Green Powder vs Multivitamins

Multivitamins vs Green Powder supplements

Years ago, if you thought you were not receiving the correct number of essential vitamins and minerals through your diet, you would probably head to the store and grab yourself a tub full of multivitamins.

Today, if you have the same concern, you might look to super greens formulas instead of multivitamins. The market of super greens powders has increased dramatically over the last few years and is set to only grow further – so why are people choosing green powders over traditional multivitamins?

In this article, we’re going to compare the health benefits that derive from both greens powders and multivitamins to see which you should choose if you’re looking to boost your intake of essential minerals, vitamins, and micronutrients.

Multivitamins provide the consumer with an array of vitamins and minerals. Typically, a multivitamin will contain 13 vitamins and 16 minerals that are essential if your body is to be in a state of optimal daily health. Some multivitamins might even contain other ingredients such as amino acids or herbs, although this is rare.

Multivitamins, as mentioned above, help to keep the body working in a state of optimum health. In addition, the vitamins and minerals within them support enzyme reactions in the body, support growth, aid with the regulation of bodily processes, and may even support memory functions and improve mood (1).

Multivitamins come in many types of forms, from the traditional tablet form to chewy gummies and even liquids. Therefore, there’s a wide variety of choices depending on how you would like to consume them.

One of the biggest concerns surrounding multivitamins is that the vitamins and minerals within them are usually synthetically produced. It’s not clear how well the body absorbs synthetic vitamins and minerals, but it is definitely harder for the body to absorb synthetic nutrients than natural nutrients from food.

In addition, the potency of a multivitamin tablet is often questioned, but we’ll touch more on dosage size and potency later on in the article.

Super greens formulas are packed with potent superfood ingredients, with each ingredient being proven to provide the consumer with health benefits. Not only do super greens powders supply the consumer with the vitamins and minerals needed for the optimum level of daily health through natural means, but they also provide other, more specific health benefits.

Super greens powders are linked to boosting the immune system, pushing toxins from the body, protecting the cells from radical damage, supporting the digestive system, and providing long-lasting energy boosts.

The list of ingredients varies from formula to formula, but typically, super greens powders include these 4 ingredients and therefore provide the consumer with these impressive health benefits attached:


Spirulina is rich in antioxidants and therefore protects cells from radical damage and aids with detoxing the body. In addition, it lowers cholesterol and improves muscle strength (2).

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Chlorella is also packed with antioxidants, so it also protects cells from radical damage and pushes toxins from the system. In addition, it boosts metabolism, aids with weight loss, and boosts the immune system (3).


Kale is also packed with antioxidants, and also contains high levels of vitamin C. It supports heart health, aids with weight loss and boosts the immune system (4).


Spinach contains high levels of folate and vitamin K, helping to lower levels of oxidative stress, improving eye health, supporting the growth of hair and nails, and lowering blood pressure (5).


These are only 4 ingredients that can be found in the majority of greens powders online, and typically a greens powder will contain over 15 potent ingredients like these – that’s a lot of health benefits coming from each ingredient!

In addition, because all of the vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients come from natural means in greens powders, the body absorbs them all easily.

Super greens are so popular due to the potency of the powder.

The serving size of a greens powder is a lot larger and contains a larger dosage of each ingredient in comparison to a multivitamin tablet.

For example, the average size of a multivitamin tablet is 600mg, whereas an average serving size of a greens powder is between 6-8g.

Super greens powders are typically more expensive than multivitamins, especially if you purchase an organic greens powder without propriety blends.

Speaking of proprietary blends, super greens formulas obviously only provide the consumer with the health benefits listed above if the amount of each ingredient is adequate.

If you choose to use a greens powder that features proprietary blends, you’ll never know if you are consuming the correct dosage of each ingredient to have the desired health benefits. The easiest thing to do is simply stay away from formulas with proprietary blends.

Now we’ve taken a look at both the benefits and the concerns surrounding both multivitamins and greens powders, hopefully, you’ll be able to fully understand why greens powders are more beneficial to the consumer.

Greens powders provide the consumer with the essential vitamins and minerals needed for optimum health daily, which is what multivitamins do – so they’re equal up to this point.

However, greens powders also provide the consumer with an array of other health benefits that multivitamins simply can’t do. In addition, greens powders provide the consumer with micronutrients direct from natural ingredients, meaning the body will easily absorb them.

If you are thinking about switching from multivitamins to a greens powder, we certainly recommend you do so! Just make sure that you choose to purchase a greens powder that doesn’t include proprietary blends and has good reviews.

If you are still committed to taking your multivitamins but want to incorporate a greens powder into your diet, you can do this, but you just need to be really careful that you’re not overdosing on any micronutrients.


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