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ORAC Energy GreensThe average person is recommended to consume nine servings of fruits and vegetables every day. However, most people don’t consume the daily required amount. This is where ORAC Energy Green comes in, providing the antioxidant protection needed for our daily functions.

ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, and this supplement is certified to contain 42 organic and pesticide-free ingredients; including juice powders, aqua superfoods, adaptogens and of course, plenty of nutrients found in vegetables and fruits.

Patented to the company’s name, it is a formula that is ahead of its time with naturally grown herbal concentrates and is ecologically wildcrafted.

In every scoop, ORAC Energy Greens provides the antioxidants and nutrients of 24 servings of fruits and vegetables, making it the energy-boosting formula that you need to take on the day.

Prolonged daily use has been proven to improve your overall well being, in terms of your energy, digestive health, mood and boosting your immune system. This could be in line with how it is high in vitamin A and C. Vitamin A helps maintain healthy vision, a functioning immune system, and healthy organs, while vitamin C is linked to many impressive health benefits; and is often cited as responsible for fighting many chronic diseases that your body is susceptible to.

In one small, power-packed serving, people are able to get a full day’s serving of fruits and vegetables. Fuss-free and nutritious, you can experience better energy and improved health in a convenient manner, perfect for those with busy schedules.

This is a great option especially for those with imbalanced diets that are lacking in fruits and vegetables, or even vegetarians seeking to obtain nutrients that might not be easily found in non-meat food sources. Moreover, athletes and those in a fitness or weight management program tend to favor using ORAC Energy Green due to how their daily activities require them to use up plenty of energy, which the supplement helps replenish.

The adaptogen blend of ORAC Energy Green consists of many ingredients well-known in the herbal medicine circle like eleuthero root, holy basil, and ginseng. The supplement is also heavy on quercetin, which is a bioflavonoid that is not only anti-carcinogenic in nature, but also an antioxidant and a stimulant.

Furthermore, the supplement contains alkalizing green juice powders in the form of wheatgrass, aqua superfoods such as spirulina and chlorella and mushroom extracts of reishi and shiitake. It is also able to cleanse your liver with ingredients such as milk thistle and artichoke lead. With the wholesome inclusion of organic vegetables like spinach and broccoli etc and also healthy fruits such as berries, the result is a supplement that is comprehensive with the type of nutrients it provides.

Each serving of ORAC Energy Green is six grams or one scoop. It should be consumed daily by mixing in with water, apple juice or even a fruit smoothie. With a mildly peppery taste, ORAC Energy Green manages to be rather tasteless, which is rare in the market. This means that you can get all the benefits without having to consume a pungent, strong-tasting drink.

Avoid mixing the supplement with hot water since many of the ingredients used are temperature-controlled and using hot water to mix this would negate the raw factor. Alternatively, consult a qualified healthcare practitioner before starting to take the supplement to be sure that it is suitable for your diet and daily lifestyle.

When not in use, store ORAC Energy Green in a dryer area. This is because the product is hygroscopic, which means that it absorbs moisture easily from the surrounding environment. Because of this, putting the supplements in the moisture-rich fridge could possibly clump the product if the bottle is not shut tight. While clumping does not affect the supplement’s effectiveness, it does make the process of mixing it into your drink much harder.

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This product is distributed mainly within the USA. However, third party resellers can be easily found on websites such as iHerb.com. When buying ORAC Energy Green, do note that it is available in different forms. It can be bought in 15, 30 or 60-day servings per bottle in powder form, a 120 vegetarian capsule bottle or in 15 or 6-gram packets per box. The 15-day serving costs $20.63 USD, while the 90-day serving costs $61.91 USD, giving you a whopping 50% discount should you decide to purchase more at one go.

Unlike many overpriced supplements in the market, ORAC Energy Green is kept affordable at around $1 per serving; a competitive price that is hard to beat amongst other similar products in the market. Not to mention that considering the quality and safety assured with this product, ORAC Energy Green is pretty much priceless.

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Those with common allergens like nut, flax, soy, eggs, and dairy allergies can still consume the supplement. Although it is consumed in relatively low amounts, diabetic patients should be conscious of the fact that ORAC Energy Greens contains one gram of sugar; which is from antioxidant fruit extracts and naturally occurring polysaccharides that are good for helping to build the immune system.

However, no sweeteners or flavored fillers are added. As ORAC Energy Greens contains green tea leaves, it contains caffeine, although at a low level of 3 to 5% which is still considered decaffeinated. The resulting capsule contains 7 to 12 mg of caffeine, much lower than a cup of coffee which normally contains 100 mg to 200 mg.

To ensure that everyone is able to take the supplements, ORAC Energy Greens is made 100% vegan and contains no animal or animal-derived products. Those who are unable to take gluten should take note that ORAC Energy Greens contains 23ppm of gluten, falling slightly short of the requirement of 20ppm in order to make a gluten-free claim.

This is even though the supplement is generally considered by suppliers to be gluten-free since the wheat and barley juice powders in the supplements are harvested from young grasses before the endosperms containing gluten develop. Low-level allergies should hence not be triggered upon consuming the ORAC Energy Greens.

However, to be safe, should you be unsure about anything, definitely consult a certified health practitioner before starting to eat the supplements. This is especially in the case of pregnant women or kids, who tend to be more susceptible to general health issues or unexpected side effects.

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Established in 1994, Paradise Herbs and Essentials is a family-owned and operated company that specializes in health supplements. Years of research have gone into the development of their formulas; which retain the natural nutrients and benefits of its ingredients as much as possible in a safe and effective way. As such, Paradise Herbs and Essentials aims to create products for everyone, even the most sensitive customers. The company strives towards being innovative in its sourcing and formulating process so that it can be the best product possible for its customers.

The herbs used in the supplements are grown in its most natural setting, be it ethically or ecologically in the wild with no preservatives, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides used in the process. The ingredients are harvested in the best possible climate and soil since an excellent and natural growing environment help maximize the herbs’ quality. The result is ultra-pure products of utmost quality and effectiveness. For instance, Paradise Herbs and Essentials’ Certified Organic Ayurvedic includes herbs like Turmeric, Ashwagandha, and Holy Basil that are retrieved from the base of the Himalayans.

Those concerned about ethical consumption can also rest assured knowing that the ingredients in this supplement are ethically and sustainably obtained; providing the indigenous people with the chance to make a living out of their natural resources and the environment without harming the space by cutting down rainforests and clearing natural landscapes. In this sense, the herbs help to promote fair trade while keeping the environment pure, as it should be.

Furthermore, Paradise Herbs and Essentials’ production area is NSF certified, meeting all cGMP requirements according to FDA standards. This means that there are many in-process quality assurance checks and all parts of the production process are carefully documented and accounted for. No contamination and non-compliance of the standard operating procedure is tolerated in order to ensure the purity of the process; this is through carefully recorded cleaning logbooks and equipment use.

ORAC Energy Green is a great addition to your everyday life, giving you a way to stock up on all the necessary nutrition to get you through the day at your peak performance. Ultimately, nothing beats consuming the food itself in its natural state so do try to get a balanced diet instead of entirely relying on supplements.

Instead, use ORAC Energy Green as a way to get you to your prime and to help you make the most of each day with vibrant energy and tenacity. Gone are the days where lethargy or poor mood can get in the way of you being at your best, as well as being sick often due to your poor immune system.

With ORAC Energy Green, there is an affordable, convenient option to improve your health and overall well-being.

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