Athletic Greens AG1 Review: The Ultimate Greens Supplement?

AG1 pouchFounded in 2010, Athletic Greens is a health supplement brand that creates products aimed at maximizing the potential of our physical bodies. Their supplements are made to provide nutritional value in the most efficient and effortless manner regardless of age. And after years and countless rounds of experimentation, the brand has come up with the Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily.

As with many other green powders, the Athletic Greens AG1 is marketed as a health powder that aims to provide the all-inclusive nutritional support our bodies require. The product will target five core areas of our health through a combination of extensively-researched ingredients.

Athletic Greens has already made a name for itself on the internet; a Google search for recommended health supplements will lead you to them. The Athletic Greens AG1 supplement is a staple on every health supplement listicle and is backed up by numerous fitness gurus.

In fact, Tim Ferriss—the esteemed self-made entrepreneur and self-help guru—is an avid user of the product, describing it as his “all-in-one nutritional insurance”. He has also sung of its praises in his #1 New York Times Bestseller, The 4-Hour Body, sans sponsorship, which says a lot in this influencer-heavy day and age. It’s also been highly spoken of by other big names such as professional athlete Dagmara Wozniak, a professional saber fencer, Dr. Michael Gervais, a high-performance psychologist, and Joe De Sena, CEO and Founder of Spartan Race, the popular obstacle course race series.

You may be wondering: how could one product possibly be the end-all for health supplements? There has to be a catch. Well, let’s have a look at the ingredients and health benefits this product promises to provide.

The AG1 Athletic Greens consists of a whopping 75 ingredients that can be classified into four main categories. For the full list of ingredients, check out the detailed nutritional label provided on their website.

All of these ingredients are said to be able to target the five core aspects of our health:

  • Digestion and liver support
  • Immune and nervous system support
  • Efficient energy production and storage
  • Antioxidants and superfoods for healthy aging
  • Adaptogens for hormone and neural support

Here are the four categories of ingredients you should know about:

The “Alkaline, Nutrient-Dense Raw Superfood Complex”
Ingredients: Spirulina, chlorella, spinach, and grapeseed extract.

According to Healthline, spirulina is rich in Vitamin B1, B2, B3, copper, and iron. It also contains a decent amount of magnesium, potassium, manganese, and other nutrients that your body needs. Spirulina reduces high blood pressure which reduces the chances of you suffering from severe diseases like heart attacks, strokes, and chronic kidney diseases. It may also enhance your stamina and muscle strength which slows down your fatigue.

Chlorella is extremely rich in protein, iron, and vitamin C. It helps with enhancing your immune system by increasing activity and response in various parts of your immune system. Because some of the components that chlorella contains reduce inflammation, chlorella can also help your body fight against respiratory problems like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Spinach is packed with vitamin A, C, K1, iron, and calcium. These help with maintaining your skin’s health, strengthening your bones, and boosting your nervous system. Haemoglobin made up of iron, transports oxygen to the various parts of our body that requires it to function well. The high percentage of iron contained in spinach is therefore excellent for endurance and performance as well.

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Grapeseed extract is full of antioxidants, perfect for combating tissue damage, inflammation, and diseases. During periods of high intensity where you experience stress and loads of pressure, grapeseed extracts help to lower the risk of you suffering from heart diseases. It also protects your kidneys from stress and inflammation.

The Nutrient-Dense Natural Extracts, Herbs, and Antioxidants

Ingredients: Alkaline pea protein isolate, globe artichoke leaf extract, and rosemary leaf extract.

Pea protein has become very popular recently due as it is both gluten and dairy-free in nature eases digestion and notably does not cause bloating hence one-upping other protein powders. Dr. Axe says that pea protein aids in weight loss, kidney function, and muscle thickness.

Globe artichoke leaf extract is effective in combating indigestion and protecting your liver. According to Healthline, artichoke leaf extracts increase bile production which speeds up the removal of harmful substances in the liver. It also promotes bacteria that are useful for alleviating constipation, and diarrhea, and lowering the chances of bowel diseases developing.

Rosemary extract has an extensive range of health benefits such as promoting hair growth and healing by increasing microcirculation in the scalp. It prevents the production of certain substances which cause Alzheimer’s and is a cognitive stimulant, it enhances focus, perceptiveness, and brain function.

The Digestive Enzyme and Super Mushroom Complex

Ingredients: Bromelain and reishi mushroom powder

Extracted from the stem, fruit, and juice of the pineapple, bromelain is an enzyme mixture that is good for reducing inflammation, swelling, and congestion in the nasal passages. Bromelain also helps in dealing with asthma as its anti-inflammatory nature is helpful to people with respiratory blockages.

Upon ingestion, the reishi mushroom stimulates the cellular growth of cancer-killing white blood cells. Naturally, this speaks of a huge boost to your immune system. It has also shown results in combating colorectal cancer and decreasing the size of tumors located in the large intestine. More excitingly, scientists have found that it could have the potential to fight depression, lethargy, and anxiety.

The Dairy-Free Probiotics

Ingredients: Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum

A probiotic is defined by the World Health Organization as live microorganisms which offer health benefits to the consumer when taken in specific doses. Both these probiotics offer similar health benefits. For instance, preventing and reducing diarrhea, fighting irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal pains, and bloating. Athletic Greens states that these ingredients are freeze-dried and dairy-free, the latter making it a good choice for lactose-intolerant individuals.

Well, that’s a lot to take in! And to think these are just some of the main ingredients (remember, there are 75) and their health benefits. But… these are just the health benefits of the ingredients working individually. What about the health benefits when all 75 ingredients are active and working together in one product?

The nutritional label AG1 Athletic Greens has provided is extremely detailed. It lists all the ingredients used in the supplement and all the vitamins and minerals you’ll get from it. However, what’s missing is the percentage of each ingredient that the Ultimate Daily contains.

Sure, we could talk about all the benefits of every single ingredient jam-packed into this product, but there’s little information about just how much of each ingredient there is. There isn’t any way for us to gauge if there is enough of a specific ingredient to bring out the desired health benefit. We also don’t know if the dosages used in this product correlate with the dosages used in the study and evaluation of each ingredient. If they differ, there is a chance that the ingredients will not bring about the desired health benefits.

Furthermore, several of these ingredients may have no effect or potential negative side effects that may surface under different conditions. For example, some studies have found that if a healthy adult ingests a substance containing reishi mushroom extract, he or she may not experience improvement in immune function or inflammation.

We’ve also got to consider if these ingredients are able to work in synergy with our unique biology. There’s just not enough information provided on the label for us to know for sure.

But that aside, the information label provided is still by far one of the most detailed on the market.

The Athletic Greens is still one of the most nutritiously jam-packed health green powders. Chances are, even if we don’t know the exact percentage of each ingredient there is, much less how they work together and if our unique biological constructs are compatible with it, the Ultimate Daily is still going to offer us a boatload of health benefits.

We all know that health powders can be a hit or miss in terms of taste, but the Ultimate Daily seems to have passed the test.

You may be familiar with the experience of struggling to chug down an entire glass of health blends at a go just so you can avoid tasting it in its entirety, but there’s no need for that with the Ultimate Daily. It almost tastes like a slightly sweet fruit blend with ingredients like pineapple, papaya, carrot, broccoli, vanilla, and cherry powder.

What’s interesting is that most other brands try to counter the bitterness by overcompensating on the sweetness, but Athletic Greens has managed to find a formula that embraces the bitterness: they’ve added ginger, and the spiciness of ginger works perfectly alongside the bitterness to create a pleasant taste. In summary, you can comfortably drink this blend at your own pace. Finally, a green juice we won’t gag on!

The product is only available through ordering online on their website, and there are two purchasing options available: A one-off order and a monthly subscription.

As you can see, ordering a monthly subscription gives you almost a 20% discount off each serving as compared to the usual price. You’ll also get a complimentary custom shaker along with a note from the founder, Chris.

With a price per serving of $3.33, AG1 Athletic Greens is definitely very expensive for a green powder. When you compare the price per serving with other brands, it’s easy to opt for something more affordable. But these other brands don’t have as many vitamins and minerals as Athletic Greens does.

Additionally, when you make a purchase, you get 20 free travel packs from the Ultimate Daily. It’s particularly helpful and convenient for making a blend on the go, especially when you’re traveling or late for work. Just grab a pack, and make it wherever you want. Easy.

And think about it: whether you’re ordering a one-off pack or subscribing to monthly packs, just one tall Starbucks coffee is already more expensive than one serving of the Ultimate Daily. If you’d like to integrate the cost of the Ultimate Daily into your budget, all you would have to do is reduce the number of coffees you buy a day by one. It’s also a lot more nutritious than coffee.

See how Athletic Greens compare with Supergreen Tonik.

The Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily powder is definitely one of the richest mixes you’ll find. The price point may seem more on the expensive side, but if you consider what this product offers in comparison to many other powders, I’d say that a monthly subscription is well worth your money.

What’s great about this brand is that it’s got a comprehensive nutrition label that already makes it a whole lot more transparent than other brands out there in the market. Pretty much what you see is what you get, even if there are some gaps in the information provided that could prove useful to us. Plus, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee that you don’t really find with other brands. Coupled with the responsive customer support they offer, it’s safe to say that Athletic Greens has earned the solid reputation they have.

Once again, regardless of your age, whether you’re focused on building up your body or you simply want to maintain the health and functionality of your body, the Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily is worth a consideration! At the end of the day, it depends on how much you are willing to pay!



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  1. An initial google search of “allergic reactions to Athletic Greens” first brought me to your website where I read about possible effects of any green supplement and then found this article specifically related to AG1 (rebranded Athletic Greens). Thanks for the breakdown of ingredients! I’ve taken AG1 for years but only recently have developed hot, itchy rashes on my arms, neck and face minutes after consumption. I wonder if they changed the ingredients with their rebranding (they also sent a new tin and shaker bottle with the rebranded bag)? Thanks for the advice to reach out to the company, I’ll see what they say!

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