Are There Green Superfood Powder Side Effects?

Green Powder side effects

Super greens powders are incredibly popular and are only getting more so due to the proven health benefits that derive from them. Green powders not only provide the consumer with essential vitamins and minerals needed for optimum health, but they also enhance more specific areas.

Benefits range from increased energy levels and boosted immunity to the protection of the cells from radical change and lower cholesterol levels.

Each ingredient within a greens powder, as long as it’s potent, will provide the consumer with an array of specific health benefits, so when you think about all of the ingredients together that make up a super greens powder – that’s a lot of health benefits.

It’s not difficult to see why people love super greens powders so much. However, it is important to discuss side effects that can come with consuming super greens.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look into the kinds of side effects that can be caused by consuming green powders, what ingredients specifically cause side effects and how you can treat and overcome side effects.


Diarrhea is one of the most common side effects of consuming super greens powder. Most people experience diarrhea when changing their diets significantly. For example, if you change from a high-calorie diet packed with saturated fats to a clean diet that consists of super greens formula, your body will go into a slight shock mode.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing dangerous, but the body will try to push the toxins and unhealthy food from your system as soon as possible, with the help of the greens powder.

Certain ingredients within green powders might also cause diarrhea for the consumer initially. The amount of fiber, leafy vegetables, and magnesium can each separately be the reason for an upset stomach.

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Interferes with certain blood medicines

Green powders are obviously full of leafy, green vegetables, and it’s these particular types of vegetables that can cause interference with blood medicine.

Although both kale and spinach are ingredients that provide an array of health benefits to the consumer, they also contain high levels of vitamin K. Therefore, if you’re someone that takes blood medication such as blood thinners, the high levels of vitamin K could interfere with the medication and make it useless.

The danger of allergic reaction

Although you might think you have a pretty diverse diet, green powders contain a wide selection of ingredients, some of which you might never have heard of. Therefore, one of the biggest concerns with consuming super greens powder is that the consumer will actually be allergic to something.

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This is a very rare side effect because firstly, people know what they’re allergic to, and secondly because most people read the label on green powders and try to understand each ingredient.

Adverse Effects from Overconsumption

If you take more than the recommended dosage of a green powder after just getting used to consuming it, you might have some adverse side effects. Although those that have been consuming green powders for years might be able to double up their dose, when you’ve just started to use super greens, it’s not a good idea.

If you aren’t used to the ingredients, overdosing on such antioxidant-rich ingredients can mean that you damage your body, by stripping it of too many nutrients, not only toxins. In addition, the more fiber you consume, the more stomach upset you will experience.

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For diarrhea – consume lots of water and rest. As long as you don’t consume any more green powders, symptoms should subside within 12 hours. If you’re still experiencing diarrhea after 3 days, please consult a doctor.

For blood medication interference – stop taking the green powder immediately and consult your doctor. If you’re on medication for a blood problem, it’s always vital that you speak with your doctor, and so you should tell them about any problems, and hopefully, they might be able to recommend a greens powder that would suit you more.

For the danger of allergic reaction/ allergic reaction – stop taking the green powder immediately and call your doctor. Before consuming any new greens powder, make sure you always check the label for any potential allergens. If you’re unsure, email the brand and ask to see the allergen list. Better safe than sorry.

For overconsumption effects – quite simply, don’t overdose on any green powders unless you have been taking it for a long time and understand it, and your body.

  1. Choose a safe brand.
    One of the most important things you need to do when trying to lower your risk of side effects from a green powder is to purchase formula from a safe brand. Make sure you do research on the brand and see third-party, trusted reviews. There are many scam brands out there so watch out.
  2. Choose a natural product, without proprietary blends.
    Although potent natural ingredients might be a lot to introduce your system to, you’ll want to make sure that’s all you introduce. Stick away from green powders with proprietary blends, added sugar, or artificial flavorings.
  3. Do your research on the ingredients within.
    To ensure a green powder won’t interfere with any medication you’re on or cause you an allergic reaction to anything, you should take a good look at the ingredients list. Do your research.
  4. Start with a small amount of formula and work your way up.
    One of the best ways that you can let your body slowly and easily get used to consuming a green powder is by slowly incorporating it into your diet. You can start with a half dose of the recommended serving size. Doing this will allow your body to react to new ingredients gently.

Green powders do have certain side effects, but they’re not side effects that concern everyone and they’re not anything that can’t be worked out.

Green powders are an excellent addition to your daily consumption, but just make sure you choose wisely, do your research and stay mindful about putting new ingredients into your body

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