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Spring Valley Organic Greens Spring Valley is a vitamin and health supplement brand that’s exclusive to the Walmart chain.

Spring Valley Organic Greens is a powerful super greens formula with an array of potent ingredients that can increase the health of the consumer.

The formula is USDA certified organic and contains micronutrients, probiotics, prebiotics, and a multitude of essential vitamins and minerals that are vital for optimal daily health.

The Organic Greens mix is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans as well as being soy-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, and not containing any artificial flavoring or added sugar.

Unlike other brands that produce supplements, this brand doesn’t create supplements to help consumers build muscle, lose weight, or better their aesthetic.

Instead, the brand focuses more on a holistic approach to wellbeing and health, producing herbal supplements and essential vitamin and minerals tablets that are suitable for everyone in the family. Also, all Spring Valley supplements are reasonably priced and affordable to most, which is one of the reasons the brand is so popular.

As well as improving the overall everyday health of the consumer, the formula also has an array of more specific health benefits that derive from the ingredients.

The Spring Valley brand always makes sure its products are available for as many people possible and inclusive of a variety of dietary requirements, due to high demand for the products and of course the desire to increase as many people’s health as possible.

As touched on above, the Organic Greens formula boosts the consumer’s overall health by increasing their consumption of essential vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients. The formula’s overall benefit is to allow the consumer to reach a state of optimum health. However, there are more specific benefits that the consumer will notice too.

Although Spring Valley doesn’t show off the specific benefits to this product too much, it does market the formula with a slogan – “Energize, alkalize, and vitalize”. This is exactly what the formula is going to do for the consumer.

The formula increases the consumer’s energy and provides a long-lasting energy boost. It helps to move the body into a more alkaline state, which decreases the risk of certain illnesses. It also pushes toxins from the body, boosts the immune system, and aids the digestive system.

The Organic Greens formula contains over 40 ingredients. Some of these ingredients are split into 4 different proprietary blends – the Organic Vegetable Blend, the Prebiotic Blend, the Organic Vitta Veggie Blend, and the Organic Compliant Probiotic Blend. The problem with proprietary blends is that the consumer can’t see how much of each ingredient they are consuming to check if it’s the right dosage for health benefits to derive. So, this is a shame that there are blends within the mix.

However, the amount of the rest of the ingredients in the mix is shown clearly and transparently on the ingredients label. This is great, but it just seems a shame that the brand couldn’t have shown the amount of every ingredient, not only some of them.

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The ingredients included in the formula’s blends are:

  • Organic Vegetable Blend: Organic Carrot Root Powder, Organic Broccoli Head Powder, Organic Cauliflower Bulb Powder, Organic Spinach Leaf Powder, Organic Parsley Leaf Powder, Organic Collards Leaf Powder
  • Prebiotic Blend: Organic Acerola Fruit Powder, Organic Strawberry Fruit Powder, Organic Tomato Fruit Powder, Organic Cassia Bark Powder, Organic Green Tea Leaf Powder, Organic Kelp Powder, Organic Cranberry Powder, Organic Raspberry Fruit Powder, Organic Schisandra Fruit Powder; Organic Wheat Grass Powder; Organic Milk Thistle Seed Powder; Organic Alfalfa Leaf Powder; Organic Apple Fruit Powder;
  • Organic Vita Veggie Blend: Organic Broccoli Stem and Floret Powder, Organic Broccoli Sprouts Seed Powder, Organic Tomato Fruit Powder, Organic Carrot Root Powder, Organic Spinach Leaf Powder, Organic Collards Leaf Powder.; Organic Spirulina Algae Powder; Organic Barley Grass Powder;
  • Organic Compliant Probiotic Blend: Organic Inulin, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus fhamnosus, Lactobacillus casei, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium longum, Streptococcus thermophilus.; Organic Chlorella Cracked Cell Wall Powder; Organic Stevia Leaf Extract; Organic Beet Root Powder;

Let’s take a look at each blend with some closer detail, as they are the main ingredients and they will be the reason health benefits derive from the formula.

The Organic Vegetable Blend

Within this blend, there are 6 organic vegetable ingredients – Carrot, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Spinach, Parsley, and Collards. Each of these ingredients on their own is potent, but together in a blend, they are incredibly strong and contain essential vitamins and minerals (as long as the correct dose of each has been added).

All of these vegetables are full of antioxidants, which protect the cells from radical damage and push toxins from the system, and all of the ingredients provide the consumer with long-lasting energy.

Prebiotic Blend

There are 13 ingredients within this blend, all high in special types of fiber that promotes the health of the digestive system. This blend of prebiotics will increase the healthy microflora in the gut, regulate bowel movements, and reduce the risk of digestive illnesses. In addition, the green tea extract within the blend will increase energy levels.

The Organic Vita Veggie Blend

VitaVeggie® is a high antioxidant blend made from a variety of potent organic vegetables. The mix is so potent that just one gram of it provides 5000 ORAC units. But what does this mean for the consumer? It means that the powerful antioxidants within this blend will protect the cells from radical change and damage, as well as push toxins and heavy metals from the system.
The Organic Compliant Probiotic Blend

This blend contains 10 different types of probiotic ingredients that will increase the healthy microflora in the gut, support the digestive system, boost the immune system, and regulate blood sugar levels.

The formula has a variety of flavor options, including naturally flavored, berry, vanilla, or chocolate. So, you can choose which flavor you would like to consume the best.

Overall, the taste of this formula is really good, it’s not too sweet but not overly bitter with the classic grassy taste some super greens powders have. This formula is easily drinkable if simply mixed with water.

Spring Valley doesn’t offer a discount for ordering multiple quantities of the product and a subscription option isn’t available, but to be honest, with the price this product is, it doesn’t matter. This is an incredibly wallet-friendly product!

One tub of Spring Valley Organic Greens contains 200g of formula, and the recommended serving size is 10g. Therefore, if you use the recommended serving size, one tub will contain 20 servings.

The tubs of Spring Valley Organic Greens powder on the Walmart website cost $11.88. This means if you used the recommended serving size of 10g, the cost per serving would work out at an insanely cheap $0.59.

In comparison to other super greens powders, this is exceptionally cheap, but that’s what the brand aims to do – make good health available to everyone, regardless of budget. This is a really cost-effective powder, and even though proprietary blends do feature within the formula, proprietary blends also sometimes feature in super greens powders that cost more than double of what this powder does.

There are reviews of the Spring Valley Organic Greens product on an array of third party websites, as the product is extremely popular within the US. Although we normally look at websites such as Amazon for reviews because we know they won’t be biased, we can actually take a look at the Walmart website for this product, because the reviews will be unbiased – Spring Valley is a brand sold through Walmart, and therefore the Walmart website won’t alter reviews.

Most of the reviews on the product are incredibly positive and people really seem to love both the taste and the price of the product.

Take a look at one of these positive reviews below (1):

Best tasting Greens powder EVER! Saw this on the shelf and the Organic and NonGMO ingredients caught my eye. Way more good stuff in this than other national brands. But unlike the grassy taste of other greens, this berry flavor is actually GOOD! Even my daughter loves her special “Superhero Juice!” In one glass, we drink daily fruits and vegetables. I have blended this with protein powder and the combo shake rocks!

However, there is a selection of more critical reviews, especially regarding the quantity of formula found in the product. Take a look at one of these more critical reviews below (2) :

As much as your products are healthy please stop misleading us with the size of the containers when the content is below half the container size. See the attached picture of the one my daughter just bought from Walmart; it’s not even half the container. Please change the containers to match the amount provided.

If you would like to purchase the formula, head to your nearest Walmart store or alternatively order the product from Walmart straight to your door. A small selection of Spring Valley products is also available on Amazon.

Spring Valley Organic Greens is an impressive product for the price – it’s packed with potent organic ingredients and tastes good.

The only thing that lets this formula down is the fact that it features proprietary blends within the mix.

Overall, this is a good super greens formula and would be perfect for someone just starting out on their super greens journey.

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