally conscious, then one benefit for you is that the package is both repurposable and 100% recyclable. You can use the container in your dishwasher or microwave, and the label is easy to peel off.

We can find a few more benefits on the ‘About Us’ page, and these benefits cover all of Bare Organics products, not just Marine Greens Immunity Powder. One of the biggest benefits that we don’t see a lot of from companies is how they process the products.

Once the ingredients are picked, then they are immediately freeze-dried and packaged to seal in their freshness and nutrients until they are ready to be used. This makes sure that the ingredients are at the peak of their freshness once they are ground into the product, and gives you more nutrients for your buck.

A second benefit is that all their products are accessible. They are USDA Certified Organic, natural, no-GMO, and free from any extra fillings, flavors, and preservatives.

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While all of this is great, we’d like to see all the above information on the store page for Marine Greens Immunity Powder. Or see more benefits that are related to this specific product, as having to hop around the website to find benefits isn’t traditionally something that people will do.

Chlorella in super greens

There are only three ingredients inside Marine Greens Immunity Powder. These are:

  • Organic Kelp
  • Organic Chlorella
  • Organic Spirulina

That’s it, just those three and nothing else. However, they don’t give us anything more. Nothing about the ingredients, why they were chosen for this supplement blend, and they aren’t even connected to any of the benefits.

If you’ve been reading our reviews, you know that both Spirulina and Chlorella are very rare superfoods that have a ton of benefits for your body. It’s very surprising that two of these ingredients can be inside this blend, and they aren’t talked about.

The ingredient weights aren’t given either, and instead, we just get the weight of the overall blend. Not many supplement companies give the weights out, but since this supplement has so few ingredients, we would have liked to have seen the dosages.

There are 13 reviews on the website, with all of them being either 4 or 5-star reviews. Most of the reviews comment on the taste, the reusable packaging, and how easy the powder is to use and incorporate into their daily routines.

Unlike some powders that can only be taken with liquid, Bare Organics also has a recipe section on their website, and these recipes incorporate the powder! That’s certainly something that we haven’t seen before.

Verified buyer Tanya F commented on how she uses the product every morning in her review:

Greens Balance: Choosing healthier products helps me feel like such an adult! And since mornings can be rough, starting my day with a simple smoothie like marine greens super greens from BareOrganics keeps me accountable and healthy! Thank you BareOrganics!

Additionally, several of the reviews comment not only on this product but also on others that they have received with bundles. So it’s nice to know that Bare Organics has a bundling option for those who want more of their products.

While the number of reviews are small, even the four-star reviews didn’t say anything bad about the product. So we can assume that most of the customers are satisfied. If you buy products by reading the reviews first, you’ll find nothing but positivity here.

Now, this is where things get really interesting. One bottle of Marine Greens Immunity Powder is 25 dollars. It is an eight-ounce bottle, and that comes to about 227 grams worth of product. The serving size is one scoop, which is about two grams.

That means that for 25 dollars you get over 110 servings of product, 114 servings to be exact. That’s over three months of product, all for 25 dollars.

Per serving, you are paying $0.22 or just about two dimes a day to get all the benefits that this three-ingredient powder will give you. If you bought three bottles of supplement for around $75, then you’d have enough to last you all year.

The company doesn’t have a subscription service, but they do have Afterpay for orders. What it does is it breaks up the payments into four and has you pay a quarter of the total every two weeks. You can ‘shop now, and pay later’ as the tagline goes.

We’re not sure why you would need this, as most people tend to have 25 dollars of spending money lying around, but the option is there for you. If you buy a larger bundle of multiple products, then maybe this would come in handy. Still, that will depend on you and your financial situation.

Despite the glowing reviews and the steal of a deal in terms of the price, we can’t recommend this product whole-heartedly. There’s just not enough information on the store page. We’d love it if the company could tell us more about the benefits, both on the page, and also the benefits about the product itself.

We’d also love to see those benefits connected to ingredients and a bit more depth given to why these ingredients were chosen for this blend. Each of those ingredients are superfoods in their own right, and it’d be nice to see why.

Still, we can’t argue with the price and the ease of use. Being able to put this powder into recipes created by the company is a really unique benefit that we haven’t see many supplement companies do. Not only does it encourage you to take the powder, but it also allows you to try some new recipes while you are at it.

We also love that the product goes above and beyond in terms of sustainability. From the standard sustainable farming practices to the fact that their bottle is able to be reused and recycled.

So while we can’t recommend the product due to some missing pieces, you don’t have anything to lose by buying a bottle. 25 dollars will get you three months of product, and that’s a deal that you shouldn’t pass up. Then you can see the benefits for yourself.

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