Are Green Powders Safe During Pregnancy?

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If you’re pregnant, you’ll be aware that you must consume the correct daily dosage of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients to make sure that you and your baby stay healthy. Both micronutrient and macronutrient intake needs to increase to keep both the pregnant mother and the baby at an optimal level of health.

It’s often difficult to keep track of everything you consume, and your cupboards might be stocked with nutrient-rich foods you’re trying to pack into your diet.

During pregnancy, you will have so much to deal with that super greens powders often feel like the perfect solution, as they give you a quick and easy dose of vital nutrients.

We understand that as a pregnant woman, one of the biggest things you’ll spend time doing will be checking over products and researching what’s suitable for you and what should be avoided. This task can be particularly time-consuming and tedious, so we thought we’d make it easier for you by supplying you with all the information in one article!

So, we’re going to answer all of the questions you have surrounding the relationship between pregnancy and super greens powders, and by the end, you will know exactly what’s suitable and beneficial for you and your baby, as well as what should be avoided until after you’ve brought your child into the world.

Although there are a few brands that produce super greens powders and cater specifically for pregnant women, the majority of super greens powders are not suitable. There are several reasons why super greens powders aren’t suitable, which we take a look at in greater detail below.

One of the biggest reasons that super greens powders are not recommended to women that are with child, is because they contain such potent ingredients, that the woman might have side effects when consuming the formula, or even an allergic reaction.

It’s always recommended, to those that aren’t even pregnant, to start adding green powders into their diet slowly, in case of any adverse reactions. Although in most green powders, all of the ingredients are natural, they can still cause side effects, especially if these ingredients have never been consumed before.

Moreover, if you have never consumed a particular ingredient, you may actually be allergic to it and therefore you could have more serious side effects leading to illness.

Therefore, pregnant mothers have warned away from super greens powders for the very reason that people are told to start consuming these powders slowly – in case of any allergic reaction or adverse side effects.

So, although the health benefits that derive from consuming a super greens powder might sound like exactly what you need as a pregnant mother, it’s really not worth consuming such a potent mix of ingredients if there’s a risk that you might become ill.

As mentioned above, most of the super greens powders on the market are not suitable for pregnant women, and not only is that the case because of the fact strong ingredients could potentially be harmful, but it’s also because they haven’t been tested on pregnant women.

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Most brands will be extremely cautious about testing their products on any pregnant women in case their product causes any harm to the woman during the testing stages. In addition, it’s not likely that a lot of women want to try new products whilst they are pregnant.

Therefore, unless the super greens powder has been produced by a brand that specializes in creating products for pregnant women, it will not be suitable and will not have been tested on any pregnant women before.

You will be able to see that on most super greens powders, there will be a warning label for pregnant women, advising the powder not to be consumed. However, even if this warning label doesn’t exist, make sure research is done on the product and the ingredients before consuming it.

Before you even start to research any supplements when you’re pregnant, you need to speak to your doctor. Your doctor knows your medical history and is monitoring your pregnancy, therefore they will know what’s best for you and your baby.

So, if you do want to consume a super greens powder, talk to your doctor first, before even purchasing it. Although it seems a little crazy that someone else might know what’s best for your body, your doctor does know what’s best for you at this time.

Just because certain supplements work well for other pregnant mothers, it might not work well for you. Everybody is different, so you need to think about what you’re consuming, not what other people are. If your doctor says it’s not suitable for you to consume super greens powders, you need to listen – do not take anything without your doctor’s approval.

Although most super greens powders aren’t suitable for pregnant women, there are a few brands that cater specifically for pregnant women and therefore create supplements scientifically proven to benefit the wellbeing of both mother and baby.

If you would prefer to, you can do your own research into super greens powders suitable for pregnant mothers, but these two brands seem to have the most impressive products on the market at the moment:

Synergy Natural Spirulina Powder

Synergy Natural Spirulina Formula is suitable for pregnant mothers, and mothers that are breastfeeding. The Spirulina formula contains a protein that’s easy to digest, as well as being rich in iron – these are two vital nutrients pregnant women need.

Morlife Green Kidz Powder

Morlife Green Kidz Powder is a super greens powder that’s actually marketed towards children, but it’s also suitable for pregnant women and breastfeeding others. It’s packed with just the right amount of nutrients that derive from super greens and super fruits.

However, even with both of these formulas, you should consult your doctor before consumption.

Overall, super greens powders are not suitable for pregnant women, unless the formula is produced by a brand specializing in supplements for pregnant women.

If you are interested in consuming any type of super greens powders whilst pregnant, even those that are labeled suitable, always consult your doctor first.

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